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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Has anyone seen the entertainment weekly interview? when rob starts talking about the characters falling in love, kris looks at ashley and ashley kinda gives her this sympathetic look.
also, how many shoes does this girl have?! it's hard to keep track lol

Yeh i think i saw that, is that the one where Rob cant remember what he was saying coz Kristen and Ashley keep distacting him?
Haaha i agree, she must have like over 18 pairs of sneakers! :) x

Hey, has anyone seen the cake eaters? if so is it worth a watch? Im thinking of downloading it but im not too sure what its about, ive just heard that she gives a really good performance in it (which i think she does in all her movies...especially speak) :D x

Yep, I've seen it. It's a pretty good movie, though I can understand why it didn't make it into theaters. I bought it solely because she was in it and I'm a fan, so- watch it, but don't expect a *spectacular* plot.

it's a really great movie. very touching and kristen does an excellent job playing someone who is very sick. definitely worth watching.

Looks like the rumors about her falling out with Nikki Reed are untrue. The two were hugging and looked excited to see one another at Comic Con yesterday.

No, I agree. I've said all along that I choose not to believe any of that stuff unless I hear it come from one of them directly. Even the "Robsten" stuff - as far as I am concerned, they're costars and friends. Even if she really DID break up with Michael, that doesn't automatically mean she's sleeping with Rob.

regan i just posted on your wall. get back to me chickie =]

yup and i love how in one of the interviews before going into comic con kristen and taylor were asked if they had twitter or myspace or anything and kristen said no nothing at all.....and taylor said he does have a myspace but nothing else. i guess that can be put to rest on kristen and all the fakes! lol

ok so i have the link to the person who has the 2 clips from new moon that were shown at comic con. i am going to post them on my wall for anyone who wants them. it won't let me post them here.

hey did we ever find a place that sells the EC Star Clothing "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie? and ship internationally?

I love how Kristen got back at all the pregnancy rumours at comic con by saying (when asked what she looks forward to filming in the Twilight Saga) "I can't wait to REALLY get pregnant"

i know right. it was cute =]

I don't think she said "really" but still it's great, I can't wait to see how they're gonna do that.

Hahaha, I still can't believe they're going to make Breaking Dawn into a movie...holy awkward everything, Batman.

it's gonna be soooooooooooo good!

hi guys!since i saw the pictures, im kind of crazy to find the brown wool cardigan she wears in the official pic, and the gray cami she wears with jacob.if anyone happens to know it or find something quite similar, plz let me know!


I just saw your post. If you find out about the jacket or the cami can you let me know as well? Thanks.

what f**k she's done to her hair

she ***** cut it to play joan jett. personally, i think it looks pretty cool. nothing i would do for myself but she rocks it.

There are videos on youtube now of the 2 clips that were shown from new moon at Comic Con. They're not the best quality and people are screaming (which has been soo annoying, i mean they came there to watch it not to scream all the way through it, so no one else can hear lol)saying all that they're definaltly worth watching :) x

That second clip actually made me want to see new moon, even though I HATE twilight books, and the first movie looked laughably awful.
But then I heard all the screaming and I was like ehh, I'll pass.

wachted a part but i like to see it whithout
the screaming;p

That was pretty cool. But screaming like that, just because they took their shirts off?

AHHHHHHH those look sooo amazing!!! Yeah the screaming is beyond ridiculous...just can't wait to hear everyone scream in the theater the night it comes out...NOT! Haha.

yeah that is why i am kinda dreading going to see it in the theater. i will probably go while it is playing during the day cuz the kids will be in school!! =] but i also want to go to the midnight showing. grrrr. probably go both! hahaha i know that i will go more than once to see it.

yeah that's why the screaming is annoying but i will see it again when everyone is actually sane, so that makes it all better haha.

the clips look great and makes me look forward to New Moon even more! I agree with the comments above, in relation to the screaming factor, but what can you do they are passionate (sometimes overly passionate) fans who are extremely excited to see the movie. I just hope that when I see New Moon in theaters the screamers keep it down, so that others can enjoy the movie in peace :)

Yeh, the screaming does my head in lol x

OMG! kristen looks like a snob at comic con!!
She lookes like she just rolled out of bed. she could atleast worn a cute top, she looks like a boy. Green looks so cute in her dress and high hells. This is a big deal i mean its comic con your gonna be seen everywhere so why is she wearing a big ugly t shirt and sneakers and her hair looks horrible. She just looks like a homeless person.

Comic Con isn't really a big deal. It's essentially a comic book convention, only bigger. I've been many times, and really, she blends more in the t-shirt and jeans than she would in a dress and heels. I don't think I've worn heels at a convention before...and having worked many conventions and helped out many of the actors, very few of them wear heels too.

