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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Hey guys, been ages since I've been on here. No idea if anyone I used to know still uses this site, but I have a few KStew things in my closet I want to get rid of. I would take them to Goodwill but just wanted to see if anyone was interested in them first.

I have a Nuns with Guns hoodie from EC Star that I cut the sleeves off of, its' a Youth Large

I have a Pop Leather Jacket from UO, Navy Cuffs, Good condition. I'm not sure the size, I think it's a 38. I'm a bit bigger than Kristen. (5'9, 140 Ibs. and it fits me.)

and a GRN Apple Tree Mod Wolves Shirt size Large. I bought it for my Dad for Fathers Day and he never wore it so I took it back.

Message me if you want to make an offer on something, and we can work it out with a proper eBay listing so you don't feel like it's a risky transaction. All official. I don't need much money.



Message you

Also, if you would like to see pictures of the things, I have them, just ask. :)

Selling : Nuns with Guns hoodie. Fits exactly like Kristen's, size small or UK 8-10. In the UK but can post internationally too.

Selling US Versus Them Cap in Marron perfect condition and a pack of three caps: Mercenaries, Those Motherfuckas and Ambitious Individual. Great condition. Message me if interested and I will send you pictures =)

Hey all!! Its been forever since I've been on here :) Hope everyone is well :)

Selling Kristen's Vintage Harley Davidson shirt, please message me if you're interested :)

I am no longer collecting and letting go of my entire collection. I keep my lists on my profile updated so if there is something that somebody wants please send me a message!

Messaged You

For some reason a few spot profiles have been deleted so I've re-added the ones I've noticed that have gone missing. :)

Nuns with Guns hoodie relisted (has been bid on and going in 3 hours!):

Also selling high quality leather jacket very similar to Kristen's Balenciaga:

NWG hoodie sold

if anyone selling Kristen old stuff pm me :)

Hi Guys Selling American vintage leather jacket (images above) size Small for $130 including shipping. Msg me if interested :)

do you sell anything else?

Also selling Mango sweaters in black and green:

I also have some Bella Swan and Hermione stuff for sale :)

Hi guys morningglory224 here haven't been on in forever. Selling a REPLICA of the Chanel Camellia ring in a size 8 with a silver band rather than the gold Kristen wore and made by an artisan not an original Chanel

Hey Guys! I am selling my Juicy Couture Tony Hooded Military Coat size small! Feel free to email me if you are interested!


Still selling:
- Stussy en Noir Pullover size S
- Authentic EC Star "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie first release size YS
- Authentic Leather Vans Hiking Shoes size 7
- US VERSUS THEM SnapBack hat in Maroon
- Viparo Bomber Jacket blue cuffs size 6
Message me if interested and I will send you pictures =)


If anyone comes across the black levi's jacket with blue plaid lining, let me know!

I miss one on ebay ;/

Bought mine from LeBonCoin!

I want one

Anyone sell some kstew things size M/L or jewelry?

I'm selling a very accurate replica of the Chanel Camellia ring she wears

Im not interested but thank you :)

Anybody selling her vintage Harley Davidson shirt? Message me!

Still Selling: - Stussy En Noir Pullover size S
- US Versus Them Snapback hat Maroon
- Viparo Leather Hooded Bomber Jacket Blue Cuffs size 6
- Mercenary Merchandise "Those Motherfuckas" Snapback Hat
- American Eagle Colored Denim Midi Shorts size 4
- Vans Authentic Hi Leather Hiking Shoes size 7
- Mercenary Merchandise "Mercenaries" Snapback Hat
- TopShop Magic Liner Black

I ship to US and Europe. Please message me if interested =)

Hi, are the vans still for sale? Thanks

Still selling replica of Chanel Camellia ring now at $22.99. Message if you'd rather purchase here than on eBay

Hey guys!!

I am selling some things!

Superdry Scrambler Leather Jacket size small
Vans Wellesley Black Shoes size US women's 7
Us Versus Them SnapBack, I have both the maroon and blue colors available!!

Feel free to email me if interested!!

for sale Kristen French Connection dress size uk 12 (m/l)

Does anyone know what pants Kristen is wearing in this photo set? Also, I know the bomber is by Schott;


I might be selling my navy blue Spiewak Francis Duffle jacket that was seen on Kristen several winters ago when she spent the holidays with Rob. It is in pristine condition and is a size small. If anyone is interested message me!

messaged you

any news on if you're still selling? I'm guessing no..

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