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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Hey girls... I've got a pic to put up here... how to you post a picture?

if you have a photobucket account, you can upload it and put the direct link and then it should be there in your comment. :)

If anyone from US wants Nike Jacket is size Large and possibly Medium-let me know if you are from outside the US you have to be willing to be reasonable with the fact shipping is 35-40$. :)

Im not sure if this was posted before, but this shirt is super discounted, and kinda close to the long sleeved striped sweater (spongebob!) Kristen wore at the airport. It is only left in an XXL, but I'm sure that isn't too big, since it is American Eagle.

a xxl from american eagle is actually pretty's a 46 inch chest, which is a size 18.

I recant my statement!
Could always be sewed on the sides, though.

recant away! lol. but yes you are right. i like that shirt but i am too lazy to taylor shite.

All quiet on the western front here, lol
I can't wait to see what she'll wear in the next couple of weeks when she's promoting the movie. =)

I agree! I actually can't wait until all this Twilight stuff is over (for the both of them) because I can't wait to see them in other movies. I can't wait to see The Runaways. I also can't wait to see Rob in Remember Me. :)

i know it! i really want to see Welcome to Rileys, The Runaways, and Remember Me. they are going to be good!! Remember Me comes out in February :)

i'm actually interested to see 'remember me' too. i like rob but i've found his acting to be kinda...not so far in everything i've seen him in. except 'how to be' which i liked. i didn't like him in 'little ashes' at all. so i'm kind of excited for 'remember me' because i really want to think he is a good actor, because i like him as a guy (he amuses me), so i want to like him as an actor.

as for kristen't other stuff, i want to see everything. i'm even going to see 'new moon' just for her, though i will cringe through the whole thing. but i'm excited for 'the runaways' and 'welcome to the rileys' - but i really hope that new one she signed on to do gets made. i forget what it's called and don't feel like googling it.

I loved Rob as Cedric in Harry Potter even before all the Twilight realization but that because I'm a big Potter fan. haha.

Anyone got their Nike jacket from the Mass. factory store yet? Just wondering how long the processing/shipping time was.

I ordered on a Friday and it arrived on a Tuesday.

i ordered on Thursday and got it Wed :)

Got mine today! w00t! I'd say it fits true to size, if not a little bit big, in case anyone was wondering.

I ordered it friday and got it wed

i may sound stupid or whatever, i dont know, but in the nike jacket, what exactly is the media portal patch ?

for an mp3 player or cell phone.

so you can put the ipod or cell in there and it protects it and give a place for it to hide. i didn't know it had one. where is it?

thanks. I'm not sure, i havent got mine yet, it just says that in all the descriptions.. :)

kerbear...i don't have my jacket on me right now, but the pocket is on the inside, i think on the left side.

yeah i went searching on mine and found it. thanks for the help guys :)

anyone else biddingg on riding hood spoon ring? ends today, when i am at work. i might have to run home on my lunch break. lol. THIS IS SO SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!! ( I know I'm crazy LOL )


awww....they were really tight lipped this time around. not a lot of pictures were leaked. the PR did they job great this time!

That's great! This means they could shoot in peace this time (at least in peace of paparazzi :)).

hopefully they can finally get some much deserved peace and quiet.

Hey, I found this picture with all the new moon costumes from some Twi-con I guess. Does anyone know what the blue shirt is under the AE Henley?


not sure. it is probably just a blue that is the same color. you can get them anywhere. just a plain long sleeve shirt in the right color.

but why do they have some of the stuff from Eclipse up there? i would have thought it would have just been New Moon stuff. i guess not though.

Oh great thanks :)

who took the bit about spotting 'bella's items' on her page instead of this one, off the 'about' bit at the top? I thought that was something we all agreed on..

not sure who took it out but i will re-add it. just did it :)

Holy crap! That Red Riding Spoon ring ends in 40 minutes and the bidding has gone up to 465.00$. I shudder to think what the bids will end on. Kind of like that other ring that ended at 900.00$ back in August.
I' a lost for words.

ridiculous is the word your looking for. Not worth it AT ALL lol!

And it sold for 430.00$. Wow.
Oh well. =)

I can't believe how absurdly priced these things are. WHOAH.

it was an auction. it wasnt priced that much. there is a difference.

