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Nicole "Nikki" Houston Reed (born May 17, 1988) is an American film and television actress, director, and screenwriter. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, for which she co-wrote the screenplay. Reed has since appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini's First... Read More



Hey!!! I'm desperately trying to find these boots!!! Any help/suggestions??? Thanks! (the link isn't working but they are brown leather heeled boots that she wears with the TNA hoodie and alternative apparel tshirt) Bobby long concert 9/8/09

I posted those boots on another forum and no luck so far. Why was that spot deleated on here? I have been trying to find those boots for months.

There are some boots like Nikki's on this site, but not sure if they're the ones you're looking for :)

Hey why was my spot removed? The spot and all the information posted is accurate.

The ONLY Cat Jacket was my spot and they deleted it :(

In the live broadcasting for the New Moon premier by Myspace, the interviewer anya maryna(spelling?) asked Nikki about her "russian" bracelet. Did/Does anyone know anything about the bracelet?

it means 'proper' in russian , i read that somewhere

Does anyone know where I can get a knock off of Nikki's Cole Haan Sloane purse?

You can try the Dillards website or the store. I got the real thing it was on sale. I got Ashley's white Cole Hann too.

I love Nikki Reed She's Sooo Beautiful :)

Hi girls, does anyone know what boots these are?
Thanks in advance!!! :)

I love you Nikki

how can she have so many 'favourite books'?

OMG i love nikki!Why hasnt there been a new spot for so long? I havent been able to find any new pics of her :( Have you?

on some interview (maybe kimmel?) she said she was going to europe and traveling for a while so maybe that's why. i miss seeing her too :(

yeah i guess that's why... Let's just hope she'll be back soon! lol

Twilight star Nikki Reed has no idea where she'll be spending Christmas Day - because she set off on a backpacking adventure at the beginning of December and only had her first week planned.
A keen traveller, the actress loves to take off for Europe in between movies - and she never really knows where her journeys will take her.
Speaking just before she took off on her latest adventure, she said, "I'm really good at buying one-way tickets to different countries. I'm going to Greece and Switzerland, I think.
"I've stayed in hostels, I've backpacked... I don't, like, go with $3 in my pocket and the outfit I'm wearing... I don't actually backpack, like, five miles a day. I have water and food.
"I know for the first week where I'm gonna live."

@iris7394 i found this on a fan site but i STILL don't know which interview it's from haha.

that's from her appearance on conan?letterman? well, it was a late-night comedy show.

yeah i've seen that interview... think it's from letterman, cause that's the only one i saw and i defenitly recognise it. Another mystery is solved lol :)


wow that is sooooo confusing. Well, at least we know it for sure now

hey, which spot is correct for the patent black oxfords nikki was wearing in Vancouver?



Distressed black boots just like Nikki's are available from this seller on eBay!! Lots of awesome Twilight & New Moon merch. including Bella's Bed Comforter from this seller on eBay!!

nikki looks gorgeous at the kids' choice awards. we should change her profile picture.

is that madewell blazer the one she's been wearing in vancouver?

hi, if anyone have the Puma limited work bag to sell, please Pm me !

What happened to Sage's spot? Am I going crazy?

Does anyone know where I can find this bag ?


guys im selling some items of clothing/accessories for anyone whose interested. message me for sizes/prices.

here's what i have left for sale - i take paypal. contact me if interested!

kristen stewart items:
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I was interested in do you have pictures of the steve madden tuxxedo oxford - black- shoes, the wayfarer 2140 - grey, the 'golden garter' replica tee, and/or the steve madden san frann sandals - gold? :) thanks

the san frann sandals are sold, but i still have everything else. check out my profile comment wall - i have pics of everything posted there!

OMG do u really like this new profile photo?! I don't like her at all with that's sooo not her..jesus it seems like she had a second head or offense...I think she is so much better with her long wavy hair...

I don't like it, actually I very don't like her hair, lol I'm with you =) I see a ball on her head LMAO!!

Hey! I'm selling my Nikes, the red- blackish ones,US 7,5/EU38,5
if you're interested, just message me !

how much do you want ?

love twilight

Why are we using an old picture as the profile pic? That needs to be changed.

Does anyone else think this spot is wrong?

It's not wrong she's just wearing it in a different color.

thank you

Did someone bought this dress: ?
How does it fit?

Can someone tell me what dress she is wearing in the profile picture? LOVE it!

T by Alexander Wang

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