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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Does anyone know the brand of this dress? I think it's Stella McCartney, but I'm not sure. And if you know who it's by, where might i be able to find it. I know it's a few seasons ago, but I'm in LOVE with it.

thanks so much.

TOMS really shouldn't be on here as an organization. They are a brand that makes a very large profit - they're not a charitable organization, even though they also do good things.

Yes, they do give away a pair of shoes to a child in need for every one sold, but they are very specific on their web site that they rely on "customer" philanthropists and aren't actually philanthropists themselves. They also manufacture all of their shoes in China for about $5 or less a pair, so even if they're sending one pair to a customer and donating one, at $45-55 a pair they're turning a giant profit. I like their shoes, and they are doing some good, but I wish people would realize they're not actually a charity. Their commercials are very misleading.

The kind of profit TOMS makes..not to mention Nike, Converse, etc., kind of makes me sick. I am well aware that that's pretty much how a free market economy works, but when you think about it- spending $45 on a pair of shoes that cost its manufacturer $5 is just...disgusting. I'll still buy them, but only if I REALLY can't live without them. Either that or find them for a third of the price on ebay!

gosh guys, just think about how much this shoes would cost if they were made in the usa or somewhere else. You couldn't buy them for 45$, thats for sure. They would easily cost about three times more.
However do you really think that a company in the USA could survive if they would sale the shoes for 10 quid? That's just out of reality. I found a nice little discussion about it
maybe you find it intressting too. And this awful discussion comes hopefully to an end.

There's no reason they would cost more if they were mad in the US, especially given the profit they're already making. It just makes me sick that they not only outsource all the labor to China, thus taking away jobs from people in their own country, but they use unsupervised cheap labor in China's factories - the same factories that are responsible for the disgusting air pollution in China that is making its way over here. I don't have a problem with a business making money. But I have a problem with the way they represent themselves. Most people don't get online and do the research about what they're buying and where it comes from - so they buy these $45 shoes thinking they're just paying for one for them and one for a child and doing some good, when really they're just lining someone else's pocket.

1. in the US nobody would work for 2 $ an hour, but in China
2. on TOMS web site there is nowhere written that they are a charity
3. charity doesn't mean, no profit, it means that they don't have to pay tax because they have to do something for the human kind and mustn’t exclude the poor.
Anyway I don't think it makes sense to discuss this further and this forum is definitely not supposed to be a place for things like this.

1) I can't even believe how ignorant that statement is. You DO realize that exact statement is why we have sweatshops, right? You should also do some reading on how the outsourcing of labor to countries like China and Mexico is one of the biggest reasons the US economy is suffering right now and Americans are without jobs. TOMS is certainly doing its part to help ruin the economy.
2) You fail to realize that most people don't read the TOMS site. They see the commercial, where TOMS represents themselves as a non-profit, and go buy shoes. There's a small number of people who read that in comparison to the number who are buying.
3)Non-profit means non-profit. That's the way they come across in commercials, and it's misleading to customers.

And I think this is the perfect place to discuss this, since someone tagged Kristen for TOMS, the organization, and not TOMS, the brand. People here are buying TOMS because Kristen wears them, which is fine - but they should know what they're buying.

If you don't want to pay for TOMS, buy a pair of Argentinian alpargata shoes, which is what TOMS were designed after anyway. Farmers in Argentina wear them. It's why the TOMS logo is the Argentina flag. If you buy the alpargatas direct from shoemakers in Argentina, you aren't supporting sweatshop labor and you're paying a LOT less.

Great idea- I looked them up but unfortunately, the homepage was in Spanish and I couldn't exactly navigate my way through. Any advice as to how to go about ordering them?

I have a few links...I will send them to you :)

Awesome! Thanks!

Regan, the new profile you created of the two tone shirt, I think it really is just a white t-shirt and Kristen's character in the movie is wearing a short sleeve cardigan, I think a sparkly/sequin cardigan. I could be mistaken though. It's soo late right now I could be imagining it. Anyway, nice info on TOMS by the way. You learn something new everyday, lol.

I think you're right about the cardigan. She wears a white shirt with a black short cardigan :)

Ahh ok. I didn't see a cardigan in the pics. But I've never seen the movie, so all I had to go on were those couple screen caps.

what shirt are you guys talking about?

