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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Has anyone bought a spoon ring? Can someone tell me what they're like, should I buy a cheap one? Or?

Thank you! Will you be selling the little red riding hood spoons?

Thank you very much!

where did you find the Zodiac ones? I'm a scorpio.

ooo zodiac ones. those sounds cool. do you have any links to a taurus one?
ps. what did you think of the game last night BB? i thought it was great!

Can you find me a December Sagittarius spoon?!?!?!

Hey girls, the new ring that Kristen wears is a Camélia J2940 by Chanel I've just spotted this ;)


pretty pricey i bet. we are going to have to find good alternatives to this one. lol

Chanel is always really expensive. But it's such a wonderful brand. And I don't say that only because I'm french. I'm sure it worth it.

Great spot, Jaymes!

awesome spot Jaymes!

Thanks ;)

what's her hair color in this pics?


brunette/auburn ?

I was thinking dark red......but I'm not sure

i think brunette and auburn, cuz she tends to leave the lower sections her natural color then does the coloring on the top sections, almost like highlights but thicker.

ok...brunette/auburn...! thank you very much ;)

if you buy an auburn hair color box it will be RED so this is like brown auburn. to get this color you should go to a salon. i dyed my hair from a box using loreal superior preference dark mahogany brown and it came out darker with verry red tints and some purple. it will probably fade to this color eventually. its very nice it looks differnt in every light.

my hair colour is actually don't know....little darker?

It's pretty similar to Kristen's jacket but I can't find one with the yellow strip on the shoulders.


ooh, are these jackets for sale somewhere?

haha they look like old-time football letterman jackets that i had in high school.

i have one of my own from when i played soccer. doubt it still fits though. lol.

Really nice pics from Press Conference in Brazil :) Love her outfit!
Her hair is coming back!


Love her outfit so much! and I really like her hair in these pics too...

Very little video with Kris&Tay :)

the blazer is so cool !! anyone id it ??

yes i like it a lot too. they have one similar at urban outfitters it's called like the boyfriend blazer, she might actually be wearing that one.

well anyways it looks so cool on her, thank you :))

i like her outfit too and her hair looks much better :) i think she looks happy i mean the last weeks she looks bored and sad and angry... :( poor kristen

probably because she's done with movies... at least for a while... i hope.

yes! she looks happier thant few weeks ago! I'm so excited girls, I'm going to madrid on12th of november to the newmoon premiere! kstew, taylor an rpattinson, I'm from barcelona but I've bought the tickets to go! I will show you the pics !!! kissssses

That's great! have fun. :)

Hey I think her jeans at the airport are really really nice...and I cant really see the label, but im thinking Dr.Denim?? Any thoughts?

anyone i.d the black long coat she is wearing on her return to l.a this week? where can i get something similar,oh and i LOVE that black blazer! happy spotting =]

Im looking for thin to really thin flannel shirts, anyone know of any specific brands/sites/stores/etc that carry some? I would prefer something besides F21 or H&M.

And maybe Urban Outfitters?????? And Topshop in NYC??/??

I got a really thin flannel shirt in topshop. If you don't have a store near you check there website.

Where can I buy the Chanel black rose ring? Does anyone know what the price range is on this ring?

This website says you can buy the ring at these places:
I became a member and it said the price was about 1,767.04 US dollars. Doesn't seem right to me, though. Sounds too cheap

They have the Chanel Camellia rings listed on ebay. It doesn't look the same as the one listed as Chanel camellia on coolspotters but check it out.

$1800 USD sounds about right given the size of the stones...out of my price range though!

this isn't really Kristen related but on the converse website, i made a pair of low allstars just like her multi coloured pair of Vans and i really love them, the only trouble is i emailed them to see if they ship to the uk and they said no they don't- they don't even except a international credit card so they can be shipped to a relative in the states (which i don't have either).
I was just wondering if any one knew if it was at all possible to buy them and have them shipped to the uk.

I designed these:


hopefully we can get a good picture of her during the Brazil press conference to update her picture with!

I really love the one on the right here:

She looks super happy.

yeah i like that one too :)

i don't know.(maybe it's the lighting) but it sorta looks like she's sweaty or something. but it's also cute how she looks soo happy:) lol

If you look at just her face, her makeup just seems dewy.
But in combination with her hair, it does have a little sweaty look to it, haha. But I think it works!

humid in brazil?

yes it is humid in brazil this time of year. hence the sweaty looks on her and taylor. and those lights on them make it even warmer.

ugh yeah I just got back from South America and it is not a pleasant humidity down there.

