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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



So sorry guys! I accidentally spotted Kristen to Bella's jacket and dress. I know there are still a whole lot of Bella things spotted to Kristen, but if you want me to have these removed - let me know. :-)

I can't even imagine how fast those items will go at hot topic D:
That's too bad, because the green dress is very pretty. But I'm sure 35 billion girls will have it because of the sale.

does anybody know what shoes she's wearing here?

Hi!! i just made an account and i have read a couple of comments and you guys are really good at helping each other and spotting things. I found several models of the converse that Kristen wore to comic con at and type in the search box Star Player EV .You get free shipping!!! =).I am also very interested in the nike jacket and i send a e=mail to nike to tell them if they are going to resell it.

oh i also found a similar Hoody from the one that Kristen wears i like it. =)

Hi Delia, I send an e mail to nike too for te same reason, but they answered that they won't resell it :(

$88? Anyone who pays that much for the jacket deserves it. You can get it for $64 on most websites. Ridiculous.

I found these pics this morning one is a pretty good photo of Bella's Birthday dress and the other is a good pic of a cordaroy jacket both are in new moon and we no we cant buy the dress but maybe someone wants to make a simialr one and on the jacket photo n it says that the jacket will be avaliable at Hot Topic


You will be able to buy the Birthday dress at Hot Topic also.

Oh thats awesome thanks for telling me ly.xx

If anyone hears anything about pre-ordering the dress and jacket from Hot Topic please let me know. When I called their site customer service # no one knew anything about it. I want to make sure I get them in a size that fits before they sell out! :0)

I emailed Hot Topic to confirm that the dress and jacket will be released and this is what they said:
Thanks for taking the time to shoot us an email! I really don't know if we
will be getting in the dree or the jacket. We had heard, just as you
probably did last year that we would be getting in the jacket that Bella
wore. However that was just a rumor. At this point I would suggest that you
keep checking back online. I am sure IF we do carry the dress or the jacket
that it will be made apparent on our home page. You can also check out the
"NEW" section to see all the merchandise that we currently have that is
pretty awesome! I am almost 100% sure that we would not be doing a pre-sale
for the clothes, but like I said your best bet would be to keep checking
back. Thanks so much for your patience. Have an awesome rest of the

Sounds fishy to me. If it was at Comic Con wouldn't the website know?

ohhh that's too bad i really liked it. Thanks anyways
if there is anything about it could you please let me know. Thanks =)
I will keep looking for it!!!!

Hey, would anyone be able to help me out? I am in love with the Converse star players ev, but none of the sites ship internationally. Would anyone in the US be able to get them for me and i will pay them, including all shipping costs! Please I am desperate!
Thankyou! :) xx

I have the same problem. Maybe someone could buy them and put on ebay???

I know this would be perfect because I am desperate and I want them more than anything lol :)

hi have you try this web site, i think they have information about it.

Thankyou so much, that was really helpful, but i cant find the right colour on that site :( So im still on the hunt :( lol

I found them on a UK site while I was looking for myself :) -

Same problem again, they dont ship out of the uk :(

This comment was deleted.

NIKE website does not ship outside USA. No International Shipping. So if you are not fortunate to live in the USA ...

was it agreed that the urban outfitters jacket was most similar to kristen's leather one?
If so it is in the sale for people in europe, only £20

Yes, that is the most similar jacket we've found.

They're still selling it? Do you have a link?

They were in the women's sale section this morning, but since then they seem to have sold out. That was fast!
I'd reccommend checking your local Urban Outfitters store and see whether they have any in stock

Too sad that they sell the Nike Salt & Peppa Hoodie only to the US :(

Try eBay :-)

Thanks Alekonna for your answer. I looked at eBay but there's only the one in size M. And it's a little bit to expensive.

Does anybody know where I can find this leather jacket


I still have some of the Kristen items available I posted last week. People have backed out of buying things they told me they wanted. So if you're at all interested in any of the stuff (much of it is rare), please send me a private message. I will ship anywhere in the world.

do u have a nike jacket in medium?????? omg i'm desperate for it!

No, sorry. The Nike jacket has been sold already.

the plaid shirt kristen wore with her vurtue jeans i think are her brothers:

and also the brand might be levis

Hey. I was wondering are the Toms shoe size's the same as Vans shoe size's?

TOMS shoe sizing say they run true to size, so whatever size you usually wear i would get that one. as for vans i can not be completely sure, although from my experience with vans, i like to get at least a 1/2 size bigger, they run kind of small.

I go up a half size in Vans. But TOMS are true to size for me.

Hey ya all =)
I was wondering if someone is willing to order the Nike Salt & Peppa Hoodie from the nike online store for me and ships it to Germany? I'd be so thankful and pay for all costs, of course.
Please let me know if anyone is interested in helping me :)


Hi Marlene, Kristen's jacket it's a vintage leather jacket so i think it will be so hard to find ! But, I saw somewhere that the brand of this jacket is Mike&Chris, but i'm not sure... You can find a lot of similar ( but without the navy color, just in all black ) at Ebay, for example in the ebay store named " Viparo clothing"

celene: it is not that brand

ahhh! i'm desperate i can't find the Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket can somebody tell me were could i find it please=) thanks!!!

They have them in blue and in size Large at the Nike store!! And if the link doesn't work, just type Nike Quilted Jacket on google with the nike site.

i found a jacket that is similar to the leather jacket that Kristen has is at

its not similar at all delia

yes it's definitely NOT similar...really not
I mean look at the coller .. kristen's has no buckle.

hey there look at this link...and tell me what you think about it. I thnk it's kristen's stuff, isn't it???

great thanks

hmmm I don't think it's the same leather jacket...

i don't think it's the exact same leather jacket, but a very good substitute considering we probably will not be able to find the real one.

me again (:

I looked at a pic from kristen at MTv movie awards 2008
and I discovered a graph or a depression on her black lacquer
heel...well I dont know how to describe it so have a look at the
lower right corner...her right shoe.
maybe I'm mistaken :D

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