Hurley Logo And Its History

The Hurley brand logo is an abstract representation of the letter H. The company was founded in 1999 by Bob Hurley, a former professional surfer, and Shawnldon Daly, a graphic designer.

The name of the company was inspired by the nickname of the small town in California where Hurley grew up: “Surf City.”

The logo was created to evoke the feeling of surfing and the ocean waves.

The stylized letter H is meant to represent both the initials of the company and the image of a wave crashing on a beach.

The Hurley brand logo is simple and unforgettable, making it an essential part of the company’s identity.

History Of Hurley

man walking on seashore while holding white surfboard

When Bob Hurley of Costa Mesa, California, established Hurley Surfboards in 1979, the company’s history can be traced back to the surf culture of Southern California in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The 1980s was a time of significant growth for Hurley Surfboards as a company.

They established Billabong USA by forming a partnership with a brand that was on the rise at the time, Billabong.

By the middle of the 1980s, Hurley had complete authority over all aspects of Billabong USA’s operations, including design, procurement, marketing, and finance.

The crew at Billabong USA saw a shift in customer taste in the middle of the 1990s and discovered that the contemporary surfer was also interested in skate fashion, music, and art.

Bob and his team decided to start their own company, Hurley, in 1999. This was because the firm had reached the end of a licensing deal and was working on a fresh concept for the future.

Since then, Hurley has flourished while maintaining strong ties to the surf business. Since then, the Phantom boardshorts have helped the brand to take home the “Boardshort of the Year” title for four consecutive years!

The Hurley Logo

The Hurley logo is one of the most recognized logos in the world. Most people are familiar with the Hurley logo, even if they don’t know the brand itself.

The logo is a simple wave design, and it’s been around for almost 20 years. But how did it come to be?

Hurley was founded in 1979 by Bob Hurley, a former professional surfer. The brand started as a small surfboard company but quickly gained a following among the young action sports crowd.

As the company grew, Hurley realized he needed a strong visual identity to stand out in the crowded marketplace. And so, the iconic wave logo was born.

The logo perfectly captured the brand’s essence – young, fun, and always on the cutting edge. It’s no wonder that the logo has become one of the most recognized symbols in the action sports world.

Even today, nearly two decades after it was first introduced, the Hurley wave logo remains an enduring symbol of cool.

hurley logo png
Hurley Logo PNG

What Is The Meaning Of The Hurley Logo?

The stylized letter “H” is likely the component of the logotype that viewers most easily recognize.

Even though no wordmark is associated with the company, the “H” emblem is often enough for buyers to recognize it independently.

To construct the letter, two parentheses, one inside and one outward, are used; these are intended to depict surfboards.

man in blue dress shirt and brown cowboy hat sitting on boat during daytime

So there you have it, the story of Hurley and its logo.

The brand has come a long way from its humble beginnings in California to become a globally recognized name. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Hurley as much as we enjoyed putting this post together.

Hurley Symbol

Here is a commonly used Hurley symbol.

hurley symbol

What do you think of the brand’s logo? Do you have any favorite Hurley products? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What Is The Hurley Brand Known For?

The American corporation Hurley specializes in the production of apparel and equipment for the water sports of surfing and swimming.

After beginning its existence in 1979 in the United States as a distributor of Billabong clothes, Hurley was eventually acquired by Nike, Inc.

2. Why Did Nike Get Rid Of Hurley?

The athletic wear giant Nike purchased Hurley from the company’s creator, Bob Hurley, in 2002 to find success in the surfwear market, which was otherwise uncharted territory for the company.

Nike has decided to end its partnership with the company when the surfwear industry has trouble finding customers.

3. Is Hurley An Expensive Brand?

Hurley is a well-known company specializing in swimwear, surfwear, and accessories. There are choices open to men, women, and even young boys.

Macy’s and Kohl’s are only two of the local department shops that carry many Hurley’s products, which may be purchased at more or less accessible costs.

4. Is Hurley An Irish Name?

There are people with the surname Hurley of Irish and English descent; however, the name’s Irish form is far more prevalent.

The name comes from the Old English elements here, which means “corner” or “bend,” and Leah, which means “wood” or “clearing.”

The English form of the name is a habitational name from locations of the same name in the counties of Berkshire and Warwickshire.

5. What Does The Name Hurley Mean?

The name Hurley is unisex and can be used by either gender. It originates from the old English words hara, meaning “hare,” and leah, which later developed to mean “wood” or “clearing.” Together, they form the phrase “hare’s meadow.”

6. Is Hurley A Good Brand?

There are a wide variety of brands available, all of which are fighting for your attention, and it may not be easy to choose which one is best for you.

When it comes to Hurley, we think that they provide a fantastic product that is deserving of your attention. It would help if you gave it some thought. The following provides the information vital to understanding the brand and its selling items.

Hurley is a well-known and reputable brand name within the realm of outdoor equipment, and the company has earned a reputation for being of high quality.

Their wares are durable and made to handle the difficulties of participating in various outdoor activities. Hurley offers a product that can fulfill your requirements in either category, whether you are in the market for a new tent or sleeping bag.

The items offered by Hurley are not only long-lasting but also quite reasonable in price.

When you pick Hurley, you can be certain that the gear you purchase will be high quality and that the company provides excellent value.

Therefore, if you want to upgrade your outdoor equipment, we suggest you give Hurley a shot. We believe that you will find their items to be impressive, as well as respect the devotion that they have to qualify.

7. How Affordable Is Hurley Brand?

Hurley is an excellent choice if you are looking for fitness apparel at a low price. Their prices range from $15 to $60, far lower than the prices offered by most other athleisure businesses. However, their quality is on par with brands that cost far more.

Their garments are constructed from durable fabrics that can resist a significant amount of wear and tear, and in addition, their designs are fashionable and figure-flattering.

You may save even more money if you buy multiples of your favorite goods from Hurley because the company offers free delivery on purchases over fifty dollars.

Hurley is an excellent option for buyers on a tight budget who still want to look beautiful while working out due to the brand’s blend of affordable costs and high-quality products.

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