25 Brands Like Affliction

When it comes to edgy and bold fashion, Affliction has carved out a unique niche. Known for its high-octane designs that blend rock, tattoo culture, and a hint of gothic flair, this brand has captivated fashion enthusiasts who crave a distinct style. But Affliction isn’t alone in its approach to alternative fashion. In this journey through the world of similar brands, we’ll discover 25 labels that share a kinship with Affliction’s fearless aesthetic. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Affliction or just dipping your toes into this vibrant fashion scene, these brands are sure to inspire your wardrobe.

Best Brands and Stores Like Affliction

This table provides a quick overview of each brand’s general pricing and their primary style focus.

BrandPrice RangeStyle of Clothing
Ed HardyMedium-HighTrendy, Artistic
Sinful by AfflictionMediumCasual, Feminine
TapouTLow-MediumAthletic, Casual
Rebel SpiritMedium-HighCasual, Rock-inspired
Sullen ClothingMediumCasual, Tattoo Art-Inspired
Xtreme Couture by Randy CoutureMediumAthletic, Casual
Christian AudigierHighTrendy, Luxurious
Von DutchMediumCasual, Vintage
True ReligionHighDenim, Trendy
Rock RevivalHighDenim, Trendy
DieselHighCasual, Trendy
G-Star RawMedium-HighUrban, Casual
Lucky BrandMediumBohemian, Casual
SuperdryMediumCasual, Fusion (American-Japanese)
GuessMedium-HighTrendy, Glamorous
Harley-Davidson ClothingMedium-HighBiker, Casual
BenchMediumUrban, Casual
Alpha IndustriesMediumMilitary-Inspired, Casual
Blac LabelMedium-HighUrban, Streetwear
Ecko UnltdLow-MediumUrban, Streetwear
LRG (Lifted Research Group)MediumUrban, Hip-Hop Inspired
DC ShoesMediumSkate, Casual
VolcomMediumSkate, Surf
HurleyMediumSurf, Casual
QuiksilverMediumSurf, Casual

Brand 1: Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy stands out with its iconic tattoo-inspired graphics, a signature style that resonates with Affliction’s artistic approach. Founded on the works of the legendary tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy, this brand infuses classic American tattoo art with contemporary fashion. Its bold, colorful designs, often featuring skulls, roses, and eagles, have become synonymous with an edgy lifestyle. Ed Hardy’s clothing line, from graphic tees to accessories, exudes a certain rebellious spirit, making it a go-to for those who want to make a statement with their fashion choices.

Brand 2: Sinful by Affliction

Sinful by Affliction, a spin-off from the parent brand, caters primarily to a female audience. It maintains the core essence of Affliction’s style – think intricate, ornate designs with a touch of femininity. Sinful’s range includes everything from graphic tees to stylish dresses, all adorned with the brand’s signature artistic prints. The use of softer colors and more delicate imagery, while still maintaining that bold edge, sets Sinful apart. It’s perfect for those who love Affliction’s vibe but are looking for something with a distinctly feminine twist.

Brand 3: TapouT

TapouT mirrors Affliction’s connection with the combat sports world, particularly mixed martial arts (MMA). Once a simple MMA apparel line, TapouT has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, embodying the grit and resilience of the sport. Its designs, often featuring bold logos and motivational slogans, resonate with sports enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. TapouT’s appeal lies in its ability to combine athletic functionality with streetwear style, making it a favorite among those who appreciate Affliction’s sporty yet stylish ethos.

Brand 4: Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit takes a cue from Affliction with its rock-n-roll inspired apparel. The brand’s ethos revolves around a rebellious attitude, captured through intricate graphics and a vintage feel. Think royal motifs, winged skulls, and ornate crosses decorating everything from premium tees to stylish button-ups. Rebel Spirit’s commitment to quality and detail, along with its unique design philosophy, appeals to those who favor Affliction’s blend of luxury and edginess. Its clothing line is a testament to individuality, perfect for fashion enthusiasts who like to stand out.

Brand 5: Sullen Clothing

Sullen Clothing is a haven for tattoo and art lovers, much like Affliction. Rooted in Southern California’s tattoo culture, Sullen brings together artists and tattoo enthusiasts through its unique apparel. Its collaborations with renowned tattoo artists result in unique, art-driven designs, featuring everything from intricate skulls to stunning floral patterns. Sullen’s range, which includes tees, hoodies, and accessories, showcases a deep appreciation for tattoo artistry and alternative culture. The brand’s commitment to the art community and its distinctive aesthetic make it a go-to for those who admire Affliction’s artistic and unconventional approach.

Brand 6: Xtreme Couture by Randy Couture

Xtreme Couture by Randy Couture reflects the intense world of MMA, mirroring Affliction’s affinity for combat sports style. Founded by the MMA legend Randy Couture, the brand combines gritty, athletic designs with a streetwear edge. Its apparel, featuring bold graphics and motivational slogans, is designed to appeal to both athletes and fashion enthusiasts. The brand’s rugged, no-nonsense aesthetic is a nod to the endurance and spirit of combat sports, making it a favorite for those who appreciate Affliction’s blend of sports and style.

