Louis Vuitton Price Increase 2022

In 2022, the prices of Louis Vuitton products are set to increase. This price increase was announced by the company’s CEO, Bernard Arnaurd, in an interview with Reuters.

He stated that the price hike is necessary in order to maintain the brand’s high standards of quality.

According to Burke, the cost of producing LV products has increased significantly in recent years, due in part to increasing labor costs and the need for greater investment in research and development.

As a result, the company needs to charge more for its products in order to cover these costs.

The price increase is expected to affect all of Louis Vuitton’s products, including handbags, wallets, luggage, and other accessories.

The amount of the increase will vary depending on the product, but it is expected to be in the range of 5%-20% to a whopping 38%.

This is not the first time that Louis Vuitton has raised its prices. In fact, the brand has increased its prices several times in recent years.

But despite this, it remains one of the most expensive luxury brands in the world.

So why do people continue to buy LV products, even when they cost so much?

There are several reasons. First, Louis Vuitton is known for producing high-quality products that are both stylish and durable.

Second, the brand has a long history of excellence and prestige, which many consumers find appealing. And finally, LV offers a wide range of products that appeal to a variety of different consumers.

Even with the price increase, Louis Vuitton is likely to remain one of the most popular luxury brands in the world.

And if you’re looking to buy a high-quality item that will last for years, it’s still a good option. Just be prepared to pay a bit more than before.

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Why is Louis Vuitton Increase Prices in 2022?

Louis Vuitton is raising their prices because of global inflation and higher manufacturing costs.

This is due to the fact that most raw materials and transportation and shipping are now way more expensive and Louis Vuitton has to keep their previous margins.

However, their revenue has increased substantially, about 42% in 2021 from 2020. So, even though they are raising their prices, their company is still doing well.

How Much is Louis Vuitton Price Increase in 2022?

Louis Vuitton has announced that it will be increasing its prices for the 2022 year. This is in response to global inflation, which has caused the company to raise prices worldwide.

The average increase for many LV popular products in the US will be around 20%. Prices are expected to rise similarly in other countries. If you are interested in purchasing a Louis Vuitton item, it is important to do so before the price increase goes into effect.

Louis Vuitton Price Increase for Popular Bags in 2022

There was a recent Louis Vuitton price increase that hit on February 16th, 2022.

This change was a result of continually increasing production costs and inflation. Chanel and Hermes have also cited similar reasons for their price hikes.

Some of the most popular Louis Vuitton items have seen a price increase with this change.

The Mini Pochette, for example, has gone from costing $310 (in 2019) then $540 (in 2020) to costing $745 now. This is just one example of how the price increase has impacted Louis Vuitton products.

The reason for the multiple price hikes recently is still up for debate. Many people believe that it’s due to the growing demand for luxury goods.

However, this is a separate topic that will be explored in further detail later. For now, we’ll focus on the latest prices for Louis Vuitton items.

As of February 16th, 2022, these are the new prices for some of the brand’s most popular products:

Purse Old Price New Price 2022
Speedy 25 Monogram Canvas $1,350 $1490
Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas $1,370 $1,550
Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas $1,390 $1,620
Speedy 40 Monogram Canvas $1,410 $1,690
Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $1,050 $1,290
Mini Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $540 $745
Multi Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $2,570 same
Pochette Métis Monogram Canvas $2,360 $2,570
Speedy Bandoulière 25 Monogram Canvas $1,690 $1,820
Speedy Bandoulière 30 Monogram Canvas $1,740 $1,890
Speedy Bandoulière 35 Monogram Canvas $1,800 $1,960
Neverfull PM Monogram Canvas $1,620 $1,960
Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas $1,690 $2,030
Neverfull GM Monogram Canvas $1,760 $2,100
Pochette Coussin $2,570 $2,840
Coussin PM $3,900 $4,700
Coussin MM $4,300 $5,400
Onthego MM Monogram Canvas $2,840 $3,100
Onthego GM Monogram Canvas $3,100 $3,250
Men’s Monogram Eclipse Trio Messenger $2,360 $2,500
Palm Springs Mini $2,300 $2,440
Palm Springs PM $2,430 $2,570
Palm Springs MM $2,570 $2,710


LV Wallet Prices as of 2022

Herer are Louis Vuitton wallet prices as of March 1st, 2022:

