Bracelet Size Chart Guide

Do you have trouble finding bracelets that fit well? You’re not alone! It can be tricky to figure out what size bracelet you need. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Check out our handy bracelet size chart guide to find the perfect fit. With a few simple measurements, you’ll be able to find the right size bracelet for your wrist. Let’s get started!

How to measure your wrist size for the perfect bracelet fit

Measuring your wrist size for the perfect bracelet fit doesn’t have to be a difficult task. All you need is a cloth tape measure and a few simple steps.

First, wrap the tape around your wrist loosely and note down the circumference. It’s important not to pull the tape too tightly so make sure you keep it loose when measuring round your arm.

Once you have calculated your wrist size, refer to a guide of bracelet sizes to find out what size will fit you best.

Keep in mind that most bracelet styles have their own specific sizing chart – always consult this before making a purchase if available. That way you can ensure the perfect fit every time!

What is the standard bracelet size for women?

Wrist size can vary significantly from woman to woman, so it can be tricky finding the perfect bracelet size.

The standard bracelet size for a woman is 7 inches, however many people find that it fits their wrist too snugly and should opt for an 8 or 9 inch size.

For a larger wrist, adjustable bracelets with cords or leather straps make excellent choices since they custom-fit perfectly around the wrist.

Bracelet size chart for women






7 1/2″ – 8″


8 1/2″

Plus Size


What is the standard bracelet size for men?

For men, the standard bracelet size is often 8 inches in length. Wrist sizes vary from person to person, therefore it’s important for each individual to measure their wrist before determining the right size bracelet for them.

Depending on the type of material used and design, a small variation of up to 1″ may be necessary when choosing a bracelet style.

Finding the right fit ensures that your bracelet looks good while also being comfortable to wear every day.

Bracelet size chart for men






8 1/2″



Plus Size

9 1/2″

What is the standard bracelet size for kids?

Whether they’re just starting to crawl or already running around, young children need bracelets that are the perfect size and length.

While babies and toddlers require a circumference of 10-12 cm (4-5 inches), older kids should have one sized 14-15 cm (5.5 – 6 inches) for the best fit!

Bracelet sizing chart for kids



Newborn – 6 mos.


6 – 12 months

4 1/2″

12 – 24 Months


2 – 5 Years

5 1/2″

6 – 8 Years


9 – 13 Years

6 1/2″

The different bracelet sizes and what they mean

Bracelets come in multiple sizes and using the right size can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your bracelet. Some people may like slightly loose bracelets and some prefer tighter one.

Small wrist sizes might prefer dainty, petite-sized bracelets while larger wrists will look best with more substantial pieces.

If you’re going for a bold statement, opt for something slightly oversized to give your wrist a bigger impact. Pay attention to the circumference for maximum comfort – usually the length should be about 2cm larger than the width of the wrist.

You shouldn’t choose too large of a bracelet that may fall off your wrist. It’s important to pick out something that not only looks nice but is comfortable to wear too!

Here are different bracelet fitting sizes:

Fitting Sizes

Add inch(es)

Snug Fit

Add 1/4″ to 1/2″

Comfort Fit

Add 3/4″ to 1″

Loose Fit

Add 1 1/4″

Bracelet Size Conversion Chart

Actual Wrist Size
INCH      CM
6             15.2
6.5          16.5
7             17.8
7.5          19
8             20.3
8.5           21.6

 Comfortable Fit
 INCH     CM
 6.8         17.2
 7.3         18.5
 7.8         19.8
8.3           21
 8.8          22.3
 9.3          23.6


Bangle Size Chart

The best way to measure your bangle size is to first use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hand. C

lose your fingers together, placing your thumb where your little finger is. This way you make sure that your bangle will go over your hand to your wrist.

The number indicated shows exactly what size bangle you need, usually in inches or centimeters.

Another option would be to grab a piece of string and wrap it around your hand again making sure to mark the ends where they meet.

Measure this against a ruler on a flat surface and use that measurement for the correct size of bangle you’ll need.

If you already have a bangle then you can measure the inside diameter of the bangle and compare it to the bangle size chart.

It is recommended that you choose a bangle 1/2 to 3/4 inches larger than your wrist for a better fit.

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Here is a bangle size chart in cm and inches:

Bangle Size Diameter Diameter Circumference
Inches Centimeters Inches
2-2 2.125 5.4 6.67
2-4 2.25 5.7 7.06
2-6 2.375 6 7.46
2-8 2.5 6.5 7.85
2-10 2.625 6.7 8.24
2-12 2.75 7 8.64

Tips for choosing the right bracelet size for you

Shopping for bracelets can be tricky– they need to fit securely but not be too tight. To ensure you get the perfect fit, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Start by measuring your wrist with a cloth tape measure and add 1/2 inch or 1 cm depending on the width of the bracelet. If you don’t have a tape measure available, you can use a string and then measure it against a ruler or flat surface.

Next, consider what kind of closing mechanism is best for your needs: will an adjustable clasp work? Do you want something that opens and closes easily?