Do any of your girls know where I can get LNA t-shirts for less? I love their stuff but their prices are not college student friendly lol.

hey - when i am looking for stuff i sometimes search's basically a database that searches a bunch of different online retailers and then lists your options for you.

unfortunately i think it would be hard to find the main LNA shirts that are often spotted, but there were a few other shirts i saw on sale for the like $30-40 range.

also, do you get emails from like gilt or ideeli? they're bascially like online sample sales so its really a crap shoot as to whether you would actually ever get a certain product, but i could send you an invite or something if you message me your email?

p.s. some of it is totally ridiculous like insterad of a 12k coat, you can buy it for 6k, but other things become "affordable" if you get the message in time and get t the website before it sells out, i am convinced some stuff was never available, but that just my cynicism...

Kerbear- I know you watched the game and I'm spazzing. One more game!

i'm torn. i am a life-long yankees fan but i am from philadelphia. in terms of cities, i will always think philly is better, and in football i am solidly for the eagles, but as much as it pains me to see philly lose a championship, i really want the yankees to win.

i relished the giants being embarrassed today. the eagles were a thing of beauty. but yeah, always gonna think philly is a better city (and i've lived in both). but i love the yankees. if they weren't in it, i'd be rooting for the phillies. but i have to stick for my yankees. my family is close friends with jeter (brother-in-law was jeter's roommate), so it's essential, lol.

BB, that game was awesome!!! i stayed up and watched it cuz i was freaking out and now i have to be up at 5am for work. heading to work right now for 6am so this is going to be a long day. but one more game!!!! they can do it!!!!

i don't think they will win it tonight in philly with cliff lee pitching for the phillies. philadelphia is still a very good team. i see this going 6 games at least...which is fitting. i'd love to see andy pettitte on the mound for the final game.

Her make-up look is Dewy.Very easy to achieve.Just grab a make up sponge, wet it a little bit,dip it into your foundation and start applying it all over your face. Then grab a light pink blush and lightly apply it the apples of your cheeks,blending it out to the rest of your for eyes it looks like she has a taupe color on the lid and lower lashline and some mascara. :D

Kristens On a New Zealand Creme Mag /Heres a pic hope you like it taylor and her look stunning ! :) x

hey ..

is this 'jacket' IDed yet ?I think it's not a it?

ans doyou know how much the shipping of kristen's heart-hoodie( black records.. the don't know the right name) to germany costs?

I don't wanna pay through the nose, you know...



They have two shipping methods for the Blackheart Records Hoodie:
Flat Rate (Best Way) $19.99
United Parcel Service (1.50lbs) (Worldwide Saver) $76.40

does anyone know what pants shes wearing in this photo, also??

breathethroughme: she's wearing the BDG black crackle jeans here in this photo. Hope that helps!

are they the same as these?
i dont think they are, but just checking...

Hey i know this has been asked a million times, but converse trekking green, that colors gone, what's more similar? forest green? or plain green?

i think the sycamore is the closest personally. it is a little brighter than the trekking

With no disrespect meant, I am suprized that with all of her low rising and skinny jeans that she has never shown butt crack. If I was a celebrity I think I would always have that problem. haha. Just saying.

Heh. I actually watched some fashion program some time back where they were going through a kind of check list as to what sort of jeans different people are most suited to, and it had a section where they talked about peoples butt cracks - apparantly most people have high-rising butt cracks (lovely huh?) and should not wear low rise jeans, and not that many women have low rising butt cracks -and they could bend over all they want and not offend peoples eyes. I guess K is one of the latter.

haha, that is too funny. I actually have jeans that I call my butt crack jeans. To bad most jeans are for that small percentage of women with "low rising butt cracks". :P

i think about that all the time!! haha she must just have a really good body for jeans, like good hips. she's lucky.

hey guys, i was wondering if anybody has good pics of kristen with her reddish/black hair... thanks!!

For those of you who own the Nike Aerofit's do they run true to size? Finishline only has one size left and I'm weary about getting them.

they run about a half size small because they're narrow in the toe area. i usually wear an 8.5 in nike's and had to go to a 9.

I don't think this is the exact tuxedo style blazer Kristen wore at the Brazil press conference but it is a very similar style to hers. Satin tuxedo collar, snap waist detail, similar pockets, just overall similarities. Check it out!! :)
Here's a picture of her wearing the blazer at the conference (I think it's Chloe, since the shoes and skirt were by Chloe for the rest of the outfit). It is a pretty good match, especially if you don't want to pay designer prices!!!! The only thing is that the rolled up sleeves are a different color...

That's a great alternative platesoff! Good find :)

i think that's it because the reason the white was showing was because she had it rolled higher than in mexico she had it rolled lower. i think you found it,

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