Blouse Sizes

Women wear many different types and sizes of blouses. There is no standard size for a blouse, so it is important to know how to take your measurements and find the right size for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to take your measurements and identify the right size blouse for you. We will also provide some tips on how to style different types of blouses to create a flattering look.

Blouses come in all different sizes, from small to large

Blouses are a woman’s wardrobe staple, and the options for finding just the right fit and look for any occasion or body type are endless.

Coming in all sizes from small to large, these versatile pieces of clothing add a touch of style to any outfit.

Whether it be a soft chiffon blouse with light pleats around the neckline paired with slim jeans and pointy-toe flats, or a cropped sheer top showing a bit of midriff with high-waisted shorts and gladiator sandals, the right garment can work wonders.

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The size of a blouse depends on the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips

Finding the perfect size blouse can be a daunting task. Knowing your exact measurements is necessary in making sure you find the right blouse fit.

This means specifically focusing on the measurements of your bust, waist, and hips so that you can get an accurate idea of what size will fit correctly.

You’ll also want to consider any movement that may occur while wearing such as bending over or reaching above your head to see if there’s enough room or if the garment stretches comfortably.

Taking proper measurements before shopping will not only help you save time but also money in having to return items that don’t fit.

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The U.S. Blouse Sizes in Inches

US Size Bust Waist Arm/
00 XXS 28-29 22-23 29.5
0 XS 30-31 23-24 30
2 XS 31-32 25-26 30
4 S 32-33 27 30.5
6 S 34-35 27-28 31
8 M 35-36 29-30 31.5
10 M 37-38 30-31 32
12 L 38-40 32-33 32.5
14 L 41-42 34-35 33
16 XL 42-43 35-36 33.5
18 XL 44-45 37-38 34
20 XXL 46-48 39-40 34.5

The U.S. Blouse Sizes in CM

US Size Bust Waist Arm/
00 XXS 70-75 54-57 75
0 XS 75-78 58-62 76
2 XS 78-81 62-66 76
4 S 82-85 67-69 77.5
6 S 86-88 70-72 78.5
8 M 89-92 72-76 80
10 M 92-96 77-80 81
12 L 96-102 81-88 82.5
14 L 103-106 89-93 83.5
16 XL 106-109 93-97 85
18 XL 110-115 98-101 86
20 XXL 116-122 101-104 87.5

The UK Blouse Size Chart in Inches

US Size Bust Waist Arm/
2 XXS 28-29 22-23 29.5
4 XS 30-31 23-24 30
6 XS 31-32 25-26 30
8 S 32-33 27 30.5
10 S 34-35 27-28 31
12 M 35-36 29-30 31.5
14 M 37-38 30-31 32
16 L 38-40 32-33 32.5
18 L 41-42 34-35 33
20 XL 42-43 35-36 33.5
22 XL 44-45 37-38 34
24 XXL 46-48 39-40 34.5

The UK Blouse Size Chart in CM

US Size Bust Waist Arm/
2 XXS 70-75 54-57 75
4 XS 75-78 58-62 76
6 XS 78-81 62-66 76
8 S 82-85 67-69 77.5
10 S 86-88 70-72 78.5
12 M 89-92 72-76 80
14 M 92-96 77-80 81
16 L 96-102 81-88 82.5
18 L 103-106 89-93 83.5
20 XL 106-109 93-97 85
22 XL 110-115 98-101 86
24 XXL 116-122 101-104 87.5

If you’re between sizes, it’s usually best to go up a size for comfort

Shopping can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when it comes to buying clothing. It can often be impossible to tell which size will fit the best, making it hard to make a final decision.

The rule of thumb generally is that “if you’re between sizes, go up a size for comfort”.

Many people are skeptical or hesitant of this rule, but it ultimately allows increased movement and space on the garments that may not give the desired look without compromising comfort.

Wearing the wrong size can cause many different problems for the wearer, such as uncomfortable too-tight clothing or certain areas not being covered with larger sizes.

Therefore, it is recommended to opt for the bigger size if you are stuck deciding between two sizes – your wardrobe and you will thank you for it!

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Some blouse brands run larger or smaller than others, so it’s important to try on different styles before you buy

Shopping for the perfect blouse can be an arduous and time-consuming task, but new technologies are making it easier and quicker.

However, one obstacle that you may still encounter is that some blouse brands run larger or smaller than others.

This means it’s important to take the time to try on different styles before settling on purchasing one particular blouse.

While some stores offer a limited selection of sizes, most now have multiple styles and brands for you to choose from.

And by trying different sizes you’ll increase your chances of buying a great fit and stylish shape.

Don’t forget to check online too; just make sure you carefully read all relevant measurements!

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With the right fit, a blouse can be both stylish and comfortable

A blouse that fits the wearer perfectly is truly a thing of beauty. It can look effortlessly stylish, and yet supremely comfortable too.

Whether you’re looking for something to pair with distressed jeans on a casual day, or something elegant and sophisticated for formal wear, finding the right blouse is essential.

With the perfect fit, a blouse will hug your curves just right and allow you to show off your fashion sense in any situation.

Finding that balance between style and comfort doesn’t have to be hard – all it takes is some determined shopping trips to find the winning combination!

Choosing the right blouse is key, as there are so many styles out there.

A classic white button-down can instantly elevate any look while more modern shapes, prints and fabrics can bring an on-trend edge.

Have fun experimenting; pair statement blouses with jeans or skirts for daytime and add tailored trousers or midi skirts for after-dark occasions.

However, you choose to wear your blouse, accessorizing with minimal jewelry, neutral heels or block-colors will help pull the entire outfit together for a chic yet timeless look.