Brand 7: Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier, known for his work with Ed Hardy, brought a similar tattoo-inspired luxury to his eponymous label. This brand stands out for its lavish designs, incorporating bold graphics and bright colors. Audigier’s fashion sense, deeply rooted in rock and roll culture, resonates with Affliction’s approach to lifestyle branding. The use of iconic motifs like skulls, roses, and heart designs, often embellished with rhinestones or metallic prints, offers a unique blend of extravagance and edginess. Christian Audigier’s brand is a perfect choice for those who adore Affliction’s flamboyant side.

Brand 8: Von Dutch

Von Dutch has experienced a resurgence, staying true to its roots in the trucker and biker culture, akin to Affliction’s rugged style. Known for popularizing the iconic trucker hat, Von Dutch offers a range of clothing that embodies a rebellious spirit. Its signature logo and bold, often retro-inspired graphics, appeal to those who favor a vintage yet edgy look. The brand’s commitment to capturing the essence of American subcultures aligns with Affliction’s ethos, making it a popular choice for fans of alternative, statement-making fashion.

Brand 9: True Religion

True Religion stands out in the denim world, much like Affliction does in graphic tees. Renowned for its innovative approach to jeans, True Religion’s products are distinguished by their bold designs and exceptional quality. The brand’s signature horseshoe logo and distinctive stitch patterns offer a unique flair that resonates with Affliction’s attention to detail. While primarily known for its denim, True Religion also offers a range of graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories that align with the bold and audacious style preferred by Affliction enthusiasts.

Brand 10: Rock Revival

Rock Revival is another brand that echoes Affliction’s dedication to detailed designs, especially in the world of denim. Known for its elaborate pocket designs and superior craftsmanship, Rock Revival jeans are a staple for those who appreciate intricate styles. The brand also offers a variety of tops and accessories characterized by a blend of vintage and contemporary designs. Rock Revival’s commitment to quality and unique aesthetics makes it a go-to for fashion-forward individuals seeking a similar vibe to what Affliction offers, but with a distinct focus on denim.

Brand 11: Diesel

Diesel has long been a powerhouse in the world of casual wear, paralleling Affliction’s impact in alternative fashion. This Italian brand is famous for its innovative approach to denim and casual clothing, often featuring rugged and industrial designs. Diesel’s bold and sometimes provocative advertising campaigns mirror Affliction’s fearless attitude. The brand’s commitment to pushing fashion boundaries with unique cuts, washes, and treatments, makes it appealing to those who admire Affliction’s distinctive and edgy style.

Brand 12: G-Star Raw

G-Star Raw takes urban fashion to new heights, much like Affliction’s approach to streetwear. Known for its raw, untreated denim, G-Star combines high-quality craftsmanship with street-level edge. Their designs often feature utilitarian elements and a robust aesthetic, appealing to those who favor a tough, no-nonsense look. G-Star Raw’s philosophy of ‘Just the Product’ echoes Affliction’s commitment to quality and style, making it a favored brand among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of innovation and authenticity in their wardrobe.

Brand 13: Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand differs slightly from Affliction with its bohemian, free-spirited vibe, but it shares a love for detailed, artistic designs. Focused on jeans and casual wear, Lucky Brand infuses its apparel with a sense of laid-back coolness and vintage charm. The brand’s use of intricate embroidery, unique washes, and playful patterns creates a relaxed yet stylish look. Lucky Brand’s clothing, while more understated than Affliction’s, still resonates with those who appreciate a blend of comfort, quality, and artistic flair in their fashion choices.

Brand 14: Superdry

Superdry is a brand that stands out for its fusion of American and Japanese graphic influences, much like Affliction’s global aesthetic. Known for its high-quality fabrics and vintage Americana styling combined with Japanese-inspired graphics, Superdry creates a unique and appealing look. The brand’s diverse range of products, including jackets, hoodies, and tees, often features bold colors and eye-catching prints. Superdry’s commitment to creating versatile, durable clothing with an edge makes it a favorite for those drawn to Affliction’s dynamic and culturally blended designs.

Brand 15: Guess

Guess is synonymous with glamorous and bold fashion, traits that align well with Affliction’s daring approach. Initially famed for its trend-setting jeans, Guess has expanded into a global lifestyle brand offering everything from apparel to accessories. Its designs often feature a mix of classic and contemporary elements, with a distinct emphasis on sex appeal and sophistication. The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail in Guess’s products echoes Affliction’s standards, catering to fashion enthusiasts who prefer a mix of luxury and audacity in their style.

Brand 16: Harley-Davidson Clothing

Harley-Davidson Clothing captures the spirit of the open road, akin to Affliction’s adventurous and bold ethos. Known primarily for its motorcycles, Harley-Davidson’s clothing line embodies a rugged, freedom-loving lifestyle. Their apparel, including leather jackets, boots, and graphic tees, features classic biker motifs and robust designs. This brand appeals to those who are drawn to Affliction’s rugged and masculine aesthetic, offering a sense of rebellion and Americana that resonates deeply with motorcycle enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Brand 17: Bench

Bench offers a fresh perspective on urban lifestyle wear, paralleling Affliction’s modern and stylish approach. Originating in the UK, Bench is known for its functional yet fashionable clothing, ideal for the urban environment. Their range includes everything from graphic tees to contemporary outerwear, all designed with a focus on versatility and comfort. The brand’s clean, minimalistic designs provide a more understated alternative to Affliction’s bold graphics, yet still appeal to those who appreciate modern, street-inspired fashion with an edge.

