Ray Ban Logo And Its History

In a landscape where the sun is harsh and unforgiving, our glasses and frames offer a refreshing oasis of light.

The mission of Ray-Ban is to provide comfort and style in equal measure, and that’s what their logo represents.

The Ray-Ban logo alludes to things that contribute to safe and effective travel. In this article, we will discuss the history of the Ray-Ban logo in more detail.

What Is Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban is a renowned company that produces many items for eyewear. History tells us that back in the 1920s, accessories worn by pilots were not adequate in protecting them from the sun.

One aircraft tester visited Bausch & Lomb with the idea of creating comfortable goggles that would provide better sun protection.

In 1937, the prototype was created. The following year, the company launched its now-iconic aviator sunglasses, designed specifically for pilots.

Ray Ban logo

History Of Ray-Ban

American company Bausch & Lomb introduced the Ray-Ban line of eyewear back in 1937. The Aviator and Wayfarer models are their most popular, receiving customers’ attention.

The American company Bausch & Lomb sold its brand to the Italian eyewear conglomerate Luxottica Group in 1999 for $640 million. The corporation has more than 55,000 employees, and its headquarters are in Arkansas.

In 1929, Bausch & Lomb–medical equipment company based in Rochester, New York–and United States Army Air Corps Colonel John A.

Macready first created aviation sunglasses. The sky’s intense blue and white colors can be very distracting to pilots; as a result, these shades were designed specifically for them.

MacCready was worried about the condensation that would form on pilots’ goggles at high altitudes, drastically reducing visibility.

The “Anti-Glare” prototype featured plastic frames and green lenses that could eliminate glare without blocking the wearer’s view.

In 1938, they also introduced lenses that could withstand impact. The sunglasses were rebuilt with a metal frame the next year and submitted for a patent under Ray-Ban Aviator.

The “Kalichrome lenses” on the glasses were created to clarify features and reduce fog by removing the blue light. Thus, they work perfectly in areas with a lot of mist.

Ray-Ban Logo History

Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 and released its first sunglasses that same year. The glasses included a simple inscription instead of any additional graphics.

The designers chose red and white as contrasting colors to make the brand appear more vibrant. In addition, they selected a typeface made to look like calligraphy.

The minimalist and uncomplicated logo is easily recognizable as the company’s identity.

Several things make Ray-Ban sunglasses unique, but one of the most distinguishing factors is their distinctive packaging.

If you look at the corner of the right lens, you’ll always see the white letters “Ray-Ban” engraved into it.

Likewise, looking at the left lens, you’ll always see the unpainted initials “RB” carved into its surface.

You can usually tell a fake by the logos’ absence or low quality. Another way to identify fakes is if the models wear polarized lenses – these are designated “Ray-Ban P.”

The metal frames of sunglasses usually have the company’s logo pressed in the center of the nose pads.

This gives it a raised look. The signature is also printed on lens covers, cleaning wipes, and other items that come with the sunglasses.

The design of the Ray-Ban symbol subtly imitates the style of their spectacles; it is classy, unmarked and timeless, like the glasses.

The writing is placed in a diagonal fashion that ascends from bottom to top; this mirrors the brand’s progression – in terms of increased popularity, cutting-edge technology and continued success.

The two words are divided by a large dot, signifying unity despite separated entities.

The logo, which at first glance doesn’t stand out due to a lack of flashy visuals, has become quite iconic. The name Ray-Ban was registered as a trademark in 1937.

Thanks to national publicity efforts, the brand became widely known. In some instances, you may see the accompanying motto, “Genuine since 1937,” placed prominently at the bottom – this is intentional to grab attention.

ray ban logo

Font And Color Of The Emblem

The original design for Ray-Ban featured the company name in white letters on a background of red rectangles.

These colors were selected due to their stark contrast and the profound significance they convey. Red is often seen as a color of passionate emotions, while white is commonly known to represent innocence and cleanliness.

The designers chose a unique font for this project that communicates freedom, vitality, and energy.

This is likely why the Ray-Ban firm has kept the same corporate identity since it was founded.

The lettering’s straight lines and gentle curves have hidden meanings and create a fluid appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Ray Ban logo

What Do The Markings On Ray-Bans Mean?

The Model name always goes first, followed by the Lens width and then the Bridge width. Often, a third number symbolizes the Temple Length of the frame in millimeters.

And occasionally, you’ll see a fourth number present which denotes the Lens Height. All numbers are measurements in mm.

Are Ray-Bans Supposed To Have The Logo On The Lens?

One way to tell if your Ray-Bans are authentic is by checking for the RB logo etched into one of the lenses.

The etching should be faint and only barely discernible without magnification. You should also be able to barely feel it if you run your finger over it lightly.

Compare the etching on the lens with the logo on the box that came with your glasses to ensure they match exactly.

What Is The Origin Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses?

The United States Air Force reported that the old aircraft style resulted in increased sun glare, which caused headaches and nausea for pilots.

The Ray-Ban brand created a new style of eyewear with green lenses to solve this problem. These lenses reduce glare without impairing the wearer’s ability to see clearly.

Is The Ray-Ban Logo On The Left Or Right?

If you want to confirm that a pair of shades is an authentic Ray-Ban, check for the letters “RB” or “Ray-Ban” etched into the bottom left corner of the glass on the left lens.

If there’s no etching, poor quality carving, or if it appears as if the letters have been painted onto sunglasses, they are likely fake.

ray ban logo png
Ray Ban logo PNG

How Do I Identify My Ray-Ban Vintage Model?

The model number of most Ray-Bans will start with “RB,” followed by a series of numbers.

The letters “RB” stand for “Ray-Ban,” and the subsequent digits identify the specific frame model. In some cases, a name is also listed after the numerical identifier.

What Is The Tagline Of Ray-Ban?

The consumers liked the message prominently featuring Ray-Ban sunglasses, so they bought them in high numbers.

This fruitful advertising campaign using the slogan “NEVER HIDE” became one of history’s most successful marketing ploys.

The Final Verdict

Ray-Ban is a brand that has been around for many years and is known for its iconic sunglasses.

The company has had a few logo changes throughout the years, but the font and color of the emblem have always been consistent.

Much goes into designing an effective logo, and Ray-Ban seems to have nailed it with its simple yet timeless design.

Thanks for following along on our journey through the history of this iconic brand!