I am re-watching my Buffy series and I just noticed in the season finale of the first season that Willow wore the Vans Sid shoes in a lime green color! I have the navy blue but it's a shame that the Sid model has been long discontinued...

BUFFY FTW! I still think Stephenie Meyer stole half the crap in her books from Joss Whedon and Buffy.

She totally did! Good to know I'm not the only one here that dislikes Twilight, heh.

Ah! I'm a Buffy fan too! :D I also love the Angel series. (I hope I'm not being too random, haha.)

i loved Buffy too. But i don't think that Twilight is that much of the same as Buffy. they are different. fight different things and stephenie's version of vampires is different than joss whedon. the only thing she might have used is the love story. but that is common in all book/movies.

I actually think if you watch seasons 1-3, Stephenie took a LOT from Buffy....even the "vegetarian" vampires.

Christine - I love Angel too! I'm lucky enough to actually know several of the actors from both shows because of my work in photography. I miss those shows.

For those that are interested in the Seiko SJB880, I found something that looked quite similar. The 12 is obviously different, but for those that want something that looks like Kristen's watch, this is the closest I got in a couple weeks. Also, I think it's at a reasonable price. (Note that it's used.)


i saw a VERY similar James Perse Shirt at forever 21! yea they have some their.

This comment was deleted.

dame it!! if only i had my credit card!!!!!!! iv been soooooooooo desperate for these shoes!!!! but i dont have my credit card at this moment!!!!!!! =(

hey guys! I would like to know where I could find the blue jacket she wears on a party in vancouver! I think it's awesome!
and i would rather prefer that photo form mtv awards
(sorry for my disgusting english)


It's from a while ago, Kristen was seen wearing it at Sundance back in 2008. Try eBay perhaps?

love this look, what do you thing girls?

i love it too! really like that shirt. just a different type of pattern. nice.

great look! i like those shirts on her :)

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I just bought the french connection milatry jacket today! (: Its a great buy and it fits really well, so if anyone is considering buying it, I think you should go for it! (:

could you send me a link to the connection milatry jacket please.. would like to have a look at it and i'm pretty new on here so links would make things much easier to find.

Here is the link to the French Connection Military Jacket:

ya i love the French Connection jacket too,Does anyone have a link to buy it??

where did you buy it?

Someone made a duplicate of the Gucci Capris. Here is the original spot:

ill flag it?

i just sent you a comment through the one you spotted. will you read it please and let me know what you think?

that is what i was just thinking and posted on the one that platesoff spotted. she has two different pairs in that section. the ones with the red gucci jacket are different than the vma's pants.

yeah we need to get those out of there...i am not sure how though..i bet cortini and regan know. i tried just editing but it won't let me delete pics. idk what to do.

those red gucci jacket pics really need to get down from there. it is making me mad that the person won't take them down. they don't belong there. grrrrr!

good job cortini =]

Hey Guys,

So I posted a comment 2 months ago when we were still searching for Kristen's gold watch, I found a SEIKO watch that is a lot like the one she has...only difference is there is a day/date on the dial near the '3' on the face. Heres the post I made if any of you want to track it down:

The watch is by Seiko Model Number SGG492. (search google, tons of photos; dont want cs to remove my post if i put a link ;)) It looks to retail $150 - $200 however the model is pretty popular you could probably find it on ebay, overstock, etc. I am really happy with mine and I have gotten sooo many compliments on it!

I purchased the watch band from Bayside Watches in Santa Barbara California. They had the Seiko model in the studio for $150 (if you want to spend that much), and the owner was willing to trade out the band for another, however I already had the face and i didnt need two. (Store's Phone Number: 805-898-0305)

Good Luch Guys!!!

I hope this helps for you that purchased the watch and never received the face :(.


Hey i was just wondering what colour vans slip ons does Kristen wear? I know she wears black and white ones but what white? There is a choice between white and new true white x

no, true white isn't new. vans has had it forever. she has the true white ones like in this photo...


I have the true white ones (among several others, lol) and those are definitely what she has.

no it's just true white.

i have true white =] i don't even see the choice of "white" on the site. and that is where i got mine =]

i live in the uk and want to buy the Nike quilted fleece jacket kristen owns, does anyone know any shops that stock it or any website i can buy one?

What color and size are you looking for?

navy blue or black

and a size medium

Ok so the black gucci pants were already spotted so i flagged it. Coolspotters merged the two spots. Just to let you know.

