Johnny Depp’s Hats

Who doesn’t love Johnny Depp? He’s a Hollywood heartthrob with tons of talent. And, he always looks super cool in his hats.

In fact, we think Johnny Depp hats are so cool, we’ve decided to round up our favorites. Check out the gallery below to see our top picks!

The many hats of Johnny Depp

johnny depp hat in italy
Johnny Depp in Rome, Italy in 2021


The multi-faceted acting career of Johnny Depp has seen him wear dozens of different hats over the years.

From swashbuckling pirate to solitary mad hatter, knife-fighting barber to cartoonish gangster, the man always manages to make even his most outlandish roles seem effortless and believable.

His range doesn’t stop with characters however; Depp has twice been nominated for an Oscar, played dramatic roles on period pieces, musical numbers on both stage and screen, and still found time to collaborate as a producer and musician.

Quite simply put, there’s nothing Johnny Depp can’t do.

His iconic hat in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

johnny depp pirates of caribbian hat

Johnny Depp’s iconic hat in “Pirates of the Caribbean” has become something of a legendary movie prop.

The flamboyant tricorn hat first graced the screen when Captain Jack Sparrow descended from the rigging in 2003’s “The Curse of the Black Pearl”.

Since then, it has become emblematic not only of the character, but also of the entire franchise itself, and it remains one of moviegoers’ most enduring memories.

With each successive movie, the hat is transformed slightly; for instance, in 2006’s “Dead Man’s Chest”, pieces were added to show some damage done during a fight scene.

Its mastery is, however, apparent in its staying power – watch any promotional material for any installments after the first, and you’re sure to see that signature hat being donned by Johnny Depp himself.

His top hat in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

charlie and the chocolate factory hat

In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Willy Wonka’s top hat serves as a symbol of his creativity, uniqueness, and extraordinary mindset.

While appearing clever and humorous with its tall shape, the hat reflects his artistic spirit, hinting at his brilliance in coming up with interesting solutions to various confections and ingenious ideas for a universe of chocolate.

Furthermore, this iconic topper shows off Wonka’s own eccentric style, setting him apart from other chocolatiers and emphasizing how his creations separate him from the common crowd.

Indeed, it is no surprise that this hat has become a classic cinematic visual signifying Willy Wonka’s creative genius.

His fedora in “Public Enemies”

johnny depp public enemies hat

Johnny Depp’s iconic fedora in “Public Enemies” added an unmistakeable swagger and charm to his character of John Dillinger.

It was the perfect accessory for a bank robber who had become something of a celebrity in 1930s America, with his dashing smile and herculean escapes from law enforcement.

The fedora naturally became an indelible part of the outlaw’s identity, complete with an ensemble of tailored pinstripe suits and pocket watches hidden beneath.

It symbolised not only his status as a notorious criminal but also inevitability about what was soon going to befall him – an untimely death at the hands of those whose job it was to put him away.

His hat in “The Lone Ranger”

johnny depp's lone ranger hat

The iconic hat of The Lone Ranger stands out as one of the most memorable elements in the series.

Not only did it signify the hero’s mysterious presence, but its design also highlighted his penchant for justice and heroism.

The wide-brimmed hat was a crucial part of the Ranger’s identity and became an essential component of his costume.

For many generations, this classic piece of headwear has been admired for its strong symbolism and cleverly designed details, making it one of pop culture’s most recognizable items.

Other Johnny Depp Hats he likes wearing

johnny depp hat with amber heard

Johnny Depp has become renowned for his unique sense of style, and his array of hats is a perfect example.

He most often wears fedoras and trilbies, but he also owns several other styles, including cowboy hats, beanies, and boater hats.

Not only does he have the capability to make any type of hat look stylish and masculine, but he often accessorizes with feathers or sunglasses to make a truly one-of-a-kind look that is sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

Regardless of your personal opinion on Johnny Depp’s fashion choices, there is no denying that his consistent dedication to wearing hats has left an indelible mark in the wardrobe choices of men everywhere.

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Here are some of the hats Johnny Depp has been spotted wearing:

Blue hat during his 2015 concert

blue johnny depp hat

Johnny Depp’s blue hat caused quite a stir when he was spotted wearing it throughout his 2015 tour of Brazil. Depp, who is known for his eccentric style choices, made sure everyone knew the hat was the star of this particular fashion show.

Seen in cities across the country, it quickly developed its own cult following.

Fans went wild online trying to source their own Johnny Depp-inspired look, with many custom milliners selling out of similarly styled hats within days.

It’s safe to say it created its own signature brand of style that continues to be remembered years later.

Brown hat

brown johnny depp hat

Johnny Depp turned heads when he appeared on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of “Rango” held at the Regency Village Theater.

Decked out in a sleek leather jacket, and hat, complete with a casual shirt and jeans, Depp was undeniably dashing as he posed for pictures and spoke to the press.

With cameras flashing away and fans eagerly awaiting his arrival, it was quite clear that Depp is still very much an A-list star.

Black hat

johnny depp black hat

Johnny Depp made a statement on the red carpet of the 3 Days to Kill premiere wearing an all-black ensemble that was truly unforgettable.

His simple black suit was as classic as ever, but his choice of black fedora added a touch of vintage class that really brought the look together.

More than ever it seems that Johnny knows how to make an impression – and he definitely did just that at this high-profile event!

Brown hat

johnny depp hat

Johnny Depp made heads turn at the screening of “Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” wearing a standout brown hat.

Fans were eager to snap pictures, quickly noticing the exceptional choice in headwear, as it was an interesting combination with the dark-colored suit he donned.

What’s more, Depp seemed to be having a wonderful time while posing for photographs and even engaged in jovial conversations with fans.

Though seemingly small details such as this are often overlooked, these moments of Depp’s undeniable charisma and passion for film create memorable experiences for his admirers.

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Black hat

johnny depp hat in china
Johnny Depp at the “Master Carnival” event in Sanya city, south China’s Hainan province, 15 December 2018.

Johnny Depp is a famous actor known for his quirky fashion and often edgy style.

Many fans of his have come to recognize one of his signature pieces, a wide-brimmed black hat that he often wears on the red carpet and on special occasions.

The hat has become almost iconic, standing out on Depp’s head in contrast to the formal suits he usually dons.

Despite the unconventional appearance of the hat, its simplicity combined with the air of timelessness that comes with a black color make it an essential part of Depp’s unique look that he can bring out during interviews or performances.

Final Words on Johnny Depp Hats

johnny depp hat at the premiere of charlie and the chocolate factory

Johnny Depp is the kind of actor fans can’t help but adore. His talent and versatility have brought to life some of the most memorable characters in cinema history.

From his beloved portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to his take on notorious bank robber John Dillinger in Public Enemies, Depp’s talent for embracing every role has made him a fan favorite.

He also gives off an aura of mystery and unpredictability that attracts his viewers, leaving them always wondering what he’ll do next.

Johnny Depp is arguably one of the most popular movie stars of all time, and as such, there’s no doubt that his style has impacted millions.

One element that often comes to mind when we think of Johnny Depp is his signature hats.

This collection of fedoras, trilbies, Akubras, beanies and bowlers have become an iconic part of the actor’s wardrobe throughout his career.

Whether he’s onscreen or on a public appearance, fans can be sure to find Depp in some sort of headgear – and surprisingly enough, he often makes a fashion statement with them in the process! Who knew fashion could be so stylish?