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*NOTE*:Please post Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce spots ONLY on their profiles. Nina Dobrev (born Nina Konstantinova Dobreva, in Bulgarian Нина Константинова Добрева; January 9, 1989) is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. She played the role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation, from the show's sixth to ninth... Read More



Anyone spot Nina's outfit for coachella?

I'm still trying to look for her pink, purple, and white top....

What's the make?? She also had on jean short overalls??

Found the shortalls. They are from Blank NYC. I got them online!

does anyone know the brand of these shorts? or shoes :)


I m looking for her top

The shorts are american eagle.

Just spotted it. It's the Heartloom Marcy top.

Selling a few Elena/Nina items!!! Please message me if you are interested!!! Thanks girls!!! ;)

Rachel Zoe Lucas tote SA new
Diesel Grald jacket SA size small EUC

Can someone change the spot of the Sam Edelman shoes?
This is the right link:

Purple mossimo tank sz small $30
Ana sui jacquard dress sz 5 euc $40
Nina's silence and noise zip up tank sz small euc $45
Nina's ax print dress but not the maxi version. A little below the knees. Sz 2 euc $65
Aero ruffle from tee sa blue sz m $20
American rag lace tank white sz m euc $20
Price doesn't include shipping. Thanks!!

You sold it? Is a new do?

No idea what you are taking about.

I mean, your clothes are brand new?

No it's not brand new.

Oh, well, I'm sorry. Thank you very much

Hey! Do you still have the silence and noise zip tank, and if so is it the same lace pattern of Nina's? Thanks!

Selling michael kors dotted sweater aso nina sa color sz p. $75 plus ship.

Be careful! There is a listing on eBay that says the item was seen on Nina Dobrev but it was photoshopped! The outfit she was really wearing in that image is the Finder Keepers dress. Hopefully no one will be scammed!

Does anyone know what top she's wearing with the mare lace up booties?

Just spotted it!


Heartloom Marcy top.

Does anyone know what hat Nina was wearing at Coachella? Thank you :)

Links to items if you want to buy
The Heartloom Marcy top aka Coachella top

And the headband thingy

Anyone know where to get Nina's earrings from the Upfronts After Party? The arrow ones that go through her double piercing? I love it!

Would love too have too <3

There are some from Anita Ko that look like hers and she already wore some earrings from this designer. -I hope i'm wrong, because they are insanely expensive... Here's a link (sold out) with pictures:

Thought those were the ones. $2000. Crazy. I'm gonna have to look for something like it. I love the idea!

Wow too pretty! I know a jeweler that can make a lot of specials things and with a 'norma' price! Maybe if he can reproduce an arrow like this (not with diamond loll) I will message you girls to let you know :)

Definitely let me know! Would love to own one without the crazy price. I don't even need stones in it. Just the idea of it all!

The long onces were by Lina Noel :) The short onces by Anita Ko

Perfect! I've message the jeweler and he think about an idea for not cost me a big price :P And I've ask without diamond just the idea that we love price :)

Would love these too, maybe you geta special price if you but more?

Looking to buy Nina's Armani Exchange Bahami print maxi dress. Please message me if you are selling. Thanks:)

Does anyone know where Nina has bought the hats she's been wearing a lot lately?
Like this, and also the shoes, bag & scarf? Has anyone an idea??


The boots look like the Steve Madden Troopas.

Yeah I found those, gonna buy them ^_^
Do you have any idea about the scarf, hat and bag tho?

Selling! Prices do not include shipping! Thanks!

Nina's Junk Food- Future is Coming Soon EUC, xs, asking $50
F21 Zigzag tank, small, nwt, asking $25
Fifteen Twenty Pink tie dye tank, s, Like new, asking $80
Vince Camuto red pleated tiered top, xs, asking $85
Tory Burch Robinson Spectator Purse, brand new, asking $150

Have an Element fable dress size S and looking to trade a size M.

And these sunglasses, does anyone know the brand? I'm in love!



ASO Elena Gilbert - NWOT Silence + Noise Izzy Tank Sz XS in Coral
ASO Nina Dobrev - NWT Free People Cable Guy Cropped Pullover Sz XS in Ivory

For anyone interested, I recently wrote an article on tips for avoiding designer fakes online.

i was wondering from people who buy from others here, would you use the friend option on paypal if you don't know the person your buying from personally? is it true you can't get your money back if someone scams you that way? thank you

Only use the friend option if you know them and know they're trustworthy, or if you have bought from them before and trust them. You can't get your money back if you use the gift option unless you claim fraud, which obviously if it wasn't really a fraudulent charge it won't work out too well for you, and it also causes paypal to look through your entire account history usually. Use the purchasing one for anyone you don't know, it's safer. Paypal will not help you if you use the gift option.

thank you

I let people know of others on CS who have bought from me with no problem (references if you will) For people who buy from me on here and are unsure. If they still prefer an invoice then I just add on the amount PayPal deducts from the total to the invoice.

thank you

Looking for these:

- bebe spike & link earrings
- Marc Jacobs dream pipe bolt necklace
- Francesca's brided stud bracelet
- bebe peplum tank top S
- bebe lace sleveness blouse black S
- bebe lace cuffed sleve bodysuit black S
- guess clareta cardy S

If you have something please message me, I have updated my wish list you can take a look
Thank you

Does anyone have her dalia McPhee dress in a 2 or 4 they would sell me quickly? I want to wear it to a face next week. Please let me know ASAP

Aero ruffle front tee Sa color sz m. Fits like s. $15
Diesel pinky boots aso Elena sz 7.5. Euc. $120
Nina's AX watercolor dress size 4 $45 euc
Nina's stylestalker goldfinger top s US 6 nwt. Fits like a small medium $45
Price doesn't include shipping. Message me if interested. Thanks!

is anyone selling the black orchid shorts in mint candy size 25?

The shorts didn't come for sale in that color. Only the pants did. Maybe she cut hers??

thank you i had no idea. Didn't the 15 jeans she wore also never go on sale to the public?


we REALLY should find this amazing romper, anyone an idea?? :)


i believe i just spotted it correctly its h&m


Good job! at first i thought it was a short

Nice job on the spot. Bad news is that it is an older style and pretty much sold out in stores. I lucked out and found one in my size in my local store. Retails $14.95.

my country still have them in all sizes available online, so if theres anyone who need help let me know

In my country too! All size. This made my day, thank you ladies!! Just for 13 euros :D

Selling Nina's Lauren Moshi USA Eagle asymmetrical hem shirt! Asking $65, EUC, size xs (runs loose!) Message me!

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