I was looking at some earlier conversations and i saw some people saying negative things about the twilight books. Im not the biggest fan either but i think its disrespectful to talk crap about them when kristens page has many twilight fans. Many of us are big fans of kristen and she did do twilight, so i do not appreciate all these negative talks about twilight. You can probaly make some twilight fans feel down. so can we please not do that again??
Also sorry for my bad spelling.

Come on now, they didn't mean anything by it. I love twicrack too, but its not their fault right? We should take pity on them! I'm just kidding! :D Some people like it, and some people don't! That's all I'm gonna say. By the way, I read somewhere that Bella's party dress in New Moon was custom made for that scene. So there's probably only 2 out there, one for Kristen and one for her stunt double. F-ck.

I dont wanna seem like a b*tch. All im saying is if you dont like twilight, keep it to yourself. I know you guys dont mean any harm but it might hurt some people.

I disagree. This is a Kristen page, not a Twilight page. Some of us have been Kristen fans LONG before she ever did Twilight. We're not obligated to like Twilight - the books or movie. There's nothing wrong with people disagreeing on something they like or dislike. That's just the way of the world - and no one was being disrespectful about it - just stating opinions on both sides. If you want to gush over Twilight without anyone disagreeing, there's a page on Coolspotters for that as well, and I doubt anyone there will be talking about not liking it.

Well first of all, my intentions were not to start drama. I hate it and this is not drama. we are simply just putting out our sides. I dont wanna gush about twilight. Im not here to gush about anything or to hate. The fans here on kristens page dont gush about it so people who hate twilight should keep it to themselves. Thats all im asking for. Im pretty sure theirs a page on coolspotter in which you can gush ove buffy :) not here

The Splended Thermal Henley is not the same top that was worn in Twilight. The one in the movie had an extra line of stitching at the bottom of the kangaroo pocket and an extra line of stitching down the sides of the top near the arms.

oh yeah that's true. but the costume designer could have added that for more effect or something? i dunno its just a guess...

Possibly. But the color is also a bit off. I saw the Splendid Thermal ages ago but didn't post it because I believed that it wasn't the top. I think we should get the postings to the 100% exact item that Kristen wore otherwise we are going to have thousands of product listings that are similar to what she wore and is not really the point of Coolspotters.

yeah a lot of shows and stuff add like a pocket here or there on an item just to make it different and stand out a bit more so it doesn't completely look like the ones from the store. i am guessing that they added that extra layering around the bottom because it shows more of a definition on her, shows how skinny she is and it doesn't bunch up on her. i think the shirt is just a different color. her's looks more like a hunter green and the one in the picture looks more like grass green. that is just me though.

There is always some major drama on this page. Some people are too sensitive, while others have a certain air of condescendence. Can't we just all spot in peace? lol

I think the problems arise when people start thinking their opinion is the only one that is right. We can have discussions on here and disagree without fighting if people would lighten up. I disagree with my friends ALL the time!

Yeah I know that too!
That's really pissed me off sometimes !

Yup. Not every debate is a fight. It's just a disagreement.

hey darlings! where i could find the dark blue coat she wore on a party in vancouver? I'm talking about that coat:

It's been around for a while, it was seen on Kristen at Sundance 2008.

Hey guys, the French Connection Arnas Military Jacket that Kristen has... is it in Navy or black? I can't tell but I wana buy it soon.

Black !
Where do you buy it ?
I've a size XL-L who is too big for me and I'm looking for a size M !

Looks navy to me.

It's navy :)

Where can you buy it from?

It's Navy. Try eBay as it has completely sold out in French Connection stores.

Thanks guys, I'm buying one on ebay except the pictures say navy and the info says black??

can someone tell me what brand this blazer is and where i can buy it from?

if anyone knows where i can et it from in the uk and how much that would be great aswell!!

I don't think anyone has spotted it yet. A lot of us want it too. I think you'll have to get it custom made. sorry. :/

omg... that's really a bit creepy :D kristen!

haha that is pretty funny! she must have been wanting rob to notice her since her and kristen have the same dress. hahah. Kristen totally wore it better!!

how is that creepy when this is a site about people wanting to have the same clothes as her...? just saying

Is there anyone else who wants me to order anything a Nike Grind Hoodie or anything else and ship it to Europe, the UK or Australia? I have a few things I bought for people on here, so let me know so I can make one post office trip.

Hey how much are te Nike grind Hoddies I live in aus ?

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