Johnny Depp’s Height, Age, Net Worth & Movies

How tall is Johnny Depp? This has been a question on many people’s minds, especially since he often seems to tower over his co-stars in movies.

While his exact height is a bit of a mystery, we can take an educated guess based on what we know about him.

Read on to find out how tall Johnny Depp really is! Spoiler alert: he might be taller than you think…

How tall is Johnny Depp really, and how does that compare to other Hollywood actors?

Johnny Depp stands tall at 5′ 9.5’’, making him the average height amongst many of his Hollywood colleagues.

Leonardo DiCaprio is slightly taller at 6′ 0”, while Tom Cruise is even shorter at 5′ 7”. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson towers over them all at 6′ 5” and Will Smith isn’t far behind at 6′ 2”.

But not to be outdone, Brad Pitt comes in as a little taller than Jonny Depp at 5’11”. While Johnny Depp is not so tall of a man, he definitely holds his own when standing among some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood.

How does Johnny Depp compare to an average male height in the U.S.?

Johnny Depp stands 5′ 9.5″ tall, which is the average height ( 5’9″) for an American male.

He falls within the range of being of average height in this country, making him something that almost every other man can find common ground with.

While it might be considered a mundane fact, Johnny Depp’s status as an average height man helps drives home one point: anyone can achieve success, no matter their size or shape.

johnny depp

Other male celebrities whose height is 5’9″ (175 cm)

Male celebrities come in a variety of heights, and one of the most common heights among them is 5’9″.

Noted stars like Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Robert DeNiro, Paul Rudd, Kurt Russell, Patrick Dempsey, Anthony Hopkins, Jon Bon Jovi, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Wesley Snipes, and Jamie Foxx have all shared the same 5’9″ height.

Though not the tallest among celebs, these men shine when it comes to their ability to captivate an audience with their talent.

They’ve each achieved success through their acting careers, showcasing what even a modest height can do in the entertainment industry.

What these four men have in common is an uncompromising work ethic that has propelled them above others with similar backgrounds and experiences.

Undoubtedly, male celebrities who are 5’9″ continue to redefine what it means to be at that exact height in Hollywood.

What roles has Johnny Depp played where his height was an asset or a liability?

Johnny Depp is an incredible actor and his physicality often enhances the characters he plays. His height (or lack thereof) has really helped create some interesting roles that take advantage of it.

For instance, as Capt. Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or as the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice In Wonderland’, Depp’s smaller stature added to the uniqueness of those characters and their comedy.

On the other hand, Depp has portrayed a number of intimidating characters who were extraordinary physical specimens who towered over their opponents; such as in ‘Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas’ and even in ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’.

In these roles, although Depp was relatively short compared to his co-stars, this allowed him to use his smaller size to add an air of mystique and danger on screen.

Ultimately, Johnny Depp has used both his height and acting ability to create some truly remarkable performances that have captivated both fans and critics alike for years.

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Does being tall make you more successful in Hollywood, or are there other factors at play as well?

The idea that being tall guarantees success in Hollywood is an enduring one but the reality could be much more complicated.

While having a towering physical presence can definitely give you an edge in an industry where image matters, there are many other factors at play when it comes to sustained success.

It’s not enough just to look the part- having charisma and star quality as well as a wide range of talents or exceptional creative skills can open up doors in the entertainment business just as much as height might.

Ultimately, success in Hollywood has far more to do with what kind of art you create than how tall you stand.

What do people say about Johnny Depp’s height online – is it something that fans or detractors focus on often?

Johnny Depp’s height is a hot topic of conversation online. Whether it’s fans or detractors discussing him, both seem to be interested in the subject of his stature.

Some point out that Depp has become an excellent actor despite not being particularly tall, while others joke about the difference in height between him and actors playing opposite him in films.

With over 5 foot 9 1/2 inches, his stature fits comfortably within average heights but remains noticeably shorter than some of his leading ladies.

Regardless of differing opinions on the matter, one thing is for sure; Johnny Depp is an enduring Hollywood star and has proven that it doesn’t always take great size to make a splash.

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How has Johnny Depp’s height affected his personal life, and has he ever commented on it publicly himself?

Though not discussed as frequently as other attributes, Johnny Depp’s height has had a significant impact on his personal life.

At 5’9.5″, he may meet the average national height, however in terms of Hollywood leading men he stands below most of his contemporaries.

His engagements with certain cast members over the years have unquestionably been affected by their appreciable difference in stature.

An instance of this was noted between himself and then-budding actor Orlando Bloom during their filming of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Despite his limitations in height, Depp has risen above it and established himself as a successful actor and at times cinematic icon.

He does not focus much attention to it publicly but is beginning to become an advocate for self-confidence regardless of physical appearance.

Johnny Depp’s Age

johnny depp age

He was born June 9, 1963, Owensboro KY. Johnny Depp is 59 years old as of 2022.

It’s hard to believe that this Hollywood veteran has been around the block for over three decades.

From Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow and beyond, Depp has consistently captivated audiences through his impeccable acting skills and larger-than-life characters.

