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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



angieb, If you have any extra of the nike fleece jackets. I will buy one from you. I need a size small or medium.


I put the one I got on eBay so maybe someone else would get a chance to buy it since it doesn't fit me. They won't ship them outside of the country so people outside the U.S. weren't able to get them. I'm shipping a few out for some people who contacted me (and I bought it for them) before they all got sold out too so they could get them outside the USA. Some people had jackets put on hold and I picked up the ones that were on hold to ship them out. If you find one from another warehouse or somewhere and you just can't get it shipped let me know I'd be happy to help :)

I don't suppose anyone lives near Spank Clothing in Vancouver? :) I would so owe you forever if you do~~

Whatcha need? :)

I found this article on KStewartfans livejournal, where it says if they 10,000 votes for her performance in The Cake Eaters, they'll put her in the running for a nomination in the Oscars. Go vote!!! Only 8 days left to vote!!!! Support KStew!!!
(the voting is on the right side)

wow! that is great. i loved that movie!!! i still can't wait for Welcome to Riley's to come out.

I know there are a few Yankee fans on here: If you live in NYC and are interested in a Yankee shirt that fits like Kristen's there's a store in The Bronx, across from gate 6 ( old stadium, first store on the corner of 166th Street) they carry that type of fit. My sister has one ( Cano) and the logo is exactly the same size.

omg did you see that game tonight?!?! cc is the man!

I know! He's a beast, I love him.

Uh, go Barons? You know? Birmingham, Alabama minor league baseball? Michael Jordan played for them for a was weird, he lived down the street from me.

does anyone mind if i just switch the profile picture back to the dark one in interview magazine, where she is up against the wall?
we need a current picture, not one from 2008 or from a movie, and that interview one is probably the best choice.
or someone else can do it, just please make it as current as possible!

i sent a message to jen. she normally does it after i send her one once she checks her mail. so it will be changed back to the other one soon :)

cool beans, sounds good.
but if it is still up in two days,
i'll have to object and just change it already, haha.

hahah you are too funny :)

merci beaucoup! :)
but i am this close to screaming because it was changed into an even older picture!

jen did that on purpose to get a little funny rise out of everyone :) she is changing it back to the other one. lol

ah, thank god!

for anyone is the ebay link to Nike quilted fleece jackets. there are two black ones in medium. one you can buy it now and the other is a bidding one.

i just bought one in XL! can't wait to get it!!!

ok so it won't let me post the link. so just go to ebay then search nike quilted fleece jacket...and i think 4 will show up. one blue, one grey, and 2 black.

That is insane, I checked this afternoon and there was only two up there! 250$ buy it now is kind of a lot, but its such a good jacket. I can't wait to get the other colors that I ordered :-D which means I will have to sell either a black one in small or a black one in medium (if anyone is interested)

i'm interested in the black one in medium (:

I'm interested in the black one in SMALL pleeease ! =D

just something cute i noticed. the new bookbag that Kristen is spotted with....her and Rob both have one. either that or they share it. cuz his page is just recently spotted with the same one :)

i saw that too. Very cute. :)

I'm about the same size as Kristen and I bought XS in both in the American Apparel hoodies. They fit really well. I don't dry them in the dryer though.

Has anyone washed their Nike Quilted Fleece? I need to wash it, but I'm afraid I'll ruin in. If someone has washed it...did it turn out alright?

Hey :-D Make sure to wash it in *cold* water and *if* you dry it do it on tumble dry low. You can definitely wash and dry it though if you do it that way and *yaaay* it doesn't shrink :-D

According to the description it's dry clean only...

I actually washed mine a few days ago - put it through the dryer also - still looks as good as new.

Was there any shrinkage? I want mine to shrink a little...should I was it in hot water and then dry it in the drier?

