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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Does anyone know where I can buy that Urban Outfitters black cardigan that was incorrectly spotted from the Italy photos with Robert?
In an odd way, i prefer to get things that are similar to her clothing, but not the exact thing :P

I'm really curious how kristen is going to style her hair for comic con. I'm not diggin' the Joan Jett do, so I'm hoping that she glams it up a bit. Is anyone going to comic con or twicon (dallas)?

I'm so curious about that too!
I live in Germany so I can't go to the comic con, it's too distant. But I'm excited to see the pictures of the event. Especially of Kristen (what she's wearing and her hair etc.) :)

yes. Me too!!!

okay, i was so disappointed. I love the girl, but she looked like a junkie. :(

I was totally bummed.

I am looking for the Tyler Billabong Vest/Tank in a Large (or even a medium if necessary). If anyone finds one for sale please let me know. It is the only item left I am looking for and can't seem to find it anywhere. :0(

I was curious as to why the TOMS link for orginizations was deleted. Couldn't that technically be found under there? Afterall you buy one pair of shoes and another pair goes to a child. And Kristen is known to have several pairs of TOMS afterall... oh and does anyone know the price range of the cardigan from American Apparel. I can't seem to find it... Thanks!

Probably because they're not an organization. They donate shoes, but they also make a huge profit. We already had this conversation in-depth on here, so I won't post it all again, but they aren't technically an "organization" - they are a brand that happens to do nice things with part of the profits they make.

Can anyone tell me where i can buy the "3 mod wolves t-shirt"?
But i want the same like Kristen with the big wolfes..
Thank you.

we can't find the place that sells the ones with the big ones like kristen. like a lot of her shirts and stuff they are vintage so we won't be able to find them again. sorry. you might just have to settle for the smaller version. or get the graphic and bring it to a place that makes shirts and have them blow it up or something. idk just a though.

ok, thanks :)

You need to be careful about making your own, though, if the graphics is copyrighted. You should ask the seller at that CafePress store first.

places that make shirts probably wont do it if its not your copyright.

Sometimes they do make them anyway. Like, if it's not a really well-known image/name/etc. they may not realize it's copyrighted unless the owner complains.

yeah i hope so. if anyone makes some like kristen's i'll buy one. i love the wolf graphic.

I hope NOT. I'd hate to see some Kristen fan get hit with copyright infringement fines and law suits just because they want that shirt :(

For anyone who wants the Adidas Trefoil Hoodie and doesn't use eBay (not everyone likes eBay), here's a couple store links I found in addition to the one that was posted a few days ago. They ship internationally.

I just got my BB Dakota jacket today(before it was supposed to be in stock, yeah!) and just wanted to let all know that the zippers and buttons are a silver color instead of gold like was thought. I did get the silver birch color though, so maybe they are gold for the blue jacket? Just a thought.

Where did you buy your BB Dakota jacket from? I was thinking since so many sites are selling it they may have made different versions for the different sites. I ordered mine from and it hasn't come yet.

I got mine from Catwalk Co online. Their site says it's to be restocked July 30, but they must have gotten them in early.

i have the one from Nordstrom Rack. got it through someone here that bought quite a few and we exchanged a jacket for a jacket. i had 2 billabong ones so she gave me one of those and i gave her one of mine. fair trade =] but anyways....mine has the silver type buttons and zippers too =]

Hi guys!I found a new picture of bella with a coat i'd never seen before. Here's the link:
If you look at the previous one, it's a close up of the upper part of the jacket

the pictures aren't showing up when i click on the link. anyway you could use photobucket so you can just upload the picture onto here?

You're right, it doesnt work. But i've looked at the pictures already on coolspotter and realised they were there!I guess it wasnt so new!N E way, heres another link:

And the close up is the picture 6.

yeah it is a cute coat. hmmmm. we are going to have to wait for better pictures of it i am guessing to know what brand and stuff. definitely a new one for this movie though =]

Krisen really pregnanet ?

no. dumb rumor.

