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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



...and also, does anyone know where I can get the Chanel T-strap heels?

I wonder why Oprah hasn't done a show on twilight. I kinda thought she would.

Looks like Kristen is wearing a new ring, but I can't find a good closeup. It's on her left index finger but it's not the onyx and silver one she normally wears.

It looks like it could just possibly be her clover ring turned to the side, but its pretty dang hard to tell.
But then again, it also looks like it could have a black stone in there.

Edit: Wow, my input wasn't helpful at all, haha.

To me, it looks like a diamond shape and the stone is black. Oh well, maybe if HQ's come out I can find a better picture to see it more clearly!!!

Edit: Found a better picture, it's definitely a new ring:

She's wearing the moonstone ring on her right index finger, clover ring on her right ring finger and the new black one on her left index finger. And that's all the investigating I'm

yeah it is definitely a new ring. the clover one is gold band and silver clover inside the gold. looks like we need to figure this one out :)

Does Converse still make the low tops in Salmon and or Pumpkin?

Have you checked ebay? I saw three sizes in pumpkin but they were mens size 12 or 13 and that'd probably be too big for you, unless you have bigfoot

I have those Chanel pumps and I had to go up half a size. I'm normally a 7 but I bought a size 7.5 since the shoe is really narrow. So depending on your size, like say size 8.5 or 9, get the 9 or 9.5 in these shoes.
Here are some links:
And these shoes are really high, like 4, 4.5 inches high. I'm 5'2'' and I look so tall in these heels, well compared to my regular height. lol

Those are gorgeous, but there is no way I would spend that much money on a pair of heels...probably because I don't wear them unless I'm going to like, a wedding lol.

Yeah, they're high but they're surprisingly comfortable, the most comfortable out of all my heels. I feel supprted? I don't know if that is the right word to describe it...
No wonder Kristen wore the Chanel shoes a lot. Are you going to get the shoes? They're a good deal, I paid 795$ plus tax, around 820$ in stores versus these ones on ebay at 595$. But I am always wary of buying shoes online, I prefer going to stores and trying them on. Like the black jazz shoes I bought on zappos, I haven't received them yet and I'm worried that they'll either be too big or too small. ugh...

here's a japanese website that has a great selection of deadstock converse, but be warned it can get pricey:

i am obsessed with vintage, deadstock sneakers. i really only buy vans from the "made in the usa" timeframe, and these can be hard to find in women's sizes. i rationalize my behavior because i work in the medical field and wear scrubs everyday, so sneakers are the only way i can identify myself.

while ebay is great, and is often the best place online to get a deal, i look for a lot of shoes through the "sneaker freaker" ezine and blog. they also focus more of girls sneakers, instead of the male dominated models. so if you are sxearching for kristen's vans and converse that are discontinued and deadstock only items i suggest there as well as this website:

unfortunately, if you're american, this is a french store and shipping can be pricing. but they had (until i bought them) another colour version of the quad-colour vans kristen has recently been spotted in.

anyway, terribly long post, but i thought i would share my experience with looking for these items.

Wow I really like Kris new Vans.. are they vintage? Because I've never seen them before :( I thought I can make that kind of Era Shoes through, can I?

the ones she wears are vintage, but vans came out with a remake this past year. they have had staggered worldwide releases, but the main difference is that with the vintage shoes each section of the shoe is a different colour, and the new versions only use 2 colours. i don't knwo if that makes sense, but if you see the photos its a better comparison.

Oh yes! I perfectly understand.. so the point is hoping to find the vintage ones on internet. Maybe we can find them :)

they have been really hard to find, and in some cases available abroad (non-us) for well over $200. I bought the ones i referenced above, and will let you know if there is a style number or any further information i can provide once i see the box and stuff.

I came across a website where a user was asking about legalities in copying the Little Red Riding Hood spoon in order to sell the rings - and just wanted to let people know that there may be copies floating around that aren't the real deal. I have no problem buying a copy (I love the design), but I know that authenticity can be a concern for some people and just want to inform :)

Here's the website:

Omg Meg wake up and msg me! :)

does anyone have nike jacket in size xl? i already have one but cousin is hoping for one.

the XL's are huge it was big on my mom! haha. I have a large in blue and a large in black though. You can ask Kerbear the difference in size since she has/had both sizes.

i can say this because I know she doesnt read this place, but my cousin will REALLY need a XL. ;)

that's kinda mean. what if other people on here wear an xl? an xl in women's nike stuff isn't that big.

i have a Nike black jacket in XL that is brand new with the tag on it that i am willing to sell for only $80


that is a VERRRY creepy picture.

im guessing stacey91 doesnt ship internationally for or whatever.. i really want the body shop t shirt, any gonna be put on ebay or anything?

where is that jacket from?

Hey, it's not actually me that ships them, it's the website, but I know they take payment in US dollars, British pounds and Euros, so I'm sure they will ship to your country :) However, if they don't I would be happy to order one for you and send it on. Just let me know :)

ooooh thanks for the info, i'll check it out :)

they ship internationally. i had mine sent to nyc.

i still need to order the ny one. i got the golden garter one and the body shop one before stacy added the new york one. but i am waiting on receiving the first to before i order anymore so i can see what the quality is like.

cool, thanks for the info, let me know what they're like..

