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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Did someone of you made some sort of a pattern for the print of the Nuns with Guns hoodie?
I'm asking because we have at Uni a screenprinting room and I would like to try to make the hoodie for myself. Don't know if it works but it's worth a try, so if someone has a pattern for the print I would be grateful if you could let me know :)

I just noticed that Kristen has written something on the sleeve of her leather jacket (and on the collar as well). Can someone identify what it says?

.."side but not mine"....something like that;) this is what I get it

"somebody's side but not mine"

or maybe "somebody's sins but not mine" ?!

ÒOh c'mon I wasn't so wrong. LOL ;)

somedays i sin but not mine......?

I love her hair in that picture. the red. so pretty.

"jesus died for somebodys sins but not mine" its the first like of the song "gloria" by patti smith

i would say the word on the collar is "lose" and on the arm it says " somebodys sine (?) not mine"
but i`m not sure...

I would say it's "(first word unidentified) somebody's sine but not mine" - does it make sense?
and on the collar it's probably "lost"

Perhaps it says "jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" ?
It's a lyric from a Billy Idol song titled Heroin, lol :D

I'm agree...this match with kristen' style XD

It's also the opening lyrics to Patti Smith's song "Gloria". Just an FYI.

thats really cool xD

I agree above but I dont think that the Roxanne shirt is right..The shape on Kristen's Shirt is more..."rounded" at the bottom and curves to have a heart shape..I cant really explain right..But my brother had something similar so Ill go have a look..Be right back..

You guys are great :D

I only could read "but not mine". If it's what thatgirltoni said it would totally be Kristen.

I found some L.A.M.B metallic skirts on ebay. It's the exact material as Kristen's except it's a skirt rather than a cardigan. One listing is only 15$, really cheap compared to retail price of 245$
Here is Kristen wearing the same cardigan and below is the skirt of the same pattern from the Fall 2007 L.A.M.B designs.


Anyone still want a quilted nike coat? Send me a msg if you do :)

Pattyoo asked me if I could get her one because she lives in Austria but I can't come up with the money so she is still prolly looking to buy one if you are willing to ship internationally

thanks, but I already got one from ebay. (:

yaaay pretty soon everyone whose anyone will have one hahaha

Have you sold your jacket yet?

Someone is selling the nike quilted fleece jacket at a reasonable price on ebay right now I think it is up to $61

hey could you send me the link please? thanks

i know this is bella clothing i'm talking about, but we all love the green button up kristen wore as bella in italy. i found this instyle online article that talks about the makeup and clothes she wore and i think they are saying the shirt is by band of outsiders, which i believe is a men's brand. i always knew it was a men's or boy's shirt. here's the link to decide for your selves.,,...

yeah, it kinda looks like this only in green:

Are these J brand?

they don't like it, but just wondering.


aren't these her 7 for All Mankind jeans?!

I have no clue, but I wanna know cuz I love these :)

the jeans in the pictures to this spot look the same, don't they?

and here is another spot with pictures of the same day as the one from the spot above (so something is here not right ^^)

however I guess it is at least one of the 7 for all mankind jeans.

I never really noticed those, but I really like how they look on her. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

those look like the 7 for all mankind roxanne jeans

I agree with pattyoo, I'm almost certain these are the 7FAM Roxanne Skinny jeans

Yes, those are the 7FAM Roxanne jeans :)

yeah, that's what I thought too :)

from MTV Ulalume promo;)

So it's a new one right?

Oh I found it. It's from the promotional clip :)


Thanks :)

it kinda looks like she's wearing the blackheart records hoodie. that looks like the big heart on the front left of the hoodie.

