Kate Spade Logo And Its History

Kate Spade logo

Kate Spade is one of the most recognizable fashion houses in the world, known for its high-end accessories. However, few people know that it wasn’t always like this. Kate Spade started the company with a single concept. After being the accessories editor at Mademoiselle for multiple years, Kate Spade decided to create her own line … Read more

North Face Logo And Its History

North Face logo

The North Face is a reputable camping and hiking equipment brand established in the United States by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Hapka, two avid hikers. The company was named after the mountain’s most treacherous sideā€”the north face. The North Face is a renowned company in the outdoor industry throughout the United States. They produce many … Read more

True Religion Logo And Its History

True Religion logo

True Religion Brand Jeans is an American clothing company that used to create high-quality denim apparel. The headquarters were in Gardena, California, with the production facilities near Vernon. Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold, two business owners, founded the corporation in 2002. Unfortunately, they were forced to close it owing to bankruptcy in 2017. They attempted … Read more

Under Armour Logo And Its History

Under Armour logo

Since its creation in 1996, Under Armour has provided athletes and adventurers worldwide with high-quality gear to help them perform at their best. With a wide range of products available, Under Armour is a major competitor against other big names like Nike and Adidas. The propelled increase in popularity for Under Armour can be largely … Read more

Victoria’s Secret Logo And Its History

Victoria Secret logo

Lingerie is a tough industry to crack, but Victoria’s Secret has become one of the most popular companies in recent years. In 1997, the company decided to rebrand and change its name. This reflects the growth and evolution that the company has undergone over time. Like any business, Victoria’s Secret needs its logo to show … Read more

Patagonia Logo And Its History

Patagonia logo

Patagonia is a California-based clothing and equipment maker that was founded in 1973. They sell specialized gear such as alpinist gloves, poles, backpacks, and so on, in addition to normal outerwear like jackets, caps, pants, and boots. They only utilize the highest quality down and wool in their products. There are hundreds of retail locations … Read more

Ralph Lauren Logo And Its History

Ralph Lauren logo

Let’s look at the Ralph Lauren logo and the company’s history. Ralph Lauren created a fashion empire by imitating the rich, famous, and powerful. Everything in his designs, including clothing, logos, and automobiles, is motivated by this concept. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Player logo alludes to the proper customs of English nobility. The black-and-white symbol portrays … Read more

Versace Logo And Its History

Versace logo

For the last four decades, Versace has been one of the most prominent names in luxury fashion. They sell clothes and accessories that are perfect for red carpet-events and are worn by a few of the world’s most fashionable celebrities. Today, the name Versace is synonymous with high-end fashion. But how did it become one … Read more

Dolce & Gabbana Logo And Its History

Dolce and Gabbana logo

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Dolce & Gabbana logo has a long history and significant meaning today. D&G is a high-end fashion label widely regarded as among the most well-known businesses. Dolce & Gabbana has been a successful company since it started in 1985. Part of this is because the logo has never changed. In … Read more

Fendi Logo And Its History

Fendi logo

The Fendi fashion house was established in Italy by Eduardo and Adele Fendi. It has been making high-end accessories such as purses, clothes, wallets, sunglasses, and fragrances since 1925. Fendi is a well-known name and logo. Ultimately, it becomes its own thing, surpassing the original brand. Even those unfamiliar with Fendi are aware of the … Read more