Kristen's page on CS is one of the "go-to" sites that i visit everytime im online. and im so "into" this site that i secretly log on the net while im at work. *Shhh..* but alas, from tmr onwards, my company is changing the computer networks and stuffs and i wont be able to log on anymore when im at work. feeling kinda sad about this cus it would mean i cant check that often and i'd be bored to death by figures at work. -__- Oh well..will try to log on after work every other day or so if i can though work makes me pretty tired when the day ends.. HA~

keep the spottings coming! :p

i work at a magazine and i do the same thing. i'm on here a lot during the day while i'm at work :)

Same here but the boss is in and out so I have to be careful.

Oh man.. that sucks. Sometimes I spend a *wee* too much time on here when I'm on a spotting role, but for the most part it's ok. I'm the co-Founder/Senior Editor of Fanvasion magazine as well as the co-Founder of the largest website and official music guide for the television show "One Tree Hill". Spending time on-line, especially on music and style websites, is actually part of my everyday routine since we post the clothing worn/music played on the show. A lot of users were actually taking clothing information from our website and we had to post it all here. That was a project! 3,000 spots in like... a week. So annoying.

haha.. at least pfrog and cortni kinda get to surf the net without hiding.. leiaaurora and i have no choice but to play "hide and seek". LOL.


Hey, for anyone who ordered the Ruth Cross Mittens on-line did you guys get a confirmation e-mail or something. I e-mailed the lady about a week ago and I have no idea if it even went through. Anyway, I was just curious how that site worked. Thank you and have a nice evening

no i have gotten an email letting me know that i am on the waiting list. but that was like 3 weeks ago, so i have no clue what is going on.

O ok because I haven't even gotten an email back saying I am on the waiting list. Did you press the contact button and you had to fill in your name and information and message or did you use outlook and e-mail the studio, design, or presses e-mail

Just a spotting question in general. How do you guys search for something specific when it is spotted? For example, if a picture of Kristen comes out with her wearing a red sweater and you can't really see the logo etc?

first i usually just hit up the "trendy" stores online, then i check stores i know the actors shopped at in the past, and then i randomly just start typing descriptions into goodle and ebay, lol. lots of times, though, certain buttons or stitching will give it away though because certain brands use certain trademark things like that.

Hey guys- so has anyone received their jacket(s) yet from the Nike factory over in North Carolina (I think that's where it's at)? Just curious...I ordered mine last Saturday and they said it would be shipped either Monday or Tuesday (today), so I'm jumping the gun I know, but since I didn't get a delivery confirmation or anything, just making sure they didn't take my money and run lol!

I ordered mine Saturday, too, and they told me it shipped out Monday. It just depends on where you live; since I'm in Alabama, I'm pretty sure mine'll get in tomorrow bc it's kinda close. I'll let yah know, though!

Heyyy, I got mine in today! but *tear* it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too big!!!! I ordered a size large, and it simply overwhelms my frame and there's like no way I can wear it. I'm calling Nike again to try to find another in small or medium.
I got a large bc I'm a 36D in the chest, but the rest of me is slender and I have twig-like limbs lol. I'm only 4'11, too, so the large looks (and I hate to phrase it this way) ghetto on me. Ugh. I hate my luck!

Anyway, just warning everyone - be careful what size you order things in online!

Actually, on further deliberation and trying the jacket on over hoodies and such, I've changed my mind. I like the bulkiness of the large, lol, I feel like I can hide in it (I'm terribly shy in person, so that's a good thing).

ANYWAYS, before I changed my mind I hunted up ANOTHER factory, this on in Florida I think, that has EVERY SIZE IN THE NIKE QUILTED FLEECE IN BLACK for only $50! I'll post this info on who to call on my page, bc I don't want to get in trouble with coolspotters or anything.

see i ordered an XL cuz i know the jacket is more form fitting and i am not a very thing girl so i knew that i would need that size in order to be able to wear a hoodie under it. so you just eased my mind in buying the size that i did :)

Hi guys! this isnt Kstew related but i really love this tee and was wondering if anyone could help me out please??
Thanks :)

Gosh I want this Nike Jacket too!! But as I'm a student I can't afford to pay 250 dollar :(
I could cry :'(

yeah i couldn't really afford it either. but i won $500 at BINGO saturday night so i had extra money that i could pay for it with :)

oh my god, that was really lucky! maybe I should start playing bingo too :D

Woah, that's great! My fiance's sister go's to bingo all the time - I might try going with her sometime... I had no idea there were cash prizes that big!

