12 Brands Like Baggu

Looking for brands like Baggu? You’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss 12 brands that share the same aesthetic as Baggu.

All of these brands focus on simplicity and minimalism, which is a big reason why Baggu has become so popular. If you are looking for a bag that is both stylish and functional, then you should check out these brands!

What Is Baggu And What Do They Make?

Baggu is a modern, sustainable bag company that offers a wide range of bags for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a reusable grocery bag, a stylish purse, or a sturdy tote, Baggu has a bag to suit your needs. 

Their bags are made of sustainable material with long-lasting quality. And because they’re committed to sustainability, all of their bags are made from recycled or upcycled materials.

One of the things that set Baggu apart from other bag companies is its commitment to quality. Their team of skilled artisans crafts each bag with care, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

This attention to detail ensures that their bags will stand up to years of use.

In addition to their impressive durability, Baggu’s bags are also stylish and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Whether you’re looking for a basic black bag or something more colorful, you’re sure to find a bag that suits your style.

And because they offer so many different styles, there’s sure to be a Baggu bag for everyone. If you’re looking for a high-quality, stylish, and sustainable bag, then Baggu is a perfect choice.

With their wide range of styles and commitment to quality, you’re sure to find the perfect bag for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Check out Baggu today!

Shopping Tips

If you’re a fan of bags, shopping for the perfect one can be both exhilarating and exhausting. With so many choices available, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start shopping.

To help narrow down the field, here are a few shopping tips:

  • Decide what type of bag you need. Are you looking for a purse, a tote, or a backpack? Think about what you’ll be using the bag for.
  • Will you be carrying it around town, or will it mostly stay at home? If you plan on using it primarily for shopping or commuting, then durability is important. But if you just need a cute bag for occasional use, then you can afford to be a little pickier about style.
  • Bags can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, so it’s important to know how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.
  • Once you’ve set a budget, stick to it! It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for something as delightful as a new bag.


brands like Baggu

The 12 Brands and Stores Like Baggu

Here  are 12 brands like Baggu that focus on simplicity and minimalism:

Cuyana Bags 

It is a contemporary women’s fashion brand that designs elevated essentials and encourages a less-is-more approach to closet curation. Two friends this brand founded in 2011  while attending Harvard Business School.

Cuyana is based in San Francisco but ships globally. The brand’s mission is to empower women through fashion by creating beautiful, high-quality clothing &  bags that last longer, bringing joy throughout their lifetime of wear.

It is a beautiful line of bags, made with the modern woman in mind. Its travel bag is perfect for those who are always on the go – it’s lightweight and has plenty of compartments to keep everything organized.

And the Cuyana leisure bag is perfect for weekends away it’s chic, but also practical and roomy. Whichever Cuyana bag you choose, you’re sure to find one that perfectly fits your needs.

Cuyana offers free shipping on orders over $100 and free returns. The company also has a loyalty program called “Cuyana Circle,” which gives members access to exclusive sales and discounts.

Everlane Bags 

An online retailer Everlane based in San Francisco offers a unique fashion shopping experience for modern, stylish women and men.

Michael Everman and his wife founded this company in 2010.  Customers can expect to find quality, stylish products that are ethically produced and affordable at the company.

They offer a wide range of bags for both men and women, including backpacks, messenger bags, tote bags, and duffel bags. Everlane Bags also offers a unique customization service that allows customers to select the fabric, color, and style for their bag.

These bags are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any outfit.   Everlane’s commitment to providing their customers with the best possible products extends to their bags, which are designed to be both stylish and functional.

Myra Bags 

Reusable shopping bags made from recycled materials are a trademark of the brand materials. Despite their durability, the bags can be reused multiple times.

The Myra logo is printed on the front of each bag, and they are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They are available for purchase online and in some retail stores.

Two women founded Myra bags in 2013. The motto of the company is to create a more sustainable way of life. A variety of magazines and websites have featured the Myra Bag, and even the television show “Shark Tank.”

