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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Also, the Vans SK8hi? ta.

I live in Germany and here these shoes are almost available in EVERY I don't know.. have you already checked the local skateshops? otherwise check this site:

well all..i am out of town now until monday so i am sure that i will have a lot of catching up to do when i get back. my boyfriend and i are going to the nascar races in watkins glen this weekend. have a good weekend and will talk to you all when i get back =]

hey everyone!! does someone here have the Vans old skool cracked gold trainers? i need to know are they true to size, i am a size UK4 and have seen size 5 on ebay but not sure if they're gona be too big, i am gutted as i had an order for them with Office but it has been cancelled due to them not having the stock, but my BB Dakota coat came today so its not all too bad lol

i have them in UK size 6 (US 8.5). I'm normally a US 8 but they fit perfect. So I'd recommend going up half a size.

thankyou, i think im gona get the size 5, if they're too big i'll have towear my snowboard socks lol

So I've been searching for a long time to find the Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket but it's sold out everywhere. I mailed nike store hoping they put it in the nikestore website.. I really hope they will do! T__T

StarKri , I did the same there is few days ago and no answer ... -_-'

i sent an email to nike about three weeks ago. They responded and said they are not going to restock it. sry.

the weaving bracelet in this photo:

Anyone know where i can get it?

I am also interested in the other bracelets... so if anyone knows basically where I could get any of the bracelets in this photo that would be awesome.


The black rubber bracelets are hot topic. There 6 dollars and a 20 pack. I don't know about the others though...

It could be in leather or faux leather, i dont know if theres any silver on it but heres a few options: (the one at 15$)

i'll keep looking

and on the leatherjewels site the last one is only 5$, looks sort of the same

Does somebody sell her French Connection Jack Dress in size 6UK ?
I search it EVERYWHERE but no results ... So tell me if you will sell one ! =)

heres an alternate for the james perse shirt:

I love her I Heart Stashes top its so ***** cute anyways you can buy it online at urban outfitters uk

It is such a cute and simple shirt. Too bad I hate facial hair more than anything in the world >:|

Thanks Livia for the link! I've buy it! This shirt is so cute !!!!!

I found Kristen's ring and I tried to edit the spoon ring spot, but I can't :( Anyway, here it is:

wow! so the text is 'little red riding hood'... great spot! :)

ahhhh that ring is gorgeous but so f-ing expensive.

Hey everyone,
I know this is Kristen's page but if anyone can keep their eyes out for the shirt she wears in the following picture I would appreciate it. I have been able to find SIMILAR but not identical. The stripes on the shirts I find are always to small.



I think it is the Splendid Rugby Stripe:

Thanks for the 411. Unfortunately it is completely sold out on that site. If you see it anywhere else please let me know. Thanks!

Everyone, could I please have a vote outta these 2 about which are best to buy:

Black canvas TOMS
Vans Authentic lo pro

im so undecisive lol:s

comfort, style.. etc. thanksss:):):)
they're both the same price so im not worried about that
i just really can't choose which pair, i love them both.

i vote TOMS only because you probably already have sneakers and TOMS are different and very comfortable, i bought a pair yesterday. also, if you get the TOMS i recommend buying a 1/2 size smaller than your normal size because they stretch a bit.

thanksss for replying, yeah iv been thinking about getting the toms.

Question, where did everyone get their Hadley-Roma Medium Brown watch bands for Kristen's watch?

Hey guys, just to put it out there, i came upon this alternative french connection dress similar to kristen's.

lol, the new spot - the Toms wrap boot - is wrong. She's just wearing socks in that photo!

absolute...really I mean..those TOMS..Kristen would never wear something like that...or would she??

hey can anyone of you guys send me a link of a bigger pic from this one


and this one...


I want to have a better look on kristens clothes..and my ones are too small.

well pretty sure the jeans are the BDG ones. and the ralph lauren belmont bag and hi top converse of course.

me again ...
well I watched all the spots and I don't think Kristen wore red GUCCI heels at the much music show. because her's have iron soles ore something like that and they are run together sharper.
I mean look at the pictures intimately ...



where was she in these pictures, like what country?

on this pic you can read the label by this coat...
but it's not clear enough..might someone has the wherewithal program to zoom...or something like that^^

I looked on Kristen Stewart central, which was the biggest/highest quality picture that I could find of that photo, but the label is just too blurry :/
however, those cuffs are very distinct. I think it would make it easier to identify it.

look there's neither a metallic sole nor a sharp toe..


wow. good eye.

Was the dress Kristen wore on Regis and Kelly ever spotted? I looked through all the pages and didn't see anything, but I often overlook things by mistake.

Yeah I didn't see it either

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