Actually, it started off pretty high to begin with and then it escalated. The bidding started at 129.99$. To me that's pretty expensive but what can you do? These spoons and forks with that riding hood design are rare, I've only seen maybe 5 or 6 on ebay within the past few months. And it is a ring that Kristen wears almost at every occasion so that'll increase the want from girls that wish to have the exact ring. I was fortunate enough to purchase a fork with the same riding hood design on ebay at 50.00$ but I was lucky at that price. I've seen other forks that have sold for over 100$ on ebay. It really just depends on how much you're willing to spend. But, I really think that the icing on the cake for this ring was back in August when another ring sold for 900.00$. =)

i buy from this seller lots. i was one of the unlucky people who lost in this auction. she started price just $10.00 over what she paid. so not so expensive in my book. like platesoff say, it up to you on what you want to spend. i dont think people should be critized because we dont mind paying more. i save up all my money after i pay all bills to buy things for me. I dont drive fancy automobile, but i like my girly things. I dont live in posh flat, but i like to surround myself with nice clothes, etc. if it makes you happy why is it so wrong?

I am sorry to say...but I won in this auction :) I know it was a crazy amount but I have lost on every other one that I have bid on for this ring or fork or spoon so had a bunch of extra cash and went for it. And I am very happy with my win. I have been wanting this ring forever and now finally will have one.

And this seller said that she has 3 more that she is going o be putting up soon, so everyone is going to be wanting to check her out daily on Ebay. she said the one that I bought was the most detailed though. Like the detail on the ring isn't as good as the one I just won. But they are all good still she said.

I also just bought the Lucky Henley that Kristen wears as Bella in New Moon from her and she is going to combine them into one and give me free shipping. She is also throwing in free Twilight goodies since the ring sold for over $200.

way to go kerbear! i was also bidding and glad to see its someone on here. and i am stoked that they are putting up some more. how did they get so many? did they say when? please let us know how it looks in person when you get it. the pics looked really nice. you are gonna love the henley, it is so soft. i had to stop wearing mine once a week, i was starting to get wierd looks. ;)

she said that she goes to a lot of antique places and vintage places so when she found out that Kristen wore this one she decided to get as many as she could in order for people to be able to buy them since a lot of people can't get to those types of stores. she didn't say when she was going to put the others up but i would just check back daily cuz she told me really soon. i will definitely let you all know how it is once i get it.

glad to hear that the henley is nice. i can't wait to get that either!!

oh no i hope its not from teh seller I mentioned a week or so ago who definitely makes replicas-the one that messaged me :-/

yeah,I would not pay $430.00 for a ring.At least not now. I would rather buy a spoon ring that costs $30.00 dollars :D there is plenty of spoon rings on sale on Ebay that I am considering buying

hey guys ... I tried to ID this sunnglass _ I know I'm not the only one :D

and then I transformed the pic into negative (colores) ( donno how to say this)

---> and then I saw three little dots at the lower right glass...

I was looking for answers in the internet. maybe prada, persol...
and maybe someone of you knows/owns sunglasses with three little dots??



Blinde makes glasses with 3 dots. Maybe them?

Yeah, Blinde does make glasses with 3 dots but I'm not sure if that's their logo... :/

These are the closest thing I got to these glasses:
I thought it was it at first but then some minor details proved me wrong. :( Oh well, it's close..!

Haha, BB, I was just about to ask, 'Where's your disclaimer in the description?!!'

haha No problem BB. I was just getting it up there quick cuz someone said it was gone. forgot about the Sell All link. :) it's all good!

how did you find this out and where are the pics? :)

hey everybody,
does anybody knows where i can get Marc Jacobs Silver Plated Ring?
i need help please!!!!!!!!

you beat me too it. that was just what i was going to post. lol


Hey guys! I'm kinda new here. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of hair products Kristen uses on a daily basis? I love the way her hair looks! I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Is she wearing two hoodies? lol


Yeah... looks like a v-neck pullover.

she is definitely wearing two hoodies. the grey one is one shirt then the black one looks like the Blackheart Records Studio one. i bet the grey one is thin though.

i just wonder why she is so cold all the time. she is always wearing heavy clothes even in LA, like it is winter. kinda weird.

are you sure about the black one? I think it's the EC hoodie

Ya, I've noticed she tends to wear a lot of layers. Whatever, it just looked funny at first

definitely sure that it is the Blackheart Records one. the EC Star one logo on the front is more patchy and peeled from being old, and the color is more light black/grey on that one from being so old.

she's also really thin....maybe this is why she is so cold all the time....mmmmmm....I don't

i also think she is always wearing hoodies to hide under. if you think about it in pictures of her before the twilight extravaganza she is not so hoodie dependent!


black one looks like the ec star one to me. i have the blackheart records one and the pocket placement on the front is different.

yeah it's definitely the ec star hoodie, the print looks different of the blackheart record one (even if you just see a tiny bit) and this one looks really short and washed, like the ec star...