Brand 18: Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries brings military-inspired fashion to the forefront, similar to Affliction’s penchant for strong, impactful designs. Originally a contractor for the U.S. military, Alpha Industries is renowned for its high-quality flight jackets, parkas, and field coats. Their clothing combines functionality with a sleek, combat-ready aesthetic, perfect for those who admire the durability and ruggedness of military apparel. Alpha Industries’ use of classic military colors, patches, and utilitarian details appeals to fashion enthusiasts looking for a blend of authenticity and style, resonating well with Affliction’s bold and distinctive fashion statements.

Brand 19: Blac Label

Blac Label is a prominent name in the high-end urban streetwear scene, echoing Affliction’s flair for unique and striking designs. Blac Label is known for its attention-grabbing graphics and oversized prints, often featuring bold statements and intricate artwork. The brand’s clothing, which includes a variety of tees, hoodies, and accessories, offers a luxurious take on street fashion. With its blend of hip-hop culture and high fashion, Blac Label caters to those who appreciate Affliction’s mix of artistry and contemporary urban style, making it a popular choice among trendsetters and fashion connoisseurs.

Brand 20: Ecko Unltd

Ecko Unltd has made a significant mark in the world of hip-hop and urban fashion, aligning well with Affliction’s edgy and artistic vibe. Founded by Marc Ecko, the brand is celebrated for its graffiti-inspired artwork, bold logos, and urban aesthetic. Ecko Unltd’s clothing line, which extends from casual tees to detailed outerwear, appeals to a youthful, street-savvy audience. The brand’s fusion of art, music, and fashion mirrors Affliction’s commitment to integrating various cultural influences into its designs, making Ecko Unltd a go-to for those seeking a blend of street art and contemporary fashion.

Brand 21: LRG (Lifted Research Group)

LRG (Lifted Research Group) is a brand that creatively blends hip-hop culture with outdoor aesthetics, somewhat akin to Affliction’s versatile style. Known for its vibrant, graphic-heavy apparel, LRG focuses on the concept of ‘underground inventive, overground effective.’ Their clothing, ranging from bold graphic tees to functional outerwear, is infused with a spirit of youth and rebellion. LRG’s dedication to supporting artists and musicians aligns with Affliction’s ethos of embracing diverse cultural influences, making it a popular choice for those who value both style and substance in their fashion.

Brand 22: DC Shoes

DC Shoes originally made a name for itself in the skateboarding world, echoing Affliction’s connection with action sports. While it’s renowned for its high-performance skate shoes, DC has expanded into a full-fledged lifestyle brand, offering a range of clothing that embodies the same adventurous spirit. Their designs, often characterized by bold logos and street-inspired aesthetics, appeal to those who admire a blend of athleticism and fashion. DC Shoes’ commitment to quality and its edgy, youthful vibe make it a favorite among fans of Affliction who enjoy action sports or simply want to channel that dynamic energy into their style.

Brand 23: Volcom

Volcom stands out in the action sports world, much like Affliction stands out in alternative fashion. Rooted in skate, surf, and snowboarding, Volcom’s ethos of ‘True To This’ reflects a deep commitment to authenticity, youth culture, and creative expression. Their apparel, which includes boardshorts, graphic tees, and innovative outerwear, is infused with a rebellious, free-spirited attitude. Volcom’s distinctive approach to design, focusing on durability, comfort, and style, resonates with those who are drawn to Affliction’s bold and unconventional aesthetic, making it a go-to brand for fans of action sports and alternative lifestyle fashion.

Brand 24: Hurley

Hurley is primarily known for its surf-inspired fashion, paralleling Affliction’s affinity for lifestyle-driven designs. Founded with a deep love for the ocean and surfing, Hurley offers a range of clothing that captures the essence of the surf culture. Their designs, which include boardshorts, tees, and swimwear, are both functional and stylish, perfect for those who live and breathe the surf lifestyle. Hurley’s focus on innovation, performance, and artistry in its apparel makes it a natural choice for those who appreciate the unique blend of sport and style that is also evident in Affliction’s clothing line.

Brand 25: Quiksilver

Quiksilver, another giant in the surf and board sports industry, shares similarities with Affliction’s dynamic and adventurous spirit. As a pioneer in surfwear, Quiksilver offers a broad range of products that cater to surfers, snowboarders, and beach enthusiasts. Their clothing and accessories, known for their functionality and laid-back style, embody the essence of the coastal lifestyle. Quiksilver’s commitment to quality and its iconic status in the surf world appeal to those who seek a blend of practicality and style, mirroring the appeal of Affliction’s clothing to those who embrace a bold and active lifestyle.