So confused! What jacket is $250? Are you all talking about the Nike one?

yep on ebay. leia-u have any more luck with the vneck or sweater? :(

No but did you see my picture of the tailored Energie vest?

If anyone is interested, I still have the French Connection Jack Dress for sale on eBay :)

hi everyone! i have a question: could someone please order the elizabeth an james tee and the chain-necklace from nordstrom for me? since i live in germany and they don't ship here, i need someone to do that for me, please! i will pay for everything of course! please message me! thanks for your help! =)

thanks but unfortunately i need size medium... could anyone please help me?!

I wouldn't mind helping you but do you realize how much that is going to be? The Cara necklace is $89+ S/H. I think I got it for a little over $100. The Elizabeth and James shirt is expensive as well and I am not sure how much shipping will be.

This comment was deleted.

150$, expensive much? Just saying...........
How much do these coats cost originally? Anyone know?

They were originally $69.95 I think, plus there was a 15% off promo code to use with it.

Its crazy I just looked on ebay and the lowest price is $150 and some are going for $250 plus $35 for shipping.
I really want it but not that bad to pay almost 3x's as much.

This is a little less than what I paid in totality for it (shipping, TAX etc) as I live in France. But I accord it to you, this is expensive.

I personally would pay 250 for it if I wasn't lucky enough to have it. After getting the blue one, I knew I had to have the black. It is the most comfortable jacket I have ever owned. I think I'm going to put the black one I have in medium on ebay, since there are no mediums up there.

Ummm, I'm selling my AE coat on Ebay right now, size M. Starting bid is $70, so yeah. Just throwing it out there.

i think adrianna was talking about the nike jacket?

Hey would anyone be willing to order a Nike jacket for me? Please? I know its so annoying to ask all the time..but I dont have anyway of getting one?? PLease.....Obv. I would cover all costs through paypal..Thnans guys..xx

Heyyy, I'm gonna call the factory that I just found that has the jackets and see if they ship internationally :) if they do, I'll be sure to let you know!

Do you know if they still have black ones or how much they are ^_^

When I called, they had the black ones in every size for $50! I'd call fast, though, as soon as I post on here which factory to call they seem to run out immediately!

For future reference, just call the 1 800 number for Nike, and give them the serial number. They do their fancy computer looking up things, and find you a factory that has it. The one I ordered from even shipped mine fedex for free!

I think they are all sold out. I checked yesterday.

i called last night at 8pm for a black on in Large and they still had some

Reena maybe you can order 2 jacket for Sylver92 and me ??
We'll refund the money via paypal !! =D

I would, but I am one very very broke girl. I can't afford to buy in advance for yall. I'm a full time student AND I work, but all my savings have been kinda blown apart ever since I started hanging out on coolspotters lol. I barely have enough to cover rent and bills for this month, and as much as I wish I could ask my parents for money, they'd like laugh in my face haha.

So ... You can't ?!

nuh uh, I'm sorry, maybe someone else on here with a larger disposable income could? Ask around, there's lots of awesome people on here.

Ok thanks , I just ask to 3 other girls , I hope they can order me one !!

Nono: If any of them can say yes, can you ask them to order me one too? Please?
Reena: If the factory does say yes, can you ask to put one aside at least? At least then I would have one..
Thanks guys..

Hey yall! Just got off the phone with the latest factory, and alas they do not ship abroad :( However, being INCREDIBLY indecisive I finally decided that the large is just too big on me and ordered a medium (hope I don't regret it and end up getting a small, lol). Instead of exchanging my size large, though, I've kept it. ANY INTERNATIONAL (ONLY) GALS INTERESTED IN A SIZE LARGE NIKE QUILTED FLEECE that's willing to pay me the $51 dollars I spent on it plus shipping, I'll be more than glad to send it your way!

Thanks for the info Reena, I have to order another one for my best friend lol.

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