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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



best profile photo ever ;)

yes totally agree! love it!

Hey guys, I'm selling my teal buffalo shirt in M, turned out to be too big and i don't think delias will let me return it since i live outside of the states. it's never been worn outside, let me know if anyone is interested :)

It's this one:

Hey, I'm interested, how much?

What size are you usually? I'm usually a small - but delias is all juniors clothes right? So they probably all run a bit small?

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I don't think they are the same, cause kristen's have a red line, red "lining" and red laces.
But I like the delias in grey or purple :)

the ones kristen has are the old version of that same style, so they're not available anywhere. those are the closest ones :)

how does the sizing run for those?

what peacefrog said about the sneakers :)

the sizing is the same at the Chuck Taylors if you have those. just go by what you wear for them and you should be fine :)
i take a 4.5 in the Converse size, can't remember what that equals in the real size. but i found myself not being able to get the number that goes along with my shoe size, i had to go down a few, i think that is cuz my feet are so narrow though. because everyone else says they fit true to size, but for me they didn't

i found the star players to be a little big than most other converse. i've got tons of regular converse and i usually buy a 6 which is a women's 8...but on these i had to go down a half size.

Hey, does anyone here have the Frye Veronica boots? I'm a women's US size 10.5 (UK 8) and I'm not sure whether to get size 10s or size 11s. Can anyone advise me? Thanks :)

i don't have those, but i have a few pairs of frye boots and i usually go up a half size.

Ok, thanks :)

For those who have the jungle boots where did you get them and are they true to size? I've been meaning to get them but always put it off.

I bought this pair here, in black. They're true to size. You just gotta scuff em' up, work them in because they're kind of stiff at first. =)
I bought a size 5 men (7 women), since the sizing is in men's sizes. I bought it off the Canadian site though, not the American site but the sizing is the same. The site says shipping is 1.99$, no minimum. Good deal especially since they cost 27.00$.
Hope that helps!!

i got mine from there too, thanks to platesoff. the shipping was only 99 cents! mine are a little could maybe go down a half size.

I agree peacefrog, they're a little loose but I wear really thick socks because it's so freaking in Montreal in the winter, like minus 30 degrees Celsius daily from December to beginning of March (I have no idea what that converts to in Fahrenheit). lol

I LOVE THIS PROFILE PIC! i hope they dont take it down :]

haha yeah, i love how that photoshoot showed how badass Kristen really is and i think this pic is the best one out of all of them(:

girls, i know a lot of people have asked this but i'm honestly so confused. how does the nike quilted fleece fit?! some people say true to size some say a little big. i need help please =(

smaller than normal lol. I have all three sizes. but only a little smaller. what size are you normally?

its not meant to be baggy its meant to be kind of form fitting but just enough so you can still layer it.

I'm 5'7" with a 36D bust and wear a large for layering underneath. Hope that helps.

i'm 5'6" and a 34C bust, i normally wear a medium but a large should be ok right? thanks so much for your help guys!

I just got the Nike jackets I ordered for someone and the Large fit me just fine. It even says on the tag "Large Sizes 12-14".

im 5'7 and 36c/34D (Sister sizes) and the large is kinda too big on me so I have a small and a medium lol

thank you so much for the help lovelies!! =)

hey platesoff, do you have some good zoomed in photos of kristen? I need ones where i can clearly see her onyx ring. can you send me some?

Heys guys, can I just say Thanks so much to Reena for all the info on the Nike Jacket, I think we all owe her loads!! And so a favour, Kristen's Star Player's, where can I get them? And are they comfty??xx

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kristen never wore toms wrap boots. someone spotted them wrong a long time ago in the airport pics where she has her shoes off and socks on...

Ok, so what is she wearing here? I remember her wearing some other shoes on the airport that day

And another question:
are those jackets the same?


She wore her black Converse that day at the airport.

And no, the jackets are not the same. They're both not identified yet.

She wore the same jacket in the pic you posted above (with Michael) and at the airport but it's not the jacket from the "Vintage Leather Jacket" profile.

yeah...those are the airport pics i was walking about where she had socks on...

This profile pic is just perfect !! She is so cool! I love it!!

Does anyone know the sizing for the Nike Fleece quilted jacket?? I know i either need a L or XL.

Hey, I was also hesitating between a L or XL and here's what the seller advised me "it seems to run fairly true to size but a little on the smaller side. It is a snug fitting jacket so I would probably go with the xl since you would have something under it." Hope it helps you ;)

So I guess I was right to buy a XL xD

Hey gang, I have a blue M size quilted jacket available on eBay. It's new with tags and all, but didn't fit me.

hey cat! did someone grab the jacket yet? how much are you selling it for?