His impressive career shows no signs of waning, as he continues to gain an ever-growing fan base over the years, always providing them with something extraordinary to watch on the silver screen. Johnny Depp truly embodies the spirit of an ageless artist.

Johnny Depp’s Biography Chart

Real Name/ birth name John Christopher Johnny Depp
Known Name  Johnny Depp
Nickname Colonel, Mr. Stench, and Johnny
Birth date June 9, 1963
Birthplace Owensboro, Kentucky
Current Residence America
Hometown Miramar, Florida
Nationality American
Profession  American Actor, Producer, and Musician
Marital Status  Divorced

Johnny Depp’s Measurements

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 feet 9.5  inches (approx. 1.75m)
Weight 172 lbs (approx. 78 Kg)
Body Measurements 40-32-12 inches (approx. 101-81-30.5 cm)

Johnny Depp’s Net Worth

Johnny Depp’s net worth is truly impressive. His remarkable acting career has accumulated over $650 million dollars over the past three decades, making him one of Hollywood’s most successful and wealthiest stars.

Not only is he a talented actor, but he also creates movies behind the scenes as an iconic producer and director.

His success in the entertainment industry is due to his determination and skill which have allowed Depp to continue to acquire roles in box office hits like Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which have earned him immense recognition and financial reward.

johnny depp net worth

Johnny Depp’s Movies

Johnny Depp is one of the most acclaimed actors of all time. He has made countless iconic films throughout his career, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

His performances are often eccentric yet sophisticated, making him instantly recognizable no matter what character he plays.

It’s sometimes hard for fans to believe that he can be so different in each movie; it speaks volumes about the talent of this actor.

He can bring life to a wide array of roles with ease and finesse that few in Hollywood can match. All things considered, Johnny Depp remains an unmissable force in cinema today.

List of Johnny Depp movies:

1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street
1985 Private Resort
1986 Platoon
1990 Cry-Baby
Edward Scissorhands
1991 Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare
1993 Arizona Dream
Benny & Joon
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
1994 Ed Wood
1995 Don Juan DeMarco
Dead Man
Nick of Time
1996 Cannes Man
1997 The Brave
Donnie Brasco
1998 L.A. Without a Map
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
1999 The Ninth Gate
The Astronaut’s Wife
Sleepy Hollow
2000 Chocolat
Before Night Falls
The Man Who Cried
2001 Blow
From Hell
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
2004 Secret Window
Happily Ever After
The Libertine
Finding Neverland
2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Corpse Bride
2006 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
2009 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Public Enemies
2010 Alice in Wonderland
The Tourist
2011 Rango
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The Rum Diary
Jack and Jill
2012 21 Jump Street
Dark Shadows
2013 The Lone Ranger
Lucky Them
2014 Transcendence
Into the Woods
2015 Mortdecai
Black Mass
2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Yoga Hosers
Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie
2017 The Black Ghiandola
Murder on the Orient Express
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
2018 Sherlock Gnomes
London Fields
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
The Professor
City of Lies
2019 Waiting for the Barbarians
2020 Minamata
2023 La Favorite


Why are fans drawn to Johnny Depp?

It’s no surprise that audiences are so drawn to actor Johnny Depp.

He has an incredible ability to transform himself for every character he plays, from the mad pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series to the irreverently funny Edward Scissorhands.

He is an incredibly versatile actor who can make viewers laugh and cry within minutes. Fans love his range and command over a variety of different roles; they never know what exciting adventure they’ll follow him into next.

Depp’s willingness to take on outlandish roles, combined with his exceptional ability to dive deep into characters has allowed him to move beyond traditional leading man roles and deliver performances unlike any other actor.

His sharp wit and charming personality have earned him a devoted fan base around the world.

Whether he’s playing quirky or wild characters, Depp continuously captivates audiences with his passion for each role, making him one of the most enduring actors in Hollywood.

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Brands Johnny Depp has been spotted wearing

Over the years, Johnny Depp has been spotted in all kinds of apparel from crisp designer suits, to battered jeans and boots.

His style is considered rather eclectic and individualistic as he refuses to stick to any one particular brand and instead chooses whatever clothing he likes, regardless of label.

That being said, he can often be seen sporting iconic makers such as Dior Homme and Gucci for formal attire; and Diesel for casual comfort.

Johnny Depp often wears his Moscot Lemtosh signature tinted glasses; Saint Laurent for classic leather jackets; and Emporio Armani for timeless elegance.

Although his look changes with the ebb and flow of each season, the quality of garments remains true far and wide.

Final Words

At 5’9.5, Johnny Depp may be considered short for a Hollywood actor, but he has certainly made his mark on the industry.

Depp has proven the adage that “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight” to be true by tackling some of the most complex characters over the last three decades.

From Captain Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands, he has been able to take a role that was meant for taller actors and make it his own with great aplomb.

It is safe to say that Johnny Depp’s short stature hasn’t been a limiting factor in his career and he continues to prove this statement true every time we see him on screen!