Finally, remember that different materials may require different lengths – metal cuffs fit longer than leather wrap bracelets! With these tips, you’ll have no problem choosing the right bracelet size.

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How to adjust a bracelet that is too big or too small

If your bracelet seems too tight or too loose, don’t worry! Adjusting the size of a bracelet is an easy process and usually doesn’t require any special skills or equipment.

In fact, you probably have everything you need in the house already. All you’ll need are two pairs of pliers, some patience and time.

Start by adjusting each link in the chain until you get the right fit – simply open up the opening on one side with a pair of pliers and make it larger if your bracelet is too small, or remove an entire link to make it smaller if it’s too big!

After finding your ideal size, use a second pair of pliers to close up each link for a seamless finish that holds together securely.

With just a few minutes of work, you can get your bracelet exactly how you want it without having to go to any special shops or stores.

Note: if you have an expensive bracelet, you shouldn’t try to adjust the bracelet of your own. It’s best to go to the jeweler for a proper fit.

They can melt together different metals be it gold or silver that will look good and won’t break.

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Bracelet sizing by different brands

When buying a bracelet, it is important to find one that fits correctly. Unfortunately, there can be some confusion when sizing bracelets due to different brands having different measurements.

This results in seemingly similar sizes all providing wildly different results on your wrist, leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated. The best way to overcome this dilemma is by measuring your wrist and checking the brands’ size charts.

Here we have listed some of the popular jewelry brands and their size charts:

Pandora Bracelet Size Chart

Pandora Moments Bangles:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.1- 5.5 in 5.9
5.9 – 6.3 in 6.7
6.7 – 7 in 7.5
7.5 – 7.9 in 8.5


Pandora Moments Open Bangles:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.1 – 5.5 in 6.3
5.9 – 6.3 in 6.9
6.7 – 7 in 7.5
7.5 – 7.9 in 8


Pandora Moments Single Leather Bracelets:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.5 – 5.9 in 6.9
6.3 – 7.0 in 7.5
7.1 – 7.5 in 8.1


Pandora Reflexions Bracelets:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.5 in 5.9
5.9 in 6.3
6.3 in 6.7
6.7 in 7.1
7.1 in 7.5
7.5 in 7.9
7.9 in 8.3


Beaded Bracelets:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
5.9 – 6.3 in 6.9
6.7 – 7.1 in 7.5
7.5 – 7.9 in 8.3


Pandora ME Link Bracelets:

Wrist Size Bracelet Size
4.3 – 4.7 in 5.9
5.1 – 5.5 in 6.3
5.9 – 6.3 in 6.9
6.7 – 7.1 in 7.9
7.5 – 8.2 in 9


Cartier Bracelet Size Chart

Cartier recommends you to add 1 centimeter for a loose fit.

Cartier size chart in inches:

Cartier bracelet size chart in inches
Cartier’s bracelet chart size in inches


Cartier’s bracelet size chart in CM:

Cartier bracelet size chart in cm
Cartier’s bracelet size chart in CM


Lokai Bracelet Size Chart

Lokai has trendy bead bracelets and their size chart is as follows:

Lokai bracelet size chart
Lokai bracelet size chart


David Yurman Bracelet Size Guide

Here is a David Yurman bracelet size guide:


Wrist Size (Inches) Wrist Size (CM) Women’s Bracelet Size Men’s Bracelet Size
5-5.5″ 12.7-14.0 X-Small
5.5-6″ 14.0-15.2 Small
6-6.5″ 15.2-16.5 Medium
6.5-7″ 16.5-17.8 Large Small
7-7.5″ 17.8-19.0 X-Large Medium
7.5-8″ 19.0-20.3 2X-Large Large
8-8.5″ 20.3-21.6 3X-Large X-Large
8.5-9″ 21.6-22.9 2X-Large
9-9.5″ 22.9-24.1 3X-Large


You can also download David Yurman’s bracelet size chart with the printable measuring tool on their website here.

Hermes Bracelet Size Chart

Hermes enamel bracelets are available in a few different sizes that correlate to a bracelet’s diameter.

Printed enamel bracelets sizes:

62 (62mm diameter) for some styles

65 (65mm diameter)

70 (70mm diameter)

Hermes Clic H and Clic-Clac H bracelets sizes:

PM (Petit Model/small, 6cm diameter)

GM (Grand Model/large, 6.5cm diameter).

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Final Words on Bracelet Sizing

Finding the perfect bracelet size is not quite a one-size-fits-all experience.

Different manufacturers can have slight variations in their sizing charts, so it is important to double check with your vendor before purchasing something.

Knowing how to accurately measure your wrist for the best fit helps ensure that you get a bracelet that looks stylish and feels comfortable – and one that won’t slip off your wrist!

A measuring tape is the best tool for measuring bracelet sizes accurately; start by measuring snugly around the wrist where the bracelet will be worn, ranging from the smallest to the largest part of your wrist.

Once you know your size, check the size chart of the jeweler you are wanting to buy a bracelet from.