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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



So I know it's been changed like, 404845t49 times today but...



she looks great in this one! yes a bit tired, but she is a busy girl so that is natural. love it though!

i thought that K-11 was done? there are already pictures of her and Nikki out on set shooting that.

Nope that was for Welcome to the Rileys, K-11 is in pre-pro.

oh! i didn't know that Nikki was in Welcome to Riley's. thanks for letting me know :)

she's not but they traveled together to new orleans, while kristen was shooting.

oh ic. thanks for clearing that up for me guys :)

yes Elle, once i saw this picture i wanted it as my default :)

Whoooa So her blazer is knit?


yes looks like it.

if it is knit. she may have made it herself since she has been knitting a lot lately.

looking at it close up it looks like a tuxedo sweater. heres one, close but no cigar ... best i can find right now. the collars are different, but the sleeves are really close. take a look at both close up. i wish i could find a pic of her with the jacket buttoned up.

ok i know this isnt the jacket but i flipped out when i saw the name of it -

kerbear... I have been knitting for years... and let me tell you- a sweater/blazer is veery hard to do. (especially for someone with her schedule) So I'll just say she definitely did not hand knit it. (And it looks high-end so def not hand-knit) I wish she was that baller though! Lol

plates-you are so right! how do you find these so quick? nice job!
The sweater is by Diesel.
Hope this helps! I'm just trying to figure out what dress she wears in the moto one!!! I love it!!!!!

OH MAN!!!!! guys do you see this pics?? IT'S JUST HOT!!!!!!!!!!


I can't help but say,
I DETEST the photoshoot.
How many more pictures can they take where they look like they are about to kill/mount each other?
I wish they would stop playing up the whole Robsten rumors and just take some cute pictures of them together, but not all sexually charged.
I'm thinking something like the Zooey Deschanel/Joseph Gordon-Levitt shoot for Instyle. Like this:


woah it does look like they photoshopped her head into that picture aha

yeah that photo up there kind of makes Kristen look way too old haha and the choking bit is a tad odd

Hippiechicstyle won the Royal Mfg fork.. I'm sure we can expect her to turn it into a ring now and resell it for $500. Sigh.

um, ok ... how can u tell who won? i was bidding too. isnt that info private?

Well I clicked the name and it shows 330 star power seller. Then I saw Hippiechicstyle 330 star power seller was the winner. I doubt that's a coincidence?

not that it matters, but i think thats rather intrusive. i really wanted the fork, but i didnt go digging to see who won. what does it matter really?

Personally I find it rather off colour to post such information. Unless that person posted it themselves, it should be kept private. Ebay has policies in place for that very purpose. I am sure it wasnt very hard to figure out as you say, but it really should not have been posted here. Jmho.

I don't suppose it does matter to a lot of people. I'm sure a lot of others really wanted the fork too. There's also a reason a lot of this information is becoming more and more private - because so many people have turned it into something to make a profit with. Most of us want to buy the items to keep them and to wear them. When we can't get those items because they are all hoarded by individuals who just want to resell them it's much more difficult, since a good deal of us can't afford those prices. I'm not knocking what others want to do with their time or money but I'm not anxious to help them either. I'm here to help the girls that are here for the same reasons I am. Sorry for expressing my frustrations or being intrusive...

Well I apologize for posting it then. I'm sure an admin can remove it.

Well it just brings us closer to the lurker who is screwing over fans. So I think its good to know. Those rings that she makes are nowhere near similar to kristens. I showed my mom pics and she was like "thats not the same ring" and she knows nothing about that kind of stuff. hers are all polished and stuff-its not worth the $ when you are paying for an *antique* spoon ring. I feel bad for the ppl who are losing money to this person.

i agree totally. who cares who looks at this site. grow up already people. and seriously, you are looking for a lone lurker? spare me. you people are fooling yourselves if you think there is one person out there that looks at this site and puts things on ebay. the above poster got it right, this is a public forum, and to add it to it, it is a free country. stop your cry baby whining and move on. do you truly have nothing else better to do with your life? in regrds to the ring issue, its pretty bold of you to state on a public forum that the one she sold is "nowhere near similiar to kristens" and your mom stating "thats not the same tring" ... i have been over the pics time and time again and i would bet moeny that they are the same ring. that seller may sell things at a higher price, but i wouldnt call her a liar. thats a whole different can of worms and wholly unfair.