It's still on ebay. I offered it to the international girls here for what I paid + shipping, but there were no takers. Probably because it's not black, lol.

I have the blue one and its pretty! haha. But ya, when kristen has the black everyones gotta have the black lol

Here's a great pair of deadstock oxfords in size 8.5. unfortunately they are not my size, but i really thought they are a great alternative to kristen's oxfords.

This comment was deleted.

Um, who is Brenda Asnicar and what does she have to do with Kristen Stewart?????

lol right i was like wtf

i keep seeing people posting this all over coolspotters. it's so annoying.

I hate spammers or whatever you would call them

Massachusetts has the Nike quilted fleece jackets here is the number

(508) 384-1800

They have black ones in stock too!

yupp i think they have all colors

How much is it?

Did they sell out already? I just called and they said they only had the fleece.

hmm im not sure I called last night around 5 and ordered a black in medium and she said it was no problem

I know it starts getting annoying, but would anyone be willing to order a Nike jacket for me? I´m from Austria and there´s no chance to get one... And I want this jacket so much, so, PLEASE.....And I paypal of course!! Thanks

I feel REALLY stupid. I ordered one of the black jackets (a small - as of an hour ago, they were still in stock), but the man didn't tell me how much it was and I didn't ask. Does anyone know how much they are from this store?

the girl said mine would be 49.99 plus taxes and shipping and handeling so I would say be safe and save $60 in your account for it. but if you are really worried just call back and ask. they told me that they were going to call me as soon as the order was processed to tell me how much it was going to be.

I believe the complete total is $53.86 with free shipping through FedEx. FYI, I just called right now (12:44 PM Pacific time) and they still had the jackets in stock.

I guess they still have them because now almost every single us-girl has one :D

Does anyone still want one? In any size? in black? Send me a message if you do before I put them on stupid ebay

Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.

Hey guys, I listed a medium blue quilted fleece listed on ebay and I remembered that the international ladies weren't able to order from Nike. I'm willing to sell for $60 (what I paid) + shipping to the first person to contact me. (non-US only please)

Hey, if anyone's interested, I made replicas of some of Kristen's unidentifed/vintage and hard to find t-shirts, available here :

cool. i like the Pardon Me one and the Hook Up one.

the delias one you can get in trouble for re-marking and selling. Peacefrog told me that. Since its copyrighted ...just so you know. I don't know if you can get in trouble or not but just in case :) you probably wouldn't though.

i would say you could get in trouble it just depends, also the specials is a real band and somebody owns the right to that icon. so while perhaps nothing will happen, even the guidelines for the website say that it is a place for artists to have original designs made into products to sell.
I also know that Charles Schultz went after a small high school who used peanuts characters in its yearbook, i'm just saying.'s illegal. that doesn't mean anything will happen, but it COULD and the fines are big. i'd get rid of the specials one specifically...they could sue you for that.

I didn't even notice the Specials one but ya that one should definitely not be "remade" The other ones should be fine, since they are on other sites too like cafepress has the pardon me one I think. I didn't know any of it till peacefrog told me, but I'm glad I know now.

just trying to keep people from getting into trouble :) not trying to be an a$$. i want the shirts as much as the next person, but don't someone to get slapped with a huge fine because of it! i don't think you will get into any trouble for the other ones.

How many days before someone doesn't pay on ebay do people usually wait to report them?

if you want payment by a specific time it is best to list it as a payment condition in your listing. I think the ebay guidelines list 7-10 days to wait before reporting, unless of course you set-up different parameters.

The standard for ebay is a week I believe. They won't do anything before that. After you petition a complaint, it takes another 10 days or so before they cancel the sale altogether (give you back the listing fee). In my opinion, the system takes WAY too long.

ugh that is crazy! Ya, I put that its due within 3 days after the auction and its only been like 1 or 2, but usually people pay right away. I know when I win something I pay within hours of winning it haha. I'm not used to people not responding to emails and invoice requests. :(

they might have gone away for the weekend, or only access email/ebay at work?

It happens. Usually when they don't pay within 24 hours, I would message them over eBay to see when they would. The eBay non-paying system is faster now though; I marked the buyer as a non-payer and opened a case within 4-5 days.


I am most wary when a person with less than 5 feedback purchase things from me because 80% of the time, they turn out to be a non-buyer.

ya hopefully. I forgot to put it in my details that I wanted payment within 3 days of the auction ended. I guess that means I have to wait 7 days to send out a second chance offer? That sux.

