Skirt Sizes

Skirt sizes can be confusing. With so many different brands and styles, it’s hard to know which one will fit you best.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about skirt sizes, from how they’re measured to what size you should buy. Read on for all the info you need to find the perfect skirt for your body type!

How to measure your skirt waist

Having the right measurements for your waist is important for a variety of reasons, ranging from fashion to overall health.

While it can be intimidating to tackle this project, it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a tape measure and a little bit of knowledge about where to take the measurement.

To get an accurate waist size, stand up straight with your stomach relaxed and measure around the belly button.

It’s important not to suck in your stomach while measuring, because that could affect the outcome. When you’re finished taking your measurement, write it down.

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How to measure your hips

Measuring your hips is an important step in determining your body measurements for clothing and medical purposes.

To accurately measure your hips, you will need a cloth tape measure and someone to help you measure.

Begin by wrapping the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips, with the tape parallel to the ground.

Keeping the tape snug against your skin, have your helper use the markings on the tape to determine what your hip measurement is.

For increased accuracy, remember to keep good posture while taking this measurement – straighten your back and stand as tall as possible.

All of these steps will give you an accurate reading of your hip measurements.

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woman measuring hips

The U.S. Skirt Sizes

00/0 (XS) 22-24 32-34
2 (XS) 24-25 33-34
4 (S) 26-27 34-36
6 (S) 27-28 36-37
8 (M) 28-29 37-39
10 (M) 29-30 39-41
12 (L) 31-32 41-43
14 (L) 33-34 43-44
16 (XL) 34-36 44-45
18 (XL) 36-38 45-47
20 (XXL) 38-40 47-49
22 (XXL) 40-42 49-51

The UK Skirt Size Chart

UK Size Waist Hips
Inches CM (Waist) Inches CM
4 24 60 33 83.5
6 25 62.5 34 86
8 26 65 35 88.5
10 28 70 37 93.5
12 30 75 39 98.5
14 31 80 41 103.5
16 33 85 43 108.5
18 36 92.5 46 116


Knowing the correct size for a skirt is essential for finding one that fits comfortably and looks flattering.

To ensure the best fit, take your measurements and use those to determine the size you need.

Measure your waist circumference by placing a relaxed tape measure around your natural waistline, which is usually just above your belly button.

The hip measurement should anchor at the fullest part of your hips and buttocks.

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Skirt Lenght Chart

















Fits natural waist measurement 25 27 29 31 34 37 39 41
Fits hip/seat measurement 35 37 39 41 44 47 49 51


0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
 Fits natural waist measurement 25 27 28 29 30 31.5 33 35 37 39 41 43 45
 Fits hip/seat measurement 35 37 38 39 40 41.5 43 45 47 49 51 53 55


Skirt Length Guide

Length – Short (Very Petite) 30″
Length – Short (Petite) 33″
Length – Regular 36″
Length – Long (Tall) 39″

Different Skirt Lengths

– 17 Micro
19 Mini
21 Above knee
23 Knee long
25 Knee/just below
26-30 Midi/mid calf
31-35 Maxi/long

Maxi Skirt Lenght Size

Usually, the maxi skirt length is about 31-35 inches.

Midi Skirt Lenght Size

The average midi skirt length is 26-30 inches.

How to find the perfect skirt for your body type

Finding the perfect skirt for your body type can be a difficult task. After all, you want the skirt to flatter your figure while still being on trend. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can help you in this process.

Firstly, consider the fabric and length of the skirt; picking a length that ends either at your knees or mid-calf will draw attention away from problem areas.

Also, look for thicker fabrics like twill and wool, as they can provide additional structure and will double up on style points too!

Additionally, shapes such as fitted designs combined with strategically placed seams can enhance curves and create an overall more flattering shape.

Finally, don’t forget accessories; a belt adds definition to the waistline so make sure you have it handy when going shopping for skirts!

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different types of skirt sizes

Tips for wearing skirts of different sizes

Skirts are a versatile basic in every wardrobe. Whether you’re a petite or plus-size woman, sporting the right skirt size can make you look stylish, elegant and confident.

Try on multiple sizes to see which fits the most comfortably and flatters your shape best. Start by focusing on fabric – aim for lightweight fabrics with movement, such as chiffon, that will help your skirt flare out rather than sticking to you like plastic wrap.

If you’re petite, focus on skirts that fall just above or below the knee for longest legs illusion. For plus-size women, opt for midi length skirts that hit just under the knee so they can create an hourglass silhouette by cinching at your natural waistline.

Patterns and colors can add extra oomph to an otherwise conventional outfit as well as making you look polished yet modern without much effort!

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How to style a skirt for a chic look

A skirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, allowing you to create various looks from day-to-night with no effort.

To achieve a chic look, begin by finding a style that suits your body type. Ensure it is a quality fabric, as this will make all the difference in the fit and your overall appearance.

Accessorizing is important to refine your ensemble and create an enviable finish.

Choose a belt or statement jeweled necklace for added interest and distinction; experiment with colors and shapes for something one-of-a-kind!

Finally, opt for pointed-toe shoes or bold patterned heels that will bring your look together and add sophistication.

With these easy tips, you can create an eye-catching style that would ensure all eyes are on you!