Why Is Ralph Lauren So Expensive?

Ralph Lauren is a well-known name in the field of designer clothing. The brand began with a polo shirt design, but since then, the designer and firm have expanded in many different ways.

A Ralph Lauren basic polo shirt costs more than $100. You might be wondering why Ralph Lauren’s clothes are so pricey when other polo shirts can be purchased for half the price or less.

7 Reasons Why Ralph Lauren Is So Expensive

1. They Are The Inventors Of Polo’s Original Design

The polo shirt, as we know it, was invented by Ralph Lauren. While the designer began his career making ties in the late 1960sshirt, the style long for him to develop a new style of shirt.

In the early 1970s, he got his big break when Bloomingdale’s opened a boutique exclusively with his brand. It was the first time a fashion house had tried to promote an exclusive collection.

The daring Ralph Lauren polo shirt was a success. Within just a few years, Lauren opened his store due to the popularity of this new style of shirt.

He established his business in colors and began offering polo shirts in various colours. Lauren’s top has a story to tell.

When you buy a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, particularly a polo, you obtain something of historical value. You’re also getting the item straight from the designer.

That is unusual, and uniqueness comes at a price. Because you’re buying from the actual designer of the polo shirt, Ralph Lauren is more expensive.

2. The Fame And Notoriety Of Ralph Lauren

On the red carpet, you’ll hear a lot about Ralph Lauren. Someone is almost always seen wearing one of Ralph Lauren’s suits, whether a guy or a lady. As a result of this, his clothes have acquired a celebrity status.

He considers himself to be a leader in the industry. Celebrities wear suits and gowns. Therefore everyone who wears his apparel is considered to be part of the same group. Lauren’s polo shirts and other items have appeared on television before.

He created a polo shirt in the style of the 1920s for Robert Redford’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Woody Allen and Diane Keaton wore polo shirts in Annie Hall, which went on to win four Oscars and a slew of other accolades. Ralph Lauren and celebrities seem to have a solid relationship.

This has an impact on how much his clothes cost. People who want to feel like celebrities are likely to go there.

They’re prepared to pay a more excellent price since they realize that living like a celebrity comes with increased requirements.

The fact that celebrities prefer Ralph Lauren apparel boosts the cost even more.

When famous people promote a product or brand, it becomes known as “celebrity-endorsed.” People admire celebrities, wish to be like them, and desire proximity to them. As a result, they follow their counsel or develop their style.

The brand can chare since it derives from celebrities and their fans to the celebrity appeal. Ralph Lauren’s clothing, like any other designer’s, is expensive due to its status as a fashion icon and movie star.

3. The Watches And Timepieces Of Ralph Lauren Come In High-End Elite

Ralph Lauren isn’t only a designer of apparel. In 2009, he began selling high-end watches. Ralph Lauren timepieces range in price from about $2,000 to more than $13,000. His clocks are frequently more costly than his clothing line.

The materials used in his timepieces are one of the reasons for their high cost. For example, one of Lauren’s Stirrup Collection watches features rose gold as its frame.

The entire structure is composed of pure rose gold. Because gold is a pricey material, the watch becomes even more expensive.

There are also pink gold, white gold, and rose gold versions. The Automotive Collection includes a dark black steel watch with exposed gears that cost $50,000.

Aside from the price of materials, the time it takes to make these parts contribute to the final price. An experienced watchmaker meticulously creates each watch.

They ensure that the timepiece functions appropriately and build it to Lexecutive’s one of the creative executives specifications. As a result, you’ll receive a variety of one-of-a-kind watches that no one else will have.

The high quality of these watches is undeniable, and there’s a lot of expense and value behind them. The vast figures on the dial and the polo player’s company exemplify top materials are examples of how much attention to detail was paid when designing this timepiece.

Quartz timepieces are also quite valuable. Collections may sell for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Collectors are eager to get their hands on them because they are so pricey.

Because each collection is limited to only a few pieces each year, scarcity and demand increase prices. Ralph Lauren’s pricing is high because the company also sells high-end timepieces constructed of costly materials.

why is Ralph Lauren so expensive


4. They Provides And Target The Elite Sports Such As Polo And Golf Players

Lauren’s high price tag is also caused by the brand’s focus on sports apparel. Lauren developed the polo shirt as an athletic homage, so it’s only natural that the company would want to create more sophisticated athletic clothing later.

This is, nevertheless, a well-known business owing to timepieces that may measure one’s heart rate and other biometrics. Ralph Lauren wanted his range to be distinctive.