I am getting it right now. Thanks for spotting it!

no problem :) i have had it since nikki reed wore it. i wear it constantly.

hey do you guys think she is wearing the hoodie men or woman size???
i love it!!! :)

lol another it a zip hoodie or just a normal hoodie??i mean the one at the blackheart records online shop...

it's a zip hoodie. i can't tell if it's the women's or men's, but they're both exactly the same, so i'd say just get whatever one will fit you better.

okay great thanks :)
which one did you buy??

i've had mine for almost a the ones that are on the site now have changed a bit (the graphic on the back is slightly different). but i got the men's one, because i like things to be a bit longer and sometimes women's sweatshirts are short. it's a men's medium and it fits me just a bit oversized.

alright thanks a lot i buy one today...i like the mens sizes too!! :)

if someone's interested in the vans saddle sid shoes, you can get the white ones on ebay in size 6, 8 and 9.5 :)

do you have a link?

is it just me, or does anyone else find the prices of the nike jackets a bit ridiculous? i mean, i get the whole profit and last-ones-left thing but they're all the same price on ebay and for people who dont even earn money- its quite a stretch! :\ i dont think any of them should even BE that price, cant it even be kept below $150 (about £90) ? or at least someone could sell one cheaper.. it would be MUCH appreciated.

You're so right Chloe. It makes me so mad to see those prices. Especially when people say that they want to help others to get that jacket and then put them on Ebay for ridiculous prices. So it's obvious that they don't want to help but rather make money with it.

Sure, there are some who earn there living with Ebay but a lot of others don't. They buy all the jackets in different sizes (allegedly for themselves to find the right size) and then put them on Ebay for four times of the original price.

I can't stand it *argh*

haha yeah exactly! The jacket was about $50 right?! so lets say 60 maybe it was in some factories more expensive, if you take $ 20 for shipping to them and another 20 for international shipping, then that makes 100 dollar. So wouldn't it be enough to sell it for 140, maybe 150 including shipping, they would still make a good profit and I would be happy to buy it.
But I just can't accept 200 dollar in total...

thank you for agreeing Lisa ! :) I thought i was the only person that thought that! If noone puts one on for a lower price, yeah i'll probably have to just find the money for a dear one coz i love the jacket so much, but otherwise if any people could put some on at any lower prices (or we could come to some agreement) i'm sure many of us will love you forever lol!

i *might* have a black one in medium available. i had bought it for someone on here, but they haven't answered any of my messages since...and i already paid for it with my own money. i'd be willing to sell it for what i paid for i, no mark-up, plus shipping. but i am going to wait a few more days to see if she contacts me back first.

yes absolutly! this person would be my personal hero.
and to be honest I think it's quite sad that everybody just sees the money they can make rather then help + make people happy. So give some love to this sad world and sell the jackets for are reasonable price. amen! :D

oh peacefrog that sounds good. let me know what happens cause M would be just perfect ;)

yeah definately, if you do sell it, you'd be a life saver lol, then maybe more people might sell for lower prices too.. let us knoww:):)

You guys forget that ebay takes 10% (final value fee and listing fee's etc add up to like 3$ and then paypal takes 8%) That's why it is better to just sell them through paypal only. I hate selling on ebay. its a rip off.

oh and I have one size large in black and one size medium in black. I am shipping a bunch out to some girls on here tomorrow (most of them are from Germany) so message me if you are interested. I don't want to have to make two seperate trips to the post office. I also have one large blue one. And if anyone wants a black or grey size small -I might be able to get some more.

Peacefrog I hope what happened to me doesn't happen to you. Either way good luck selling it. I am sure someone will buy it! :0)

please message me anyone who would be able to sell a M or S black internationally! THANK YOU :)

Did anyone who shipped one to someone internationally have to pay 35-40$ in shipping costs? I feel like the post office screwed me! haha. I thought it would only be 20$ for flat rate :(

Priority Mail flat rate (the white boxes) is only for the US. If you ship it out of country it depends on the size of the box AND how much it weighs. I shipped out one a few days ago and it shipped Priority for $25.79.

you can use the priority mail flat rate boxes for international shipping as well. i've sent things to a friend in australia that way. the flat rate prices are listed here: the small flat rate box is cheap, but it's a tiny box the size of a book. so you'd have to go to the next size up which is $41.95.