Don't know were this particular jacket is from BUT I saw a knock off version of this jacket in Target last night. In dark blue or red. Target is selling allot of knock offs of name brand clothing & boots this year due to the economy being down.

hey guys there is a photo in topshop and the model looks so much like kristen but i havent been on for ages so i dont know.. is it actually her?

anyone know what that coat (pea coat?) Kristen's carrying at LAX yesterday is? If you could spot it, I'd be incredibly grateful!! I'm new here, btw. Amazing site!!!! someone should have told me about this sooner!!

Ha ha..there's a picture of Kristen arriving home and if you look really close, Her feet aren't even touching the ground..she looks so happy to be home..

BTW, im trying to find the coat Kristen wore to the Twilight premiere in London, so any help would be appreciated...thanks guys..

Haha is it this one?


aww that is cute. she is happy to be home and like skipping to the door :)

HAHAHAH. thats funny.

Can someone help me? Well this is not Kristen related but I think someone can reply me quickly. Is this the Flex Fleece Hoodie from AA?

yes it looks like the flex fleece in...asphalt maybe.

Is it so warm and comfy? :) It looks like very nice and I thought it wasnt.. Need to buy a couple!

i loooove the flex fleece! they're very cozy hoodies. i have a bunch of them.

Oh thanks! :) Going to recharge my paypal and order some of them *-*

I thought the AA website didn't accept payment through PayPal?

There is a internet-store (I guess it swedish) that sells the Vans Era shoes, and I really, really want them but the smallest size is 8 and I'm a 5. That sucks, but is it like that everywhere? Is there any store that sells them in smaller sizes (and ships international). Please help me?

not sure what international is for you, but i am guessing you are looking for shipment within the eu? i know of a few u.k. stores online, but not sure if they have the shoe you are looking for, or size, but here goes:

which store sells the vans? i have no idea where you could get them.

I have tried two swedish stores: and and a american/swedish: and the ones cailinrua suggested but none of them has the era shoes in my size :(

how about this website, its from an online search for international sneaker stores (not Vans specific), or you can search for "real" stores in your country:

Thanks for your help guys but I give up on the Era ones. I bought authentic navy vans instead. Hope they are just as good loocking as the Eras :)

could someone possibly post a picture of this clover ring you've been talking about?? thank you!

i think the border around the ring is an octagon rather than a circle

I received my Wayfarers 54mm today and they look so huge on me:D and i always consideres to have a big head..

i would liked them slightly oversized but not huge..i guess 50mm would have been better :D

i think the 50 would be too small on your cuz i kinda have a small face and i have the 2132 wayfarers in 52mm and they are perfect, but the 2140 wayfarers are suppose to look big on you. but you could probably always return then for a smaller size.

does it say on the glasses what mm they are cause i have no idea which mine are.

you have to look up the numbers on the inside of the arms:

RB 2140 901 54018 3N

you can get the size from this numbers "54018" the first two numbers are the size :)

yeah maybe they suppose to look big..i give them a try:)

I love how happy Kristen looks when she got home in LA. She obviously missed the sun a lot!! haha

haha yeah she looked sooo happy! too bad she had to come on a day thats not as warm as usual. its soo cold right now in L.A. brrrrrr lol

well that stinks!! But no worries- she is in Sao Palo now- and it is pretty much sunny all the time there!!!


Do you know where I can get this shoes please ? =D

impossible to find. i think they can only be bought in like japan i think.

I'm bummed her hair is back to brown now.
I think the short black hair really suited her.
Stupid Bella and her long brown hair requirements!

New pic of Kristen leaving LA. Her jacket.....well, um, it's...colorful. Time to go bowling. lol


She can literally pull off anything...I actually like that jacket haha but I couldn't pull it off even if I tried.

It just looks like an unflattering color for her, the bulky jacket and the combination of yellow and green. Not good. lol
I think she's leaving for the promotion of New Moon in South America.
Man, she is freaking busy, traveling everywhere with no long rest periods. Poor girl. She must be drained. :(
I can't wait until all the Twilight hoopla is over. Then she can get some well-deserved R&R.

it's very "her"...i think it's yellow and dark grey though. not green.

definitely not digging the jacket. but she can pull it off :) yeah and after New Moon I heard she is shooting for another film for 2 months then they start doing Breaking Dawn. Rob said it in a interview cuz he is doing a film and he is suppose to get bigger for the role but they won't let him get too big cuz he still has to do Breaking Dawn. he kinda let the cat out of the bag in there one! lol

When I saw this picture of her in a letterman jacket,I seriously thought "she is like my long lost twin" haha.I have been looking for a letterman jacket for about three years now and haven't had any luck..

in this photo her jacket looks so vintage- but really old, it even has holes in it! I have to say, i normally love her clothes, but this...., this, I would never wear!

She has holes in a lot of her clothes :D

I'm really wondering how she does that. I don't get holes in my clothes (except of jeans ^^). But I don't think she does it on purpose either.

probably cig burns haha

She does wear a lot of old / used clothing and I think some of her brother's old clothes too.

Is that a new ring on her left index finger?

Cornti, do you have picture of the ring in a closeup to confrim it is a rose. I dunno, it looks diamond shaped to me from the pictures I've seen...=)


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