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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



The black vans are also available at journey's. They are $41.99 and no shipping and handling if you buy them in the store. I have a pair. Good investment. :)

Well, here is the link for anyone who wants them.

btw, this picture doesn't do the shoes justice. Trust me.

I don't think the Splendid Thermal Hoodie is right. In this picture of Kristen in 'Twilight' wearing the shirt, there is no hoodie. And I don't think it's a thermal because thermals usually have lines on the shirt (I don't how to explain it better). Kristen's shirt doesn't have lines. Any help?
Example of thermal shirt 'lines':

yeah we went through that earlier. we flagged it but still no removal. maybe you should flag it with these links so they see that we weren't lying the first time around =]

Yeah i see what platesoff means, thermals have like a waffle textured look to them, thats what makes the a thermal. But Kristen's does not have that texture, and also like ^^^ said it doesnt have hood.

I recently purchased a BB Dakota Twilight jacket from Nordstrom that doesn't have zippers above the front pockets. Does anyone know why? And does the newly reissued Twilight Jacket have the zippers?

the newer one don't have the zippers cuz they don't serve a purpose. there is no pocket under them or anything. yes the newer issue ones do have the zippers but they are not the right color. their coloring is off compared to the original lake blue color. i have the one from nordstrom in lake blue and love it even though there aren't zippers. not that many are made with zippers just the reissue ones so i think they are putting them back on the jacket cuz her's had in the movie.

but a thing with the newer issues are that they are that company's form of the BB Dakota Jacket. they don't have the Nordstrom tag on the back like the real ones do.

Does anyone know where I can get an Adidas trefoil hoodie in a similar color (grey/navy) that's NOT on eBay? I don't care if it's an international store that ships to the US - just no eBay please. I've had so many PayPal problems lately.

Thanks :)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to the person who put those other two movies up on KS's info, now its finally not bugging me :)


Again thanks

Again, thanks

I did that the other day. No problem.


Exactly, i mean it doesnt matter if you like i or not, its just the fact that we all like Kristen, and yeah i like Harry Potter too, but not as much as The Twilight Saga :D

Haha u kno the australian mag thats "announced" Kstew and Rpattz's pregnancy to the world, well that was last weeks cover, this weeks cover says "Twilight Heartbreak: ROB DUMPS KRISTEN" (and a good pic of KS this time plus a hot one of RP) lol man they need to find some new material!

lame. i don't believe any of it. on E! news it was saying that rob and kristen are excited to reunite for comic-con and that they are going to be staying really close to each other during it so they can spend time together =] and that one of rob's friend says that rob is in love with kristen and that he is only having a fling with emilie to tide him over till he is back with kristen =] and that emilie is wanting to already go see rob on eclipse set and rob is not down with that.
and i take E! as a good source cuz they don't put out stuff unless it is true.

Mhm, that Australian magazine went way over board.

Does anyone know where I could get the Nike Quilted Fleece Hoodie in black?

I recently emailed nike from their website, and they responded with other alternatives. They also said there are no plans for re-stocking the jacket, but if there is enough interest/emails from them...then I'm sure the uproar will spark their interest.

also, I've only found the gray one in a small.

Thanks CorduroyBear for your answer!
Then I'll email them, too. Maybe it helps! :)

Hey I think these are a cheap version of the kung fu shoes...

Thanks!!! i'm really going to buy these =)

uuuum...Iwant that 'sex pistol' shirt!! it's so cool!!!:D

This comment was deleted.

Is the Rob' shirt, right ?
Rob wear this one with the women and Kris wear this one with the man, is that right ?

Yes, that's right jitka :)


I fous a tons & tons of stuff via ebay but I can't post here coz Coolsporters delete the ebay links so if you are interested post on my wall comment !
Items about Kris & Bella...

See ya soon !!

I really want to know where she got her white sneakers ( with the "v" on the side) from ...oh I really really want to know :-D
(ehm..and sorry for my english, I'm german...but I try my best )

Any one know where I can get the military boots? I want to know how they run, if they're heavy, etc. TIA!


Hey guys. So I had offered to buy things for people overseas and ship them and ended up getting stuck with quite a few things I'd like to get rid of, and I'd rather sell them to someone who wants them rather than return them.