They are a type of shoulder bag that comes in a variety of designs and colors. Myra Bags also have a lot of compartments and pockets, which makes them perfect for carrying around all of your belongings.

These bags are also very stylish, and they can make a statement when you wear them. They offer excellent customer service, which is another reason why so many people have now started to use Myra Bags.

Matt & Nat 

In 1995, Montreal-based designer Inder Bedi launched Matt & Nat, a line of stylish and sustainable bags and accessories.

The company’s name is a mashup of “material” and “nature,” reflecting Bedi’s commitment to using sustainable materials in all of his products.

Matt & Nat handbags are made primarily from recycled nylons and natural fibers like linen and cotton.

The company also uses eco-friendly dyes and innovative techniques to reduce waste and minimize its environmental impact.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Matt & Nat bags are also incredibly stylish. The brand’s designs are modern and chic, with a focus on clean lines and neutral colors.

And because they’re made from sustainable materials, you can feel good about carrying a Matt & Nat bag knowing that you’re helping to preserve the planet.

You can buy Matt & Nat bags online or at one of their retail stores. 

Their website is the best place to start if you’re looking for the most recent styles and collections. They offer free shipping on orders over $100, and you can also sign up for their email list to receive exclusive discounts and promotions. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can check out eBay or Amazon. These sites typically have a wide selection of Matt & Nat bags, and you can often find great deals on gently used items. 

Sorial Bags 

It is a new kind of purse that is slowly gaining popularity. These bags are made of silicone having a unique design. The purse has two parts; the main body of the purse and the flap.

The main body of the purse is where you put all of your stuff. The flap is what makes the Sorial purse so special. It is made out of silicone and has a series of ridges on it.

These ridges help to grip the things that you put in the main body of the purse so that they don’t fall out. 

The idea behind the Sorial purse is that you can put your phone, wallet, and keys in the main body of the purse and then use the flap to grip them so that they don’t fall out.

This is especially helpful if you are someone who is constantly misplacing their things. 

Another great feature of the Sorial purse is that it is water-resistant. This means that you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet if you are caught in the rain or if you accidentally drop your purse in a puddle. 

 Overall, the purse is a great invention for people who are always misspelled. It is the perfect solution for the modern woman who wants to stay connected and organized while on the go.

The Little Market 

The Little Market is an online store that specializes in bags. Sarah and Emily founded this company in 2013. The store offers a wide variety of bags, from totes to messenger bags to backpacks.

The designs are all inspired by the founders’ travels around the world. The brand also partners with artisans from different countries to create its products.

The company works with embroiderers in Guatemala, bead workers in India, and basket weavers in Tanzania. The aim is to provide fair-trade employment opportunities and to help preserve traditional craftsmanship.

Their products are available online and in select stores around the United States. You can find The Little Market’s Flagship Store in Los Angeles, California, or shop online at www.thelittlemarket.com.

Free shipping is available on orders over $100. The Little Market also offers a giving back program, where customers can choose to donate a portion of their purchase to a charity partner.

These partners include Operation Smile, Save the Children, and The Seven Bar Foundation. Their bag is an excellent choice for those looking for a beautiful, well-made bag that supports fair trade practices and helps preserve traditional craftsmanship.

The Daily Edited Bag

These bags are a stylish and practical addition to any wardrobe. They have different types of bags including totes, cross-body bags, clutches, and evening bags.

 The bags are made from premium quality leather, suede, and canvas. To ensure the highest standards, the product is manufactured in China.

The bags are then shipped to Daily Edited’s headquarters in Australia, where they are distributed to stores.

Celebrities such as Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr have been seen carrying a DA bag, demonstrating the widespread appeal of the range.

One of the best things about the Daily Edited bag range is that there is a style to suit any occasion. Whether you’re heading to the beach or hitting the town for a night out, there’s a DA bag that will suit your needs.

brands like Baggu

The State Bags

Each season, State Bags releases two collections of limited edition backpacks, bags, and accessories. The first production run is released in the late spring/early summer, and the second production run is released in the fall. The following is an overview of what you can expect from State Bags. 