And ya I sent two invoices with messages and then I just sent a message asking if they had received the invoices and that I wanted to ship it on Monday :( I should have blocked buyers with zero feedback but I didn't think it would be a big deal :(
and what happens when you open a case? Do they have to pay you still?

I'll definitely wait till next week then to worry about it. You're right most people probably wait at least 3 days and probably pay during the week. I guess I just like to pay immediately so I don't forget and so they ship it sooner haha

i have found that many people take 2-3 days to pay because they only use the internet at work during the week. given that it's a weekend, i'd venture that's probably it.

@Christine: I don't understand though. Why bid if you aren't going to buy?

I just read that sometimes other sellers create phantom accounts to "Steer people towards their listings" Ugh I don't understand why people are so ridiculous.

Once you open a case against a "non-payer" it takes upwards of ten days to be closed. The payer does not technically have to pay you (even though they won the auction). Ebay lists that persons profile as a non-paying bidder. It's stupid though because that same person could then go and open a new account and do the same thing under a different name. The only good part of it is that you won't receive negative feedback on the transaction on your end. When I sell something I usually put "payment due within 3 days" and that any bidders with a "0-10" rating have to ask permission from me before bidding. That seems to help keep the non-paying people away. After 5+ years on Ebay I have only had 2 bad experiences so I would say that is good. :0)

I think people magically hoping that you would send it to them without payment. :/ I guess either way, I would put that anyone with less than 5 feedback should contact me first or I would automatically delete their bid. Like leiaaurora, I've only had this happen twice and it was pretty frustrating.

thanks guys. I haven't sold that much on ebay. I can't stand the fee's. They take 10% final value fee and then all the listing fee's not to mention paypal ...its really annoying. And I always pay immediately when I win something, so this is so weird to have someone like....not pay me haha.

Dont know if this has been asked before, but how do you guys spot things? There is a hoodie im am trying to find all i can see on the front is F W. How do you guys go about finding things??? Thanks :)

Thankyou, that helps so much!! :) im off to go look now lol

Does anyone know where I could find similar shoes to these ones? Thanks!!


Ya, kind of like tap shoes, or something. I really want to find a similar pair, if possible. =) But it looks to be a lost cause.......

BBUser, do you have a link for the shoes? When you say Urbans, do you mean Urban Outfitters store? Thanks! :)

Is this what you meant, from Urban Outfitters, because these look pretty similar, in the dark color:

And so do these ones, they have that leather look:

Thanks for the links! Except since I live in Canada, I can't buy clothing off the amazon site, only DVDs and CDs, as I learned from experience. =(
Could you possibly post the other dance site you had found similar shoes on and the Target site. I would be most grateful!!!
Thanks BBUser!!

OMG, the zappos shoes are a near exact match.
MERCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

"Bienvenue", or "De rien" (kind of like the expression 'don't mention it', 'it was nothing'), if you wanted to know, lol
I am definitely going to buy it!! :)
Danke....Nichts zu danken.
There, how about German to spice things up. lol

I love this shoes ! But are they comformtable for walk ?

probably not that comfortable to walk around in. jazz shoes are not made for walking they are just soft with nothing below your arch.

the shoes remind me of puma ones... but it's not really her normal brand she wears so not really sure...

jazz shoes. not. comfortable.

Holy I'm freaking out a little bit because an item I was watching on eBay was somehow bid on...but I didn't do it?! I think someone hacked my account =( I emailed eBay about it but they haven't gotten back to me yet. They should be able to fix it right? =(

are you sure someone else didn't bid on the same item?

yeah. was it another user who bidded on the item instead and not you? cus' watching on the item doesnt equals to bidding on it..

Well I put the item in my items watching list and then a couple days after (today) I got an email from eBay saying my bid is currently the winning bid =S

did you place an automatic bid? if not...then you'd better contact ebay about it.. your account sounds like it *might* have gotten hacked. Not too sure about it though..

I would change your password. You can always "Retract" a bid.

...I don't know if it's right...but I think this shirt is really similar... what do you think?

I'm agree ! Good find :D

after looking at all the hq pics i don't think that's it.

nor do i

look at this..
poor rob :D

and those shoes look like kristen's jazz ones ?

I spotted the white ones.. but here I'm not quite sure..


that is the most ridiculous photo i have ever seen. that's really sad that that is what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

i agree. that photo is so sad. i feel so bad that they have to deal with that kind of senario every day! (and totally weird for Rob, that one of the girls is wearing the Billabong dress that Kristen wore)

what dress is kristen wearing in this not published shoot? - think it was teen vogue, right?


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