Dont read the tabloids they're ful of poop

Hey=) I just want to say that New Moon has now a official homepage ( . It's not done yet.. but I think it won't take long..I don't now if its interesting for you..I just want to say it to you ;);)=)

I love the website!!! :) I can't wait till november!!!!!!

i know, the website is amazing!!

Hey guys, I have a zip-up version of Kristen's grey speckled Urban Outfitters hoodie up on eBay in a size M.

Does anyone know if there are any Comic Con pictures up anywhere yet?

never mind! haha
i wish ET's live feed was working!

the site doesn't work!!!! I was going to scream!!!

it's like their whole site crashed! haha

comic con pictures here!!

they keep loading more as they get them!!

I totally loved the sneak peeks of New Moon! :)

What shoes is Kristen wearing in those pictures?

Can anybody help me out. I wanna get Kristen's ring thats silver and black she used to wear but I can't find any close up hq picks of her hands.

Thanks Kerbear585 i really wanted to see these pics :)
She looks so awkward next to Rob now after all the pregnancy rumours and that :\

theyre alawyas awkward ha

Did Kristen get a tattoo?


are you looking at her arm?

Yeah, like what Lisa said underneath... when it opened on my computer that was the first part of her body that was shown.

It kinda looks like a fish fin with bubbles lol... but those nicks could also be scratches that's why I wasn't sure.

oh, you're right! or it could be a mermaid fin? LOL
anyways, it definitely doesn't look like a scratch.

what??? i do not see what you guys are talking about at all. those marks look like bruises to me...definitely bruises. but on her hip that looks like wing tip of the she may have actually gotten joans

No, you can see a little bit of 'something' over her waistband, under the shirt knot.
I think this is what Cortni means. Great eye by the way, Cortni :)

yeah wow
hmmm maybe something.. im not too sure tho:S
just relooked at it,
yes deffo something there!

Its for ' The Runaway' Joan and Cherie got tattoos irl.

I thought maybe it could be for the movie. Thanks for clearing that up.

oh, haha well i could still see kristen as a 'tattoo' type of girl!

I was researching the tattoo, and I can't find anything on Joan/cherie's tattoos. Do any of you know what the tattoo is of? It's bothering me that I don't know.

It's of a jet, Cherie's I believe are two cherries.



So, is Kristen's a REAL tattoo or is it fake?

Yeah, I'm sure Kristen's is fake. I read the Runaways script the other night, and the part where Joan and Cherrie get tattoos is in there.

Im from texas so I might go to the Twi-Con in Dallas, but I have no idea who will be there from the cast. So if anyone knows could you please tell me..

Im from texas so I might go to the Twi-Con in Dallas, but I have no idea who will be there from the cast. So if anyone knows could you please tell me..

Michael welch, kellan lutz, peter facinelli, and some other peopl but m sorry to tell you but unless you have already registered to go. Twicon is not allowing anybody to register anymore. I checked on monday and now registration is closed ssorry :(

Heya I know there was this whole voting for what pic kristen should have .. and i found a good pic from comic con of her ( Even though we know that she doesn't look all great there lol) .. Its the most up to date one of her .. we don't have to use it i just thought with her hair being shorter and all .. well you get my drift lol --


agreed. i want this one for her home picture. make it happen phiaa =]

if anyone wants to know...the official new moon website has a section for videos and under that section there is a subsection called film i am guessing and hoping that the stuff from comic con...the movie stuff...will be up there soon!!!!

The fan sites might be a little faster, if you're just dying to see the videos. ;) The most recent sit down wasn't very long actually. Just about five minutes.

I must say. San Diego press are ruthless.

hahaha i know right. no i really just want to see the clips from the movie they showed. don't really care about the interviews.

Oh, her hair is killing me right now :/
is this the only day that she/the cast will be there? If not, I really hope she does something better with her hair and makeup.

I think she came straight off the set of the runaways cos there are pics of her on set wearing the exact same clothes shes wearing at Comic Con. But I agree it would have been nice if she had made a bit more of an effort but oh well thats KS I spose.

Yeah, but at least she looks like her normal self. I'd rather see her in her "normal" clothes than in some getup she would never wear in real life!

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