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The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The series also focuses... Read More



Anyone knows what shoes Tyler was wearing in this episode? I mean the black leather ones. I must have them :-)

Here are 2 ss to help you out:



Hey girlies! I found a nice alternative to the Aritzia leather jacket and there were only two others left so I picked them up for you girls. They're all size M (jacket 1):
It's $40+shipping, please message me if you want one. If no one wants them I'll just return them to the store next weekend.

I thought jacket 2 was VD-esque as well so I grabbed that one too, same price same size.

To clarify, I have two of Jacket 1 and one of Jacket 2.
Which I now realize totally sounds confusing.

OMG I have to have those Sam Edelman "Pierce" Over the Knee Boots! They are super hot!

Does anyone know what shade she wears in the ep?

Something that has whiskey in the color. If you don't 5 to 6 1/2 foot size, you probably won't find it in your size. I found it in black for $108 it has a lot of different sizes. The link is on the Elena page if you want it.

I love the whiskey colored ones, I'm so bummed my foot won't fit into the sizes that are available in the whiskey color.

Those boots are cute!! But I'm so short they'll be thigh high instead of knee high.

looking at all those great shoes and boots is making me *pout* ): ... anyone wanna take some sizes off my feet?! ;D
(I'm usually wearing a EUR 45, 44 if I'm really lucky, sometimes even 46 if the shoes run small, ugh)

Sam Edelman "Pierce" Over the Knee Boots are also available at they have tons of sizes

I question the boots, the color is it Olive or Whiskey? Because both look so close to Elena's.

@Mrs.BellaCullen for sure Whiskey because the olive is green-ish and the whiskey is brown.

Yeah I double checked it because I found a pair of Olive ones in my size for a steal price on ebay just now. But I'd rather buy the Whiskey ones and I'm pretty sure I'll buy them from FreePeople's website just incase they look wonky on me since I'm pretty short.

So I am currently obsessed with the song "Family Tree" by Matthew West. Its the song at the end of the last episode "Crying Wolf" its a really nice song, here's the video. My Ipod is only influenced by VD's anymore. I love some of the songs from the show, whoever chooses the music has great taste!

I agree, they have amazing taste in music. I've been replaying the Head Over Heels cover from the Masquerade episode for weeks now lol.

Does anyone know how to add a "buy it" link to a spot?

Only staff can do that.

So, has anyone been able to ID that blue top Katherine wears before the party in Masquerade, in her scenes with Caroline and Lucy? Very simple and gorgeous!

Do you have a good picture of it, I can look for you.

Not a problem, I'm going to look now :) Maybe I'll create my first spot with this :)

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it could be from Bebe. Bebe loves designing low cut tops and I've seen their basics made with the same viscose-looking fabric.

You're right in that I've seen them do similar styles, but even after combing the internet I haven't seen that particular top.

Free People does NOT have the Sam Edelman boots anymore FYI.

huh. When I typed in Sam Edelman on the site the boots didn't show up. Weird.

Type in Pierce.

I just searched shoes, clicked boots, then clicked tall ones and they popped up for me.

Free People Discount Code: 2010bdays

It took 15% off my order for the Sam Edelman boots.

Thank you for the code I'm going to grab the boots :)

Just ordered them!

I don't mean to sound like a b*tch. But can the Hillywood stuff just be spotted for their own page. I don't like coming on the VD's page and seeing pictures of them up in the album for VD's. I don't have a problem with them doing their stuff, but they are not the actual VD's stuff so I would rather look at Elena, Damon and Stefan, versus their crew.

I posted the picture and sorry I don't know what the problem is ? It's not like if Hillywood had nothing to do with TVD. They actually parody TVD so they had to be in the TVD's page. But if it so important for you, feel free to flag the picture but really I don't know where's the problem. But it's my opinion through.

I don't have a problem with it. I just perfer the parody stuff to be kept seperate. That's my opinion.

So I have to share this from my trip to Pier 1 tonight. I went and picked up a few items for Cindy and broke down and bought myself a set of pillows too. But I was checking out and for some reason I started on about how they were spotted on the show "The Vampire Diaries" to the sales lady. Mind you she is probably well into her mid to late 50's. And she started talking to me about it. She goes "Damon is so hot, I hate who tortured him last week." Cody's name slipped my mind so I just said the werewolves and she goes "I hope they all die." But it was so strange. It was my first experience with a Team Damon person and confessing that I know items from shows. I smiled the whole way home.

What did you buy? Pic please

I bought the White Wall Frame and the Floral Leaf Pillows, they are spotted under Elena's page, or even on here.

Thank you sooooooo much Catherine, you're awesome!!!

Not a problem hun, I'm happy to help and the sales lady was so interesting :)

I have a Juicy Couture hoodie that is gray in a size XL for sale. It's just like the one here:

Message me if you are interested!

I have the Janessa corset in black in a size M if anyone is interested. NWOT and never worn. Too small unfortunately. Just asking what I paid which was $40. Message me if you are interested.

I have the Guess Savage corset and the Janessa corset in size S if anyone is interested. NWOT and never worn. I'm asking for $35 plus shipping. Message me if you are interested!

If someone sells a juicy couture sweater in size XS, S or M in any color please let me know.... I'm sure I'm not the only girl to looking for it but I've to ask... just in case :)

Looking to trade or buy a Small Black Juicy Couture hoodie :) Let me know :D

pm'd you on LJ!

I'm still trying to find the Juicy Couture Cardigan Black or Grey in XS. Please help!

Anyone selling or can help me find:
Lucky brand cardigan ( Jenna)
Anthropologie slow and steady cardigan (Caroline)
School prep cardigan (Caroline)
Thanks so much!

A few weeks ago I saw a bunch of slow and steady cardigans on ebay. I typed in "Anthroplogie cardigan" or something and spent an hour or so looking around because I was looking for an alice cardigan. I would look for it now but I can't. If I have time later I'll look for it.

Thanks so much! I found a couple that had sold on Mon and tues, but of course I missed them! Please keep your eye out for me! :)

I looked last night and nothing.

Thanks though! If you see any please let me know!

I will.

I bought from this seller. She ships quickly!

Hey I was wondering where you found the black Sam eldelman pierce boots for $108?? I can't find the link on elenas page, thank you.

Looking for a Juicy Cardigan, size S in black if anyone has one for sale let me know please. Thank you.

Selling a Juicy Cardi in Black size Medium :) Asking what I paid :) Let me know please! $68 plus shipping

messaged you!

KRMA has a Black Jade Jacket made out of cotton girls only $129. Here's the link (posted on Elena page)

Selling Juicy gray cardigan size M asking what I paid $66 plus shipping to you. Its the same as Elena's just in gray.

OMG, April 7th, we have to wait that long again for new episodes! Ugh CW I'm starting to not like you. Epically awesome episode though!

I'm going to freakin die, I can't wait that long!!!! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire episode

I knew who it was as soon as I heard the door knock. OMG! Cannot wait till April 7th. It should be AWESOME!!!

Ok seriously I feel like there are more hiatuses than there are episodes lol.

soooooooooooo long to wait!!!

I'd prefer it if they would give the episodes biweekly rather than go on for soooo long with out a single one!! :( nooooooo!

There's a new and different (not strapless) version of Katherine's "Adrianna Papell" Lace Dress from Masquerade: check it out -

Thanks for the link! I still prefer Katherine's version though. This style looks a little older.

Another version, quite cute - Long Sleeves:

I love this version too! If you find a size 10-12 depend the sizing . I don't know if I buy this dress or Katherine's dress. Suggestions ?

Now that is a fierce dress. I love the sleeves!

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