What is Coolspotters?

Coolspotters is an online service that makes it easy to discover and buy the productsbrands, and fashions being used by your favorite celebrities – in their real lives, and in movies and television.


We all see great stuff being worn and used by our favorite celebrities – in magazinesTV, in movies – but there’s never been an easy way to find out exactly what the great stuff is! So, we built one.

Today’s trends for clothesshoessunglassescell phonescars (and just about everything else) start with the world’s true trend-setters – celebrities and public figures. And usually, by the time something cool trickles down to the rest of us…it’s not cool anymore. It’s yesterday. It’s over. It’s so last season.

Until now, the only glimpse you’d get into the product choices of your favorite actor, athlete, musician, or other public figure was from a page in a magazine, an hard-to-search blog, or some side feature on a celebrity website. Coolspotters makes it super easy to discover and buy the products used by your favorite celebrities. And the best part is, all the content is created by YOU.

Tell me more!

You don’t have to join Coolspotters to love it. Casual users can just browse or search the site. You’ll discover new products and much more by exploring our categories (clicking the main navigation), clicking on other users’ profiles, or simply searching the site for your favorite celebrity, band, team, product, brand, movie, and more. For those of you who are product, fashion, or celebrity experts – you can use our patent-pending “Spotting” process to create new content for everyone else to enjoy.

Why join Coolspotters?

Would you rather search through a pile of magazines and a list of blogs to discover the latest stuff used by the coolest people, OR would you like to have all the information on the latest celebrity products and trends in one place. All searchable, and cross-referenced with some of your other favorite things – movies, TV, music, etc.

And, if you’re one of those amazing product gurus, celebrity experts, or entertainment buffs, you can now show off what YOU know with an entire community of other passionate fans.

A few things you can do if you join:

  • Create a User Page – Show off and share the stuff you really care about – your favorite products, celebrities, movies, music, and more. Track your friends’ activity, publish and share lists of your favorites, get updates when new content is added to your favorite profiles.
  • Create Profiles – Coolspotters has thousands of profiles, but we don’t have everything. And that’s where you come in. Is your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite athlete missing from Coolspotters? No problem – you can be the first to create it (in about 20 seconds), adding for all community members to own.
  • Create Spots – A “Spot” is an association between two profiles (Lindsay Lohan uses an Apple iPhone, for example). If you see a photo of Jessica Alba, and you recognize the scarf she’s wearing…Spot it! Coolspotters is all about Spots, so when you associate a celebrity with a product, or a movie with a brand, etc. you’re showing the Coolspotters community that you know your stuff. And you don’t need a photo to make a Spot. A video, web link, or even just your own comments are enough.
  • Create Lists – What are the ten best movies ever made? Who are the top five fashion designers in the world? How about a list of your favorite cars? Coolspotters lets you share your customized lists with the entire community. View others’ lists, leave comments, and have fun debating your list with your Coolspotters entourage.
  • Ask Questions, Rate Things, Share Comments – When you’re a member of Coolspotters, you really are on the inside. You’ve now got access to the most knowledgeable, passionate fans in the world, so if you see a photo of a celebrity wearing an incredible pair of sunglasses, and you don’t know what they are….just ask! Browsing something you love…rate it or leave a comment. We want to hear from you!