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Miley Cyrus is an actress and singer best known for her two solo pop albums following her successful stint as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel up until 2006. Both her albums debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200. Miley is a stylish young lady and has been spotted... Read More



it's really sad you're leaving LS :( anyway it's right if you don't have fun anymore .. bye ;)

i know it's pretty old, but i didn't find it so i'll ask: has it been spotted? does anyone know where is the shirt from? i love it


Ever since I've seen Miley in these boots, I NEED a pair!

What do you guys like from Miley's footwear collection?!

I'm not a fan of that pair, it makes me think of hooker shoes (sorry!!) but Miley can pull it off. I really liked her tan coloured Guiseppe Zanotti shoes she wore for that music video for someone...I forget lol but all in all i LOVE her shoe collection. Do you own any of her shoes Katiie? =)

I love those boots/heels. I think that with the right outfit they look really great. Like a really modest dress with black tights.

i'm on the fence wiht those shoes. i love most of her shoes though. basically all her sandals and boots, but only some of her heels.

@jstbee, I have her Damisi boots, the leopard print Christian Louboutins and the Frye Veronica ones :) what about you?

I just uploaded new pictures of Miley. I'm so glad she has her extensions back! And she seems much happier

you must be joking about her hair. you must!

OMG, those extensions are not only bad because they're tacky to start with, but they're really low-quality on top of that. They just look like something you'd find at a Halloween costume store.

i love her with both long and short hair but those extensions are horrible! i really like the blonde on her's tempting me to dye my hair...hahah

I liked her shorter hair.Those extensions give me goose bumps

Well I like the fact she has her extensions back, but not the blonde ones, I prefered her other ones!

wowee! someone spotted that ring @becjbo!

great job spotting those boots to whoever did!!

Tah :)

what's tah?

Her style has become very erm..whats the word..vintage?

lol yes it has

omg, can you guys help me find this outfit? i am in love with all of it.


Sure, but can you post the link to see the more than one of this photo please? Not clear enough! :)

yes i will find the links i was looking at. to be honest i wouldnt have anywhere to wear this anyways, id just look funny running around kona with this outfit. but i just really like those jeans with those shoes. not to mention shes stunning.

So I'm really not liking her fashion over the last week or so....

Totally agree!

And whats with her suddenly not wanting to wear a bra?!

i think kristen doesnt wear a bra just as much tho. but i think shes over doing it with the hippy look. it just looks icky imo. i liked it better over the summer when she was wearing lots of cute things. lol.

Lol yeah, she's looking a bit too hippy, it doesn't look good. I get that when its boiling hot, you might not want to wear a bra but all the time?!?!

yeah, it's kind of strange that she changed her style so dramatically and so fast! Really not liking it either

seems like she's always had that hippieish look, but she just amped it up a lot.

ive noticed that her face looks really really round and chubby all the sudden. just really bloated. she looks so bad sorry to say.

If she keeps dressing like this I'm sorry to say I'll be MIA from this page

I agree Bec. It seems as though she's trying to reinvent herself or something since her and Liam aren't together anymore? No idea but I hate it all the same. It makes her look cracked out sometimes.

Hi, do someone knows where I can buy the Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring? :)

No problem, love =)

i just came across this photo. look at her little sister! her bra is showing like miley. i usually am not all too bothreed by miley and her bra but i think i'm over the whole cyrus clan, that's just too much.


Ugh, don't even get me started on Noah...her provocative clothing and behaviour disturbs me to no end LOL

Btw...does anyone have any idea where that turquoise necklace shes wearing is from? She's been wearing it a lot lately and I love it.

I was noticing the similarities in her and lindsey loahn. Both have moms who don't dress their age and are "stage moms" both have a younger sister who emulates them and both are child stars. I hope this isn't a sign.

Mmm are any of you from the UK? I found some Damisi boots in my size but they won't ship them to Australia (ebay) :(

I live in the UK?

what damisi boots?? =) im from the uk too!! just joined site, but most of my shopping/cloths inspired by miley =) i bought on ebay last xmas the marc by marc jacobs zip red and cream dress that she wore to gmtv once =) i got it so cheaap =) compared to original price

i hope you get soemone to help! how much are they? you should ask that fd23 girl who's in uk and is really nice to people. you know that girl with the black and red image for her profile phooto.?

hum dum...nothins happening here!

I know! So sad! =( I think we're all kind of bleh about her style right now lol

kristen has come out again tho so that makes me happy! maybe we;ll all switch on over to her page again. or maybe miley will stop dressing like a 10 year old. lol

We may have hope! I just uploaded a video of miley, not sure when it was and can't find pictures, but she looks nice- like the old miley! I like the outfit :) What do you guys think?

Ooo! I like it too! =) The poor girl...I would hate to have paparazzi following me around all the time.

Who added that new picture of Miley, the photoshoot one? I wanna know where its from :D

the bodysuit one? It's an unknown shoot with just the one photo at this point... I dunno if it's real or photoshopped though

Yeah, her left side looks really fake?! Wonder what its for..:/

Who keeps spotting the Carvela boots??!! lol. They're the Steve Madden Mantel boots (which have already been spotted)


nooo! her parents are divorcing just like lindsay lohan's did. i see a pattern here.

Seriously?!?! That's so sad! =( I really hope all the kids will be ok. I would hate to see Miley or any of her siblings go down the Lindsay path

Hasn't the shoes Miley wore in The last song been spottet yet?

Which ones? Her Doc Martens?

Selena Gomez page is empty, so i'm gonna ask it to you :)
does anyone know where i can find it?

Did anyone else see the new Miley scandal?

Yes, I just read about it. Are you referring to the naked photos?

Yeah, I dunno whether to believe that it's fake... she has been heading down that track of late

you mean the smoking thing?

Oh my gosh you guys, my friend sent me this video of Miley high off her freakng mind. I'm so saddened that she headed down this path.....

That's just really sad.

it is sad if it's going too far , but i guess i do a little toking myself sometimes lol

I'm referring to the people who were taping it. It seemed like the whole purpose of what was going on was to get her to be ridiculous so that they could sell or post the video for money.

Yeah, if those people were her "friends" they stooped really low. I think what also bugs me is this whole bad girl persona, it just seems kind of contrived because she wants to get away from her Disney image so badly. There are other ways of doing that instead of letting your friends get you high and taping it? I dunno, maybe I'm just a prude lol

mileys looking like she put on some weight. NOT like she's fat lol but just like shes not as tiny as she was when she was with liam. i wonder if its for her movie rold. i hope shes doing ok i actually worry about her now!

yeah you can especially tell shes gained a bit in her face. I think she looks good though =) and yes, i worry about her too! =(

are the best bum tops referring to lots of different styles of that brand? ive found lots that are called best bum, but their all Blue life brand. confused!

The Best Bum tops are by the brand Blue Life. Blue Life carries a lot of different styles but the Best Bum styles have a slit in the back of the hem of the shirt that you can tie into a knot. Hope that helps!


For those who missed getting their size the first time around, the Forever 21 Decorated Shoulder top is back in stock!

i wonder if its because Miley had it that is back in stock. do you think?

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