Clémence Wallet $785.00

Zippy Coin Purse $680.00

Zippy Wallet $965.00

Victorine Wallet $575.00

Zippy Wallet $1,000.00

Discovery Compact wallet $645.00

Pocket Organizer $540.00

Pocket organizer $450.00

Pocket Organizer $465.00

Brazza Wallet $765.00

Pocket Organizer $465.00

Sarah Wallet $830.00

Zoé Wallet $630.00

Zippy Wallet $990.00

Sarah Wallet $720.00

Victorine Wallet $575.00

Zippy Wallet $850.00

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LV Luggage Prices 2022

Herer are current Louis Vuitton luggage prices as of March 1st, 2022.

Horizon 55 $4,700.00

Horizon Soft 55 $2,950.00

Horizon 55 $4,050.00

LVxNBA Horizon 55 $6,950.00

HORIZON 55 $3,400.00

Plaque Porte Adresse Horizon $150.00

Horizon 55 Cover $325.00

Keepall Bandoulière 50 $3,250.00

Keepall Bandoulière 45 $3,700.00

HORIZON 55 $4,700.00

Keepall Bandoulière 45 $21,100.00

Horizon 55 $4,700.00

Keepall Bandoulière 50 $3,400.00

Keepall Bandoulière 50 $3,800.00

Horizon 50 $2,940.00

Keepall Bandoulière 55 $2,570.00

Horizon Soft 55 $2,950.00

Keepall Bandoulière 55 $2,570.00

Horizon 55 $3,400.00

Keepall Bandoulière 55 $2,570.00

Horizon 50 $2,940.00

Keepall 55 $2,170.00

Keepall Bandoulière 55 $2,570.00

Horizon 55 $3,400.00

Keepall Bandoulière 45 $2,440.00

Horizon 55 $3,400.00

Keepall Bandoulière 55 $2,570.00

Horizon 55 $3,400.00

Keepall Bandoulière 60 $2,640.00

Horizon 70 $4,100.00

Horizon Soft 65 $3,250.00

Carryall $2,030.00

Horizon Soft 55 $2,950.00

Like you can see the prices of Louis Vuitton bags have increased quite a bit recently. The Mini Pochette, for example, now retails for $745 + tax in the United States, which is a 38 percent increase from the previous retail price of $540.

Monogram Vernis and Bicolor Monogram Empreinte leathers have gone up to $880 and $845 + tax.

The price increase on the Pochette Accessories is even crazier! They have gone up like 60%. Before 2021 October price increase and after the latest February 2022 price hike, you will realize that in as little as six months, the bag has gone up from $790 to $1,290.

Popular styles like Speedy Neverfull, and Alma have also been affected. The Neverfull MM increased 20% from $1,690 to $2,030. The Speedy 25 costs now $1,490 and Alma BB is $1,620.

The Capucines, a classic style many have learned to love, has gone up in price about 10-26% Right now it costs $6,100 for the Mini, $6,750 for the Capucines BB, and $7,700 for the MM style.

Other well respected products like the Palm Springs Mini, the Onthego tote, and the Multi Pochette Accessoires also followed suit.

The Palm Springs Mini is up 6%, and is now $2,300 to $2,440. Onthego MM and GM bags in Monogram are $3,100 and $3,250 and the Multi Pochette Accessoires has jumped to $2,570.

The Coussin bag has had a price increase as well. This purse has already gone up a few times before in a short time after it was released. Right now, the Cosson PM will cost you $4,700 and the Coussin MM is up to $5,400. This is a pretty huge price change, about 20-25%.

So if you’re looking to buy a Louis Vuitton bag anytime soon, be prepared to spend quite a bit more money than you may have anticipated. Prices are constantly changing though, so be sure to keep checking back for updates!

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Is Louis Vuitton Still Worth it With the Price Increase?

There is no doubt that the prices for Louis Vuitton bags have increased significantly in recent years. And with another price increase just announced, it begs the question: is the brand still worth it?

On one hand, some would say that LV has lost its appeal now that its products are so expensive. It’s no longer an attainable luxury for everyday people. On the other hand, others might argue that because the quality of LV bags is so good, and they last for many years, the high prices are justified.

What do you think? Is Louis Vuitton still worth it despite the price increase?

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