i am one of those people losing money to that person. although, i would not call it that per se. i bought from her when i lived in japan, and continue to buy from her since my move to england. i do most of my twilight purchases via ebay, and expect prices to be higher from QUALITY sellers. i have confidence in that seller and know that I will get my i goods quickly. although her prices may be higher, i still find her fair. say what you want, but if i am not mistaken, that eaby store is her business. and i know for a fact prices need to be at least twice the retail on ebay of anyone expects to make any kind of moeny on there. i think there are other sellers that are more expensive than her, so why is it always this one seller that is mentioned? i can give oodles of other seller names that are worse. (btw - just learned the word oodles the other day. been dying to use it)

yes i think we should stop talking smack about hippiechick. cuz i got my little red riding hood ring in today and it look identical to kristen's! and i have close up HQ pictures of kristen's and compared it to mine, and it is the same.

and the only part she had polishes is the part with the graphic on it so it would stand out more. she didn't have the backing polishes so that will wear just like kristen's. the only reason the picture was so it would stand out more and be raised a bit.

she is a great seller and very nice and she does these sellings as a business, not for just extra stuff. i actually talked to her and became friends with her. she is a nice person who can't work outside the home cuz she is a stay at home mom with her kids. ok really don't editing my section now.

ahaha i looove the end of your post about oodles lol random and funny hahaha xD

I see both sides, but I have to say, it's not like hippiechick had a buy it now for $430.00 There's a big difference. The price went that high because people were willing to pay that price.

hm that's true. I personally just don't like the fact that people buy things with the purpose to re-sell them as most of them know how much money certain things can make.

Hey guys, been coming here for a while observing for photos and stuff but just signed up to participate in the kstew shenanigans first hand. Don't know how many of you have a tjmaxx nearby but they have SO many cheap boots right now that look exactly like the frye one's she wore in the photoshoot a few months ago. I got a pair for like $40 that are identical but in a greyish color. check it out!

Oh niiiice I will.

Since I don't want to add to the above drama, but have a comment that popped into my head while reading it,
I secretly (not so much now) wish Kristen/Bella would wear something that I have,
because I am broke! And I could use getting 600$ for my used bedding or old Vans :P

Yo, agreed. I'm just waiting for her to start wearing a shirt that I just gave to my cousin or something and then pictures come out the next day and I'm like aw s***.

Hi y'all! so I recently purchased on Herbal essences Tousle me softly and the results are unbelievable. I have wavy hair a bit like Kristen already but not as messy(talking about the old hairstyle), and I sleep with wet hair all the time. I dont know if it works like that for everyone, but i tried 2 different ways to do it:on the bottle it says to blowdry, I did it but it gave me more of Bella's hairstyle. So I tried applying it on wet hair and sleeping with it, I woke up and it was crazy; so I smoothed my bangs and the ends of my hair with a straightning iron and voila! I now do this everyday.

Do you have any pictures!!!!!. Do you think it would work in already-wavy-curly hair?

would love to see a few pictures of you with the finished hairstyle :)

Well I closely compared my hair with this pic:
And the only difference is that my curls are less perfect since its natural. And to answer your question: I think(ithink since i didnt see your hair) that you woulnt need the product that much if you have wavy-ccurly hair, just straigten the ends end the bangs, but the product does make it messier but still softer!


I love, love, love her hair like this!! she needs to grow it back out :)

this is when i loved her hair the most. messy but styled a bit.

I personally love the new pics from Harper Bazzar....I think they're classy ;)

they are so beautiful

yes they are! (Bazaar sorry, mispelled it)

Yesss... Oh my goodness! I've been waiting for her to do something old-school glamorous! I'm way into this look than anything else she's done...
And I'm just goin out on a limb... but there could be a possibility that she shot the pics a while back before she chopped off her hair. (She might've dyed it black first) But I'm probably wrong because her hair looks way thicker in this photoshoot than her normal hair. So... yea... definitely extensions or something. I'm just talkin' out loud... lol

i think they are extensions/a wig. the reason i say that is because in the hq pics you can see some of the glue and clips from them. i am sure that will be photoshopped out in the magazine.

there are definite visible tracks.
she's attractive in the photos no doubt, but osme of those dresses look like they're appropriate for a 40-50 yo women, and the coloring is a little too dita von teese (spelling?) for my liking on kristen, but its a style choice...

she looks like evan rachel wood...

