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Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist and narrator of the Hunger Games trilogy. After her sister, Prim, is chosen to participate in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place as the series opener and theme. She will be portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation of The... Read More


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I painted my nails to look like Katniss' from the book! Fire! http://s1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii596/HGHPforever/?ac...
sorry for the bad quality.

They look amazing!

awwww! thanks!

Just got the Deluxe version of the Arena jacket. SO worth the money.

How does it fit? =)

I'm glad you like it!

I found it fits true to size. Also got the training shirt and it is SO comfy.

Help me out: Where do all of you buy the Arena Jacket and the Training Shirt?

ebay, amazon, toys'r'us...

If anyone finds an arena jacket in a extra small or small for a reasonable price, could you guys message me? The prices on amazon and ebay are ridiculous.

What do you consider a "reasonable price"?

Either the price it retailed for or lower, depends if it's used or not. I really do not like how it cost, what, $80 and people are spiking it up for over a hundred.

Does anyone here have the training shirt and bought it from Toys 'r' Us? If so, how do they fit? Small or do they run large?

The ones from Toys R Us are the same ones from hot topic, amazon, etc. (They're by Neca) I don't have it but people have said they fit big, probably because they're unisex. Size down a size or two. (Going from what people said up there^^^)

I generally wear a M in mens sizing so I ordered it in a small and it fits great.

How sure are we on the spot for the Lucky Brand cargo pants?

About 99%, a group of professional costumers I work with (one who worked on the film) confirmed it

Nice. I found a pair on Ebay for $16.99 so got them after your comment. My costume is almost complete!

Hey everyone, hope you've had a happy easter! I have a pair of the steve nadden banddit boots in a size 8 1/2 and would like to trade them for a size 9. Mine are new and haven't been used. If anyone would like to trade please message me! :)

I just don't understand why there's Steve Madden spot again if we decided long time ago that neither these nor Vintage Shoe Company boots are correct. We just keep confusing others and last time it wasn't deleted for a long time.Sorry for my outrupt but I just couldn't keep it to myself.

No, I agree. I flagged the spot. I was the one who originally spotted them and even I don't think that they are correct.

The Bandditt boots are the best alt, I believe the actual boots were made for the film.

I agree that the Steve Madden boots are the best alt. However, ALL the tributes wore these same shoes so it is highly likely they were specially made for the film. Especially for the little kids to have the same shoes? Highly doubtful a brand makes that same exact shoe in ALL sizes and for both men and women.

There was an article with the people who did the costumes, and i think it's in the companion book, that at least the mens boots were made for the film. They confirmed it.

What's the color of Katniss Frye melissa boots? Brown or dark brown?

I feel like their brown. I was looking at some of the pictures and it looks like there's a big difference between the color of the laces and the actual boot. So, I think they are the lighter color ones.

Brown :)

I found a good alt to Katniss' hunting boots. Message me if your interested :) They are a good price too!

Sorry for the double post but do you think she is wearing the Steve madden heaven flats in leather or in patent? And the boots are the same for the training and in the arena or are they differents? Thanks :)

I got my in patent, just because I can wear them with more day dresses, and I liked them better with black slacks (like the ones she wears). But to be honest, I can't tell from just the picture. It's really hard to tell. And I think the boots from the training center and the ones from the arena are the same.

Edit: I just saw a pic on tumblr, and they look a bit shiny. So, maybe the leather ones?

I got the leather because I think I will wear a plain black ballet flat more than patent. IMO, patent is only for winter, but you can wear leather all year.

I've finally bought the patent one and they're really cute... but I still not sure if she's wearing the patent or the leather...

The Banditt boots are on sale at Macys.com for only $88. You have to call their 800 number and give them the web ID from the site and tell them you want dark brown but they DO have them and can ship them to you.

Does anyone have the Melissa Frye's? Are they comfy? I have several OTK boots and love them but am not sure if these particular ones are comfortable.

I have them, are a beautiful boots but they are very uncomfortable :(
wear them for the first time to go see the movie and they hurt my feet

Frye's are generally tight in the beginning and then you wear them in . My 12R's were like that and now they are the comfiest boots ever. Thanks for the 411 though. I think I will definitely wait to get them.

Has anyone seen the new dress by Calvin Klein that they're calling the Katniss Dress? I'm not sure where the inspiration is from... Thoughts?

Pics? The only thought I have is that Jennifer Lawrence wears Calvin Klein lots on the red carpet.

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw it. Yea I don't get that either. I mean, the dress is fine and isn't hideous or anything, but how is that related to Katniss?

Oh, yeah! Here's the link http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/192856

Just got the Lucky Brand cargos. they are SO comfy. Great deal and fit TTS in case anyone was going to get a pair.

where did you find them?


If you see the link for a pair can you message me?

Just type in Lucky Brand Cropped Cargo Olive and all the ones listed should pop up. That is how I found mine.