Haha, BBUser, I much enjoy your above comment :)
anyway, are these jeans the same ones that Kristen wears? They look a bit darker, but I'm not sure if that's just from a different camera or what?
And they are my size, so I really hope they are the same! I missed out on a pair a couple months ago.

i don't think those are the same.

So the New Moon cast was only at Comic Con for one day- correct?

yes..I think

Hello y'all!So today i really didnt have anything to do, so i counted how many shoes she had. FYI I only counted the sneakers and the pumps she wore at events, not the photoshoots or movies. She has at least 39 pairs, 23 of'em are sneakers! i really need a life!lol

im looking for the joy divison 'love will tear us apart' tee and ive only found it in black and i would REALLY like it in white.
so if anyone knows where i can buy a white one that would be AWESOME!!!

I have the exact one she has and I found it on eBay :)

I also want the Joy Division shirt in white so if anyone is willing to part with one or knows where I can get it please let me know. Thanks!

Hello :)
i was wondering if anyone can give me seveal clear close-up pictures for her rings, please help asap!

we need a new default picture from comic-con for kristen. that is her natural look right now. we should get one up =] i like the one phiaa posted a day ago.

Hey guys- I've got a question. Where are some of your favorite stores to go to for your basic jeans. I'm particularly after some in colors gray, charcoal and black! Thanks!

ohh, if I want a basic pair of jeans, I usually just get a pair of Levi's. I also have a few of the Bullhead brand from Pacsun and True Religion and Silence & Noise jeans from Urban Outfitters. All of them are really comfy and fit well.

Thanks. And now I have another funny question that I should know the answer to: how do you know what size you are for the silence and noise jeans since they're not "normal" 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

well, i actually don't know about the sizing because i usually go to the store when i buy them, but if you go to their website, there is a sizing chart, and i think that would really help!

Gotcha- thanks!

Does anyone know how tight the French Connection Jack dress fits? I want to buy it but not sure if I can fit into the size 10. Any suggestions? I fit into the Large of the Billabong Dakota dress fine if that helps at all. :o)

I have it! Personally, I would recommend getting a size up in this dress. I usually wear a size 0 but I got a size 2 in this dress. The problem for me was that the bust area was a bit snug, so if you are a medium to larger chested girl I would get the next size. If not, you should most likely be fine. Check your measurements against the French Connection size chart.

Thanks. I will definitely try the next size up than.

hi, i have a question: has someone bought the specials's t-shirt from Gobbyshirts?? I don't know wich size take. Can you help me??

I bought both Specials-Shirts from Gobbyshirts. One is size S and one size M. Both men shirts. I dont know what size you normally have but for me the shirt size M is perfect :)
It fits like Kristen's. A little bit loose, not slim fit.

I'm a UK 8. Maybe the M could fit me, cause i'm very tall... I would like the shirt a little bit loose like kristen's. What do you think? Anyway, thanks a lot :)

I posted on your wall, bellacullen :)

i really don't like the new profile pic of kristen, she really doesn't look her best, even with the new hair, there are a lot of better pictures.

i meant a different picture altogether, not at comic con, maybe a set photo, where she looks less sweaty and tired and doesn't have greasy hair lol.

but this is the natural kristen look. we didn't want one that was all photo shoot. we wanted a candid. and this is how kristen looks now so i think it fits good.

right. we don't want a set pic. we just wanted one of her naturally and i think this one soots her good for how she is right now =]

Yeah you're right, better one when she's not in character :]

Hey everyone! Two things to tell you about.

I was just wondering if anyone heard from the girl that said she had a list of items on eBay.

Also, I've got a Specials t-shirt in a size M that doesn't fit me, so I was thinking of selling it. Message me if you're interested!

Not sure which girl you are talking about but I talked to Jitka and she had the French Connection Jacket, the Billabong dress, the Jansport backpack and the Target Embroidered shirt Kristen wears in Twilight. Some other things but I can't remember them all.

That might be the girl that I asked for info. Any way of contacting her? I'd really appreciate the help:)

You can leave a message on her page. Seems that is what most people did. Not sure what she has left but you can try.

I found a vintage leather jacket on Ebay that is VERY similar to Kristen's, if anyone's interested.

this isn't vintage..I have this.Its from Urban Ourfitters and I paid no where near me. Sorry!

Thanks Jessie7403! but are there different pictures for the rings ?
i looked everywhere but they're all blurry! :(

I'm not sure, I just got lucky on that one. I could give you links to individual pictures of the ring, you know, product pictures.

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