hey everybody! do you know when is the show of MTV Ulalume? cause i want to see them! Yesterday was the last day of Eclipse...

actually, they are still filming eclipse , only the less important people stopped filming, but im pretty sure kristen and rob and maybe taylor are still filming:) and i'd like to know about the mtv thing too cuz i never heard of it...

what jeans is she wearing in those pics?
thanks :)


Top two - J Brands in the Sundance wash, bottom one - BDG medium wash skinnies :)

thanks (:

Just to be a stickler (this is obviously a sign I have too much time on my hands) the Dr. martens in that shoot are spotted incorrectly. she is actually wearing the Dr. martens 1490 in this spot, it only has 10 "eyes" to lace up.

I have a digital nylon subscription so I looked this up real quick since the ones shown looked so high! Anyway, I flagged the spot and sent a message to note the correct boots. Do we have to re-spot this, or does coolspotters take care of it?
here's a link to the boots:

yeah i know, lol. i was the one who spotted them...and when that automatic list came down when you type in a name for a new spot, i accidentally clicked on those. i'm fixing it. thanks :)

hey if anybody has $212+ to burn, i found a Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring that looks pretty identical to the one Kristen has.

that woman like messaged me when I won a fork and told me not to put it on ebay at the same time as hers or something. so weird.

Hey guys,

Of all the jackets I got for people two of them never responded or paid me so after almost a week of waiting I put them up at eBay a lot cheaper price then the others. The 230$ is pretty insane I think... but yea just wanted to let anyone who still wants one know.

i do please! but i would have to be international shipping.. whats your ebay username?

175 is cheapest I saw I think. That sucks that people never responded to you. I'm sure you will sell them though :( You can always return them right? Do you live near a nike store? or did you have to have them shipped to you? I cannot believe how much international shipping is! 35$ and they charged me for tape? lame. haha

Yea I put mine at 115$. I paid 70$ for them each including the cost of shipping, and then the shipping overseas is $39.00 Flat Rate Priority.. it's insane! It's pretty cool now picking these up for people on here I've shipped all over the world - Israel, Paris, United Kingdom, Germany etc. It's nice to be able to do something nice for someone else. Leia was sweet enough to help me get an Energie top a while back, so I wanted to return the favor. We all find these clothes we love and can't get them because the the stores aren't where we live. It's really something amazing that there are people here willing to help each other out. :)

So basically, the price I put it at covers me for about $5 for packaging costs etc. I put them as cheap as I could to cover what I paid. Yea I can return them but then I lose all the costs I paid for shipping, so I thought I'd try and sell them to someone else first since it seems like a lot of people still want one but aren't going to pay $300.. and I don't blame them one bit for not wanting to pay that much.

No thats a great price and ur awesome to do that. I shipped a couple to a few girls on here, but I only calculated 20-25$ for shipping not the 40$ plus they charged me for ridiculous, but at least they're really good fans :) 300 is a little insane. back when I didn't have one I would have paid 200$ max for a new one-they are really nice jackets, but anything over 200$ is insane.

The irony is that all these people trying to make a buck on the jackets are going to get stuck with them because a lot were made available from the factory stores. If you can't find one now, I would wait a bit because the ebayers will either drop their prices or return the items back to the stores.

That's not necessarily true. There are no more in the factories. When I called one place they had a ton and that was like 2 days ago. :( Plus they aren't re-making them so they aren't going to become available all of a sudden unless nike figures it out and re-makes them, which would be cool :) Then international girls could get them shipped from the nike site!