 Jannis Krebs and bag designer Chad McLeod founded state bags in 2013. Their mission was to create the perfect backpack – one that would be stylish, functional, and durable.

To this end, they created a unisex backpack made from high-quality materials like full-grain leather and waxed canvas. The backpack also features several pockets and compartments, making it perfect for work, school, or travel.

And because each backpack is made by hand in the USA, you can be sure that it will last for years to come. 

 In addition to backpacks, State Bags also offers a range of other bags and accessories. Their selection includes totes, duffels, wallets, phone cases, and more. All of these items are made with the same attention

This Is Ground  

It is a small, family-owned business that manufactures and sells high-quality bags and accessories. David and Erika Elmquist founded this company in 2009.

The headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California. They offer a wide variety of products, including wallets, handbags, laptop sleeves, and more.

This Is Ground’s Modular Pouches are among its most popular products, which can be used as standalone pouches or as inserts for bags.

You can customize them with initials or logos, and they come in a wide range of sizes and colors. The company offers monogramming services so customers can add their personal touch to their bags.

It also operates two retail locations in Los Angeles: one in the historic American Apparel building downtown, and one in the artsy Melrose district.

A variety of major publications have covered it, including Vogue, GQ, and The New York Times. Fast Company has recognized the company as one of the most innovative retailers.

Pixie Mood Bags 

This is a new bag company that is rapidly gaining popularity. Jennifer Spencer and Jamie Cheung founded this startup in 2013. Pixie Mood offers a wide variety of stylish and affordable bags.

The company has a strong focus on customer service and offers free shipping and returns on all orders. Pixie Mood also has a strong social media presence, and frequently hosts giveaways and contests for their fans.

Their bags are made from high-quality materials, and the company is constantly expanding its product line to include new styles and colors.

Whether you’re looking for a new everyday bag or a unique gift for a friend, Pixie Mood is sure to have something to suit your needs.

Angela Roi Bags

Angela Lee founded the brand in 2013 as a luxury handbag brand. The company offers high-quality bags made from environmentally-friendly materials that are made from high quality, stylish materials.

Several renowned fashion designers collaborate with Angela Roi to create limited-edition collections of practical and fashionable bags.

Angela Roi also offers a bespoke service, whereby customers can have their bags custom-made to their specifications.  

Using cruelty-free materials, they believe luxury should not come at the expense of ethics or the environment Several publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, have featured Angela Roi, which is popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike.

If you’re looking for a luxury handbag that is both stylish and ethical, Angela Roi is the perfect brand for you.

Several retailers worldwide sell Angela Roi handbags. Prices start at $295 for a small bag and go up to $995 for a large tote.

Nisolo Brand 

It is a fashion brand that creates beautiful, sustainable footwear and accessories. One of their most popular products is their Nisolo bags. Founded in 2011, Nisolo produces high-quality, ethically-produced bags.

Full-grain leather is used in the manufacturing of these bags of long-lasting quality.

Nisolo’s commitment to ethical production extends beyond the materials used in its products. The company partners with small businesses and cooperatives in developing countries to provide fair wages and safe working conditions for their workers.

Nisolo also plants a tree for every product purchased, offsetting the carbon footprint of their business.

By choosing Nisolo, you can be confident that you are supporting a brand that values people and the planet. The brand works with fair trade artisans in Peru to create its products.

As a result, Nisolo bags are a great choice for anyone looking for a beautiful, sustainable, and ethical bag.

The Final Verdict on Brands Like Baggu

If you’re in the market for a new bag, we highly recommend checking out some of the brands on our list. Not only are they all high-quality, but they also offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Plus, with so many different options available, you’re sure to find the perfect bag for your needs.

We hope this article has been helpful and provided you with some valuable information about some of the best bags on the market today. Thanks for reading!

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