They developed a shirt that monitors your biometrics for you and does not need a bulky watch on your arm. The inside of the garment has a tiny band that sits on your ribs.

The sensor sends data to an app on your smartphone as you work out. You can view the results to see how much effort or labor you’re putting into your workout.

The app suggests exercises to help you get the most out of your workout. While all this is wonderful, the PoloTech shirt will cost significant money.

It also has high-quality components, as it is constructed of them. The shirt is form-fitting and intended to be worn close to the body.

It’s also made with attention to detail, with no raised seams that might chafe your skin. Instead, the seams have been smoothed out.

There’s also the sensor connected to the shirt, which is relatively light in weight. These extras account for a significant portion of the shirt’s cost. It is expensive because of the high cost of operating such a device.

It’s for people who want to get the most out of their workout without hiring a personal trainer. The shirt is about $290, a significant amount for a garment you’ll be sweating in.

The good news is that the clothing may be washed in a regular machine. The not-so-good information is that you’ll need one or two shirts to get the most exercise because the sensor only works on those specific garments.

You can’t, for example, put the sensor on a different shirt. That implies you’ll have to buy many clothes or wash them frequently.

Depending on how often you go to the gym, you may need to spend anywhere from $900 to $1,200 instead of $300. The technology and materials used in Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech shirt add to its price.

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5. Unique And Hypnotizing Fragrance Lines Every Year 

In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded on the success of his original Polo fragrance by creating high-end fragrances, fine apparel, timepieces, and paint. L’Oreal now distributes Ralph Lauren scents, although some of their ranges may cost a little more.

That’s because their fragrances are created using high-quality materials. Ralph Lauren’s scents and perfumes are less costly than other firms.

However, premium options are often more expensive than the typical consumer would want to spend. Their 3.4-ounce bottles cost approximately $100 each, while their smaller versions go for roughly $25 each.

In simpler terms, you won’t get a lot of scents for your cash. On the other hand, Ralph Lauren’s fragrances seem to have a longer lifespan than others. This is because they sell two distinct fragrance lines.

Their less-expensive collection can barely survive for an hour or two. Their more costly fragrances last for several hours. They add extra components to ensure that their higher-priced bottles endure a long time.

You won’t have to reapply as frequently since it lasts longer. This extends the life of the bottle. Because you aren’t buying a new bottle often, the bottles are more expensive to cover expenses.

Like other high-end brands, Ralph Lauren takes great care with its bottles. They’re typically works of art worth collecting in and of themselves, and they frequently include a polo rider.

Aside from the cost of producing these bottles, their collectability adds to the price of each scent. Because of the chemicals and manufacturing costs involved in its fragrances, Ralph Lauren is costly.

6. Long-Term Sustainability Of Ralph Lauren Products

Ralph Lauren is attempting to make a more sustainable future by emulating other fashion businesses. In 2019, they launched their Design the Change initiative.

They laid out their strategies for sustainable sourcing cloth for their apparel and other items. They also increased their efforts to improve the quality of their clothes to ensure that they lasted even longer.

The more clothes survive, the less clothing is required, and the fewer resources are consumed. They also stated they would continue to develop new designs that are more environmentally responsible while also encouraging carbon reduction.

These changes are beneficial, but they come at a cost. Working with eco-friendly farmers and manufacturers costs the firm more money since it costs them extra.

Ralph Lauren’s pricing has risen to reimburse the expenses of becoming more ecologically responsible. Ralph Lauren is expensive since it prioritizes sustainability.

7. Advertising Expenses Of Ralph Lauren 

Last but not least, Ralph Lauren’s marketing budget is significant. Ralph Lauren spends about $200 million each year on advertising and marketing. They invested $265 million in marketing in 2021.

Lauren invests in Celebrity Endorsements, television commercials, and brand sponsorships. They are frequently associated with sports such as tennis in forming partnerships.

Many Olympic athletes will be wearing Lauren apparel, the venue will frequently feature a Lauren logo, and there may be other marketing ploys for the camera to notice.

Because marketing is costly, Ralph Lauren must generate enough money to cover its expenses. The firm sells its products at a high price to offset its marketing expenditures.

why is Ralph Lauren so expensive

Conclusion on Why Ralph Lauren is Pricey

Ralph Lauren is a good brand and is renowned for producing high-quality products, including apparel and restaurants. It frequently commands a high price due to its reputation and history of making high-quality goods.

The bulk of the cost comprises high-quality supplies and resources and marketing costs for the company’s brand.

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