I have 2 small and 2 medium Nike Grind hoodies available, as well as a Revolution Rock t-shirt in an American Apparel unisex size medium. I'd prefer to not put them on eBay as I am not looking to make a profit - just get what I paid for them.

Due to too many problems with fraud and security issues, I can't take PayPal anymore, but I am bank account and identity verified on AlertPay ( which works exactly the same way as Paypal, only it's more secure - or I can take a money order or Western Union money transfer. I'll ship anywhere in the world. Just contact me if you're interested. I'm going to hold onto the stuff for another week before I return it.

i just sent you a post on your wall =]

I just replied :)

OK, so now I have 1 medium and 1 small available in the Nike Grind Hoodie. And the Revolution Rock shirt is still available. *sigh* LOL

I now also have a size SMALL in the Revolution Rock shirt.

Regan that really sucks that people ask this of you and then they don't come through. Good luck selling those items!

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of the gold vans in US size 8.5/UK size 6 that posts to Australia??

Thank you! :)

I think michael has the same military boots, uh??
chris cornell also does...but they look really big. are you guys sure kristen has them?? maybe there are more filligran ones(:


ah ok..

How did you post the picture of the boot? I have tried using direct links and even links from Photobucket and they don't go through. To quote Edward, "It's very frustrating".

hey guys ...
I wanted to say something to the American Apparel Unisex California Fleece, Gold-spot.

I don't think kristen wears this one because the zipper of the American Apparel hoodie is yellow.
> The zipper of kristen's hoodie is golden and shiny.
I think you can see that clearly.

(maybe it's the wrong photo but...)

can you send the link to the spot on here? cuz i am having issues finding what you are talking about to check it out.

check out this one on gold
i can't really tell if it is the same one as her's cuz that color messes with my eyes. but maybe you can tell.

cuz the one in the link that i just sent you looks like the one she is wearing to me so maybe the picture on coolspotters is just the wrong pic. idk.

do not buy that sweatshirt it fits TERRIBLY!

Really? I have a few of those and I wear them all the time :o

i guess the fit on me just isin't good and zipper always flips up and outward when i sit down. ***** me off haha.

Am i the only one who thinks the "Giving the Finger" profile is a little unnesessary?

And the pumping gas one, too. That one's pretty general...

yeah they have the "giving the finger" one on rob's page too. i think it is unnecessary as long with the pumping gas one.


Flag! :)

hey i like that one. it adds spunk

okay i have a question about the Vans Saddle Sid Shoes
Ihave been looking for them everywhere but cant find them...
so if anyone has a pair could you tell me where you got them thanks.

they were discontinued years ago. i think they stopped making them in 1999. so you aren't going to find any. the only ones you will find are people selling used ones if that.

here is a link for them in white if you don't care that they aren't the same color. these are the only ones you will find.

Thanks you SOO much

Thanks you SOO much

your welcome

with kristens white converse with the red laces.. did we ever decide if they were the all white or the off white?? please help

The ones with the red laces are the off-white hi tops. She also has the optical white ones in the low.

the off white converse are just called "white" on the website. the really white ones are called "optical white"

if anyone has the seiko sjb880 and is willing to part.. i have a friend who said she is willing to pay upwards of $300 to $500 for it... just let me know if anyones interested

Is there a link for the gold vans on katesskates? :) thanks

They currently only have a size 7. (UK)


A UK 7 converts to a US women's size 9.5, because that's what I have :)

Thankyou so much Christine and Regan, that is perfect they are my size! Is it a safe place to buy off though?

Ya its totally safe..and I got mine so quick! Problem is'll never take them off!

Yup, me too! I had mine from the UK to the US in a week.

Great! Thankyou so much! :)

hi, i really like the nike quilted fleece hoodie in navy like kristen's!

does anyone know where i can get one in the UK (not ebay if possible, preferably a store)

i love it soo much
for the UK too :)
but ive gotta feeling this is discontinued or something?

Thank you to who ever found Kristen's Grey jumper..I love it! Also, does anyone know where to get Kristen's orange vans?

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