Thank you! That was the first thought that I had when I saw the pic of her looking over her shoulder "she looks like Evan Rachel Wood in this one"!

OMG I just loved the outtakes !! She's gorgeous ! Kristen is definitely the new girl-crush of mine now :)

I really like her jeans and tee. Can anyone help me find them? Her hair is so long now ^^


I'M IN LOVE with this jeans! she looks gorgeous on mexico's photocall! I hope someone change the profile photo for one from mexico! Also i love the photoshoot from bazaar but the dresses she wears are too ...mmmm how to say this...HORRIBLE! seeeee you girls

oh man I want this jeans so badly!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking maybe diesel...but I'm probably wrong :( uff

I think if they were Diesel the label should be on the right jeanspocket like the 1st pic, but in kris's ones there isnt (2nd pic) :) Diesel jeans are made here in Treviso (North of Italy) and I knew it from a long time
PS is the Alexander McQueen Swarovski Crystal Skull Cocktail Ring spot right? I really like that ring ^^


I know they are not diesel...:( uff...I wanna know the brand!!!!!!!!! miss sixty maybe? ma aspetta sei italiana????

In the pic at the bottom (click it to enlarge and zoom in) you might be able to notice that on the front button of the jeans, the logo looks something like a 'b' and another upside down 'b' overlapping it and at first I thought it was the brand Bebe but I don't think it is. The Bebe logo is slightly different, but I guess we have a clue now... ;)


they're not the genetic denim jeans?

Yes :) evviva un'altra italiana! Ma quant'è bello sto sito? :) puoi scrivermi in bacheca se vuoi!

you two put me to shame. i wish i was bilingual.

where did the alexander Mcqueen ring go that was spotted??
It was right

I think you should re spot because the spot is in fact right...I just looked in the Harper's Bazar web page for the records...

hello all
For those that want the Vans Old Skool cracked gold, is selling them in sizes UK6,7,8 (they got them in silver as well , sizes UK5, 6, 7) and they ship internationally.
Typical i want the silver ones as well but no size 4 lol

The new interview with Kristen and Rob is f-ing hilarious.

Oh yeah! I just read it...kris and rob are so funny together! I was almost in tear when kris basically compared rob to a pinguin! she is so funny;)

I cried I was laughing so hard when she said if she could be an animal she would be a cat because people will be like "Come here" and you'll be like "F*** you"

ahahahah!!! really funny! and " the no ***** detector??!" she is just the epitome of cool!

Do you have a link to their interview please ? =)

yeah post the link plz :)

I don't know how to put a web site link :( sorry I'm an idiot...but you can go to the Harper's Bazar web page;) I don't know if this link work...but I try lol

Love this interview!

the link does work! man. i loved this interview too

Hey! This is for everybody who is interested (but mostly for the international girls - especially germany). I got a Nike Quilted Jacket (grey, medium) but it doesn't fit so I'm selling it for the price I paid plus shipping. I paid 80€ all together (jacket, shipping and tax!). Let me know if anybody is interested!

I know there was a lot of speculation on Kristen's height but in the Harpers magazine she says that she is 5'6" but wishes she was 5'10"

It's so weird that she said that, because if it were true then all the other people who stand next to her must be giants. Maybe it's a mistake on the magazines part - they maybe printed it wrong?
I just checked on and they actually have a discussions page on Kristens height (weird huh?) - and it says she is 5'4" (which sounds about right to me.)

heres the link -

i will never believe she is 5'6" unless i stood next to her myself. i think she is 5'4" at the most. she is tiny...she was shorter than emile hersch and he is definitely not a giant.
during the recent trip to brazil in the picture she took with a fan the girl said she was surprised at how tiny kristen was and that she is 1.55m and kristen was her height about...who knows...isn't almost everyone in hollywood supposed to be really short anyway?