Love this video so I wanted to share it with you. Isn't she beautiful ?! ;) Oh oh whoa-oh. Oh oh whoa-oh xD

really cool video. like it! thanks for sharing :)

yea I like it too, thanks (:

haha great :D this song!!

there are now 2 spots for the brand dr. martens. the other spot is called "dr. martens boots".
one of those should be deleted...

dr. martens is the correct one. the "dr. martens boots" one is old...the brand is just called "dr. martens" - not dr. marten boots. this happened because someone created two "brand" profiles for the same brand, and everyone always just ends up tagging both.

i contacted jennifer and asked her to merge the two brand profiles into one so we don't lose any spots.

ah great! thanks peacefrog :)

hi i have a question: i know its been asked a lot but i just wanted to be sure - the nike quilted jacket runs a bit smaller, right? meaning,if i usually wear a medium, i better take a large one?!
thanks for your help =)

Yea that is what most people have been saying. I think because they also like to wear layers underneath the jacket. Where I live, it doesn't get very cold so I wouldn't be wearing a lot of layers under it. I usually wear a small and got a medium because everyone said they run small.. it was too big for me so I went back and got a small and it fits me much better. I don't intend to layer anything under it though - if I was wearing a sweater under it then it might be a tight fit so I would go based on whether you want to wear anything under the jacket. If it gets really cold where you are, definitely go a size up! That's just my experience with it, hope that helps :)

do you mean it runs smaller if you wash it? or just when you wear for example a sweater under it?

I don't think it runs smaller at all. Its true to size. If you read the reviews on the nike website-thats what everyone says. The only difference with the sizes is in the chest area. But I am 36C/34D and medium fits me with room for sweaters and hoodies and the small fit enough for just one thin sweater underneath. If you guys are interested you should try to get someone who has your size to measure it for you. I might try to do that for people, but I really suck at measuring. The sizing chart I have for it really isn't accurate at all lol or I would post it.

I'm normally a medium, but ordered a large. I'm 5'7" with a medium frame and 36D bust. I like my clothes to fit comfortably, and I felt that the medium size was a bit too snug.

im 5'7 too! 36c/34d are the same bust sizes just sister size, so ya if you are a full d then medium would be snug, it would still fit, but its all about preference. I feel like the look of the jacket is supposed to be form-fitting. I first ordered a large and it was way too big for me. It looked bulky. The medium was perfect for layering and small was good for if I didn't really want to wear too many layers underneath. You also get a little bit more length on the large, which is good for if you are taller. But in the middle area of the jackets, I feel like all sizes are pretty close (the difference is more in the chest area and then a tiny bit difference in length).

Are you keeping the medium and getting a large? I feel like I should measure the difference between the medium and large. I gotta look up the correct way to measure clothes though haha

Oh and for anyone wondering about *Washing* the jacket. It says "dry clean only" but a bunch of girls here have washed and dried it and said that it didn't shrink. Personally, I would wash in cold water and do "tumble dry low" or just air dry it, but people haven't had problems with just washing and drying it normally. It is not going to shrink if you wash it though. Unless you are putting it on ridiculously high heat like what you would use to dry towels.

mine says to wash in cold water, and tumble dry low. unless i have a different "model" and they have since made it dry clean only...

my jacket says "wash in cold water"...i've had mine for a year. maybe it's different?

I didn't check my tag. I never dry clean stuff. I just handwash it--i never pay to get stuff dry cleaned, but I meant on the nike website it says something about dry clean, but all the reviews from that site say people washed and dried it and never had a problem with it shrinking or anything, so I wouldn't worry about it.

thank you all for answering me =) I think - thanks to your experiences - I will order a size large, because i like to wear a shirt and a hoodie under it, so i need to be a little bit bigger...
thanks again!

Good luck! I'm a jacket/ hoody /sneaker fiend and this jacket is one of my favorites.

oh dear lord. please stop spotting that adidas shirt! it's already spotted.

They've already been spotted on the Bella Swan profile. Here ya go:

being a mini owner myself, i was really excited to see that kristen drives a mini too!
i stumbled across this thread today on NAM

i don't know how, but if anyone cares to edit the spot for her car she drives a Mini Cooper S, not the standard Cooper.

i know! my mom drives one. they're pretty fun.

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