Yea she's probably trying to hide, I wouldn't blame her one bit.

Hey does anyone know where I can buy the Converse Chuck Taylor lo-top trekking green sneakers? :)

they don't make them in the trekking green color anymore. the closest they have to that color is sycamore.

they still make the high tops in trekking green:
otherwise, yes, the sycamore is the closest.

...and also, does anyone know where I can get the Chanel T-strap heels?

I wonder why Oprah hasn't done a show on twilight. I kinda thought she would.

Looks like Kristen is wearing a new ring, but I can't find a good closeup. It's on her left index finger but it's not the onyx and silver one she normally wears.

It looks like it could just possibly be her clover ring turned to the side, but its pretty dang hard to tell.
But then again, it also looks like it could have a black stone in there.

Edit: Wow, my input wasn't helpful at all, haha.

To me, it looks like a diamond shape and the stone is black. Oh well, maybe if HQ's come out I can find a better picture to see it more clearly!!!

Edit: Found a better picture, it's definitely a new ring:

She's wearing the moonstone ring on her right index finger, clover ring on her right ring finger and the new black one on her left index finger. And that's all the investigating I'm

yeah it is definitely a new ring. the clover one is gold band and silver clover inside the gold. looks like we need to figure this one out :)

Does Converse still make the low tops in Salmon and or Pumpkin?

Have you checked ebay? I saw three sizes in pumpkin but they were mens size 12 or 13 and that'd probably be too big for you, unless you have bigfoot

I have those Chanel pumps and I had to go up half a size. I'm normally a 7 but I bought a size 7.5 since the shoe is really narrow. So depending on your size, like say size 8.5 or 9, get the 9 or 9.5 in these shoes.
Here are some links:
And these shoes are really high, like 4, 4.5 inches high. I'm 5'2'' and I look so tall in these heels, well compared to my regular height. lol

Those are gorgeous, but there is no way I would spend that much money on a pair of heels...probably because I don't wear them unless I'm going to like, a wedding lol.

Yeah, they're high but they're surprisingly comfortable, the most comfortable out of all my heels. I feel supprted? I don't know if that is the right word to describe it...
No wonder Kristen wore the Chanel shoes a lot. Are you going to get the shoes? They're a good deal, I paid 795$ plus tax, around 820$ in stores versus these ones on ebay at 595$. But I am always wary of buying shoes online, I prefer going to stores and trying them on. Like the black jazz shoes I bought on zappos, I haven't received them yet and I'm worried that they'll either be too big or too small. ugh...

here's a japanese website that has a great selection of deadstock converse, but be warned it can get pricey:

i am obsessed with vintage, deadstock sneakers. i really only buy vans from the "made in the usa" timeframe, and these can be hard to find in women's sizes. i rationalize my behavior because i work in the medical field and wear scrubs everyday, so sneakers are the only way i can identify myself.

while ebay is great, and is often the best place online to get a deal, i look for a lot of shoes through the "sneaker freaker" ezine and blog. they also focus more of girls sneakers, instead of the male dominated models. so if you are sxearching for kristen's vans and converse that are discontinued and deadstock only items i suggest there as well as this website:

unfortunately, if you're american, this is a french store and shipping can be pricing. but they had (until i bought them) another colour version of the quad-colour vans kristen has recently been spotted in.

anyway, terribly long post, but i thought i would share my experience with looking for these items.

Wow I really like Kris new Vans.. are they vintage? Because I've never seen them before :( I thought I can make that kind of Era Shoes through, can I?

the ones she wears are vintage, but vans came out with a remake this past year. they have had staggered worldwide releases, but the main difference is that with the vintage shoes each section of the shoe is a different colour, and the new versions only use 2 colours. i don't knwo if that makes sense, but if you see the photos its a better comparison.

Oh yes! I perfectly understand.. so the point is hoping to find the vintage ones on internet. Maybe we can find them :)

they have been really hard to find, and in some cases available abroad (non-us) for well over $200. I bought the ones i referenced above, and will let you know if there is a style number or any further information i can provide once i see the box and stuff.

I came across a website where a user was asking about legalities in copying the Little Red Riding Hood spoon in order to sell the rings - and just wanted to let people know that there may be copies floating around that aren't the real deal. I have no problem buying a copy (I love the design), but I know that authenticity can be a concern for some people and just want to inform :)

Here's the website:

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