I really don't know. It just makes no sense to me, why she would say that. I believe she's 5'6" with heels sure, but without, no way.
I'm 5'5.5", and theres no way I believe Kristen is taller than me. If you look at pictures with her and the whole cast of Twilight, she's clearly smaller than everyone else (just look at this pic - ) , and that would have to mean Ashley Greene would be 5'7, and Nikki Reed about 5'7.5" - which there is just no chance of.
Anyway. That's just my thoughts on it, lol. Not that height really matters.

ok Ashley is standing up straight in that picture and Kristen is slouching big time. the height doesn't really matter. whatever she says she is, she is. i am short but people think that i am taller cuz i have LONG legs comparedto my upper body so people always think that i am like 5'3" or 5'4" when i am really only 5'1". so the legs are misleading when you have long ones.

I don't think she's 5'6 either. I have a friend that has the same height as Robert and either Rob's height is wrong or she's my height or a little bit shorter. I'm half an inch shorter than 5'5

Totally Kerbear, she's slouching and Ash probably has sky high heels. I know Ashley is 5'5 ( or at least that's what they say from her modeling days). Also if you see her in candids with Michael Angarano who I believe is 5'8 she isn't much shorter than him. It's not a huge deal, I just don't see why she would lie about her height lol.

i don't think anyone thinks she is lying, but i do think there could be discreet editing performed, such as "in this outfit i'm about 5'6", but i feel about 5'10"" or whatever she said got edited down to the tidbit printed on the website.
no big deal, just a spin because for whatever reason its sort of seen as better to be taller, even tough short people live longer, on average...(spoken from a short person).

The tank she's wearing with the Diesel Black Gold Sweater is the Dolce and Gabbana Colt tank.

Yeah I just read that. Probably expensive.

Can't find any pictures of it anywhere!

Heres almost her same look at Nordies ... (in general terms of course)

is the d&g tank in thw womens or mens collections? anyone know?

I looked in both and I couldn't find it :(

maybe its not out for the public yet

has anyone here ordered any tshirts from i ordered the body shop and golde garter ones stacy91 made on oct. 24th and they still haven't even been shipped yet. but they already charged my credit card for them...and normally online stores don't charge your card until the item ships.

I haven't, although I was planning to. Maybe they print it after you order and that's the reason for the hold up? Hmm.

yea i figured they probably printed them after they're ordered. but cafepress does that too, and i always get their stuff within 1 week. and it says on the site that although they're based in the us they ship us orders from the us, so considering that it's taking really long. it's been 11 days and they haven't even shipped them yet :/

28 days? jeez. ok. thanks for letting me know. it's just weird that they charge your card before they even ship them. and it's already been almost 2 weeks and they are still 'processing' my order.

yea i think i'm gonna email them. they charged me $50 already and haven't shipped them yet.

does anyone know where you can buy the dolce and gabbana colt tank and chanel ring?

I am sooo happy!! Just won the French Connection dress on ebay! :] Well... just to give yall a heads up... If it doesn't fit right or looks wierd (its apparently a sz 8 but I'm a little smaller), yall are getting the first dibs!! :) Just let me know if you'd be interested so I can take it in to consideration. Love from Tx! Em (& I wouldn't charge an arm and a leg like other ppl)


what french connection dress is that ?

It is a strapless plaid grey/black dress :) heres the link:


o my god that is such a stunning dress... you are so lucky tyo have gotten one. i have been looking for one for about a year now lol. Congrats ! .. ive just been on the websthe fcuk website and its there now !!! .. im gonna go buy one now ! lol

Congratulations on your ebay win! If you decide to part with it, I might be interested ;)

where can we buy the diesel sweater shirt????!!!

I dont believe its out yet ... and if that's the case (I think it may be part of their new Cruise collection, though i might be wrong) but if it hasnt been released yet, be prepared to pay a couple hundred for the shirt. Maybe $150 at the leeast. I havent been able to find it, but I am watching the neighbors kids tonight - so its hard to get my spotting groove on.

same here. look but no buy ...

ughh yeah i know what you mean.


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