*end rant.

Okay so I was looking at some pics and I really don't think that the lucky pants are correct and I know they aren't for sure for the guys. I have experience ands own hunting pants just like in this style for when i hunt myself and there is no way that 3/4 length pants would ever sit like that in boots. They are a really nice alt but not correct. I don't think the color is correct either. On the photos with no manipulation you can see that they have more of a brown tint to them them the lucky ones do. I do they think that they may be another style from lucky.

i don't remember who, but someone on coolspotters said on The Hunger Games page that she worked with someone, who was the stylist on The Hunger Games, and said that these were the pants.

She wasn't the stylist on The Hunger Games if I remember correctly, she was just a stylist. The pants just wouldn't fit like that if they were 3/4 length and the color isn't right. Who knows though, I guess. I know for a fact though that the guys would never be wearing the women's style pants!

They may not be cropped but full length. I bought the "full" length cut and they look correct to me. Plus in my searches for them I found several different colors of green for the LB ones.

Oh alright. I thought cropped ones were spotted. Then I think they're right :) how thick are your pants?

They are called 'cropped cargos' but they really are full length lol

Regular thickness, about the same as a pair of khakis I would say.

I don't know if this would help, but I found some full length cargo pants, but I really don't know how much justice the colour does because in pictures the Lucky Brands look olive, and these are a bit brighter than the LB ones, but the price really does a ton of justice!!!: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008GVWKGM/ref=ox_sc_act...

So, I'm seeling my Katniss Boot alts. They don't fit me so I thought I'd sell them.
I'm selling them for $70, the same price I paid, plus shipping. They are real leather and DKNY. Message me for pictures.

what size are they?

They are a size seven.

drats. so close.

AHHH! My arena jacket just got here and I ordered it late Wednesday night!! It fits perfectly and I ordered my normal size! I ordered a large and it fits great and I was so worried that it wouldn't fit well. For those girls that were worried about the outer layer tearing, its tougher than it looks. Both my dad (the one who taught me everything I know about hunting) and me both know that it will take a shocking amount of strength to rip it. Definitely going to be used when I hunt know and it is surprisingly really warm! I'm in love.

ALSO: Can we PLEASE try to spot this belt? I would love to have it: http://coolspotters.com/clothing/lucky-brand-cropped-carg...

Yeah, that belt is pretty awesome! Too bad I'm horrible at spotting. Haha. Glad your jacket fits! Oh and thanks for the update on the outer lining. It feels kinda flimsy to me, but I've never seen the fabric before. So thanks for the update!

No problem, glad I could be of a help! Yea, the material is actually the material that parachutes are made out of and obviously parachutes need to be tough. It's a really great jacket.

The belt looks like just a military belt that you can get at any Military supply store. It probably wasn't any certain brand.

If someone who have the Arena Deluxe Replica Jacket in size S or XS can send me some measurement it would be super great, I'm totally unsure about the size and don't know if I should take a size XS or S

If you are originally a size small, go with the extra small because I ordered a medium because that is my shirt size and the jacket was too big, so I sent it back to get a small and it fits perfect! So definitely go down a size.

See, I would say go with your regular size XD I've read so many reviews that said it ran big but I risked it and went with my normal size and it worked great. Worst that can happen is that you'll have to exchange it :)

Hey guys, I know this isn't a huge deal or anything, but I would so appreciate your guys' help right now. So my birthday is the first week of June and it is going to be my sweet sixteen (so excited!) and there is this dress I desperately want to wear to my birthday dinner with my parents. It's this one here: http://www.us.allsaints.com/women/dresses/allsaints-prair...

I didn't get a chance to buy it when it first was in stock and I was just wondering that if anyone sees it on ebay if they wouldn't mind messaging me? I need a size medium to large. Thanks so much!

It is STILL available on the UK site hun!

I live in the US though :(

Im sure they ship to the US! =)

I found the dress here in a darker color: http://www.us.allsaints.com/women/dresses/allsaints-prair...

Thanks! I would really love it in blue though :/

For those who have the Steve Madden banddit boots, do you think they run true to size? Do they run like the Steve Madden isolate boots ASO Bella?
Thanks :)

I don't know how the Isolates run, but the Banddits are true to size for me! and really comfortable! :O

For me, they were too small. I ordered a size 8,5 and they were too small, I think I need a size 9.

Thanks for your answers! :)

I went up just a half a size :)

I ordered my correct size and they fit perfectly and are super comfy.

I know this is not Katniss related, but I felt like sharing the story =)
My Anatomy professor came to the class, handed out tests and yelled(in an AMAZING Capitol accent) "And may the odds be EVER in your favor." and smiled evily. I now believe we have the best prof ever. He is like 65 years old! haha!

LOL!!! That's the BEST!

cute :)

Haha that's so cool! :)

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