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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



I have to say, I'm not really digging the new profile pic. It's better than some have been in the past, but I actually think maybe there are better ones from that date?

I just saw this top listed on ebay by a seller who sells a lot of New Moon and Twilight clothing. It looks pretty close to the striped shirt Kristen wears in that picture in front of the truck. HHere is the link, what do you guys think?

The supposed correct shirt has already been spotted, and it's not that one. The actual sweater looks a lot different.

LOL. That seller must haunt this site and put up anything even relatively close to sell. You can get that exact same sweater at a TJ Maxx for about $10.

I have a few questions about Bella. Sorry I know this isn't her page, but I figured people on here would know. Are the American Eagle Outfitters Jeans she wears in New Moon the Straight 77 and what wash?? Or what are they if they are not?
And are the Hunter boots she wears in Navy or Aubergine? And are they Wellingtons?? ALso, Is there a difference between the originals and wellingtons? I can not seem to find a difference, but I don't know if they are the same, but people call them different names. Thank you and sorry I know this is Kristens page

it was cold today, i'm surprised she was wearing shorts. I found these. I know they're also Camilla cut offs but aren't these the ones that she's wearing?

Yeah I noticed that too. I was like "why are there so many!?" lol

hey everypne. random question, in abehind the scenes new moon pic, kristen is standing with her legs spread and shes' wearing ugg calssic boots, can anyone spot the color? brown? chestnut?

where is the pic?

i would say the chestnut color. cuz i have the brown and they are quit a bit darker than the ones she has on.

Just got the Blackheart Records hoodie. It is super soft and comfy. The only problem I have is that the sleeves are short. When I was driving I noticed this. When I was walking normally they hung fine but they pulled up other times. Just FYI to anyone who ordered it. I LOVE IT! (other than that) LOL

Just got the Blackheart Records hoodie. It is super soft and comfy. The only problem I have is that the sleeves are short. When I was driving I noticed this. When I was walking normally they hung fine but they pulled up other times. Just FYI to anyone who ordered it. I LOVE IT! (other than that) LOL

Have you bought the mens or the womens hoodie?

how does it run size wize? i have been wanting to get it but wanted to see how the sizing is by someone on here who got it.

when i got mine they didn't offer a women's one. i love the men's one.

I got the women's size in a Large. I wear the AA Flex Fleece in a M and they fit about the same. The sleeves are just a little short on me. I probably would get the next size up if you like them baggy/loose.

i didn't have the problem with my sleeves, but mine is a men's. that's probably why...

Just got the Blackheart Records hoodie. It is super soft and comfy. The only problem I have is that the sleeves are short. When I was driving I noticed this. When I was walking normally they hung fine but they pulled up other times. Just FYI to anyone who ordered it. I LOVE IT! (other than that) LOL

how does it fit? i was thinking of getting it but didnt know what to expect.

my favorite hoodie ever. i bought it back when nikki reed wore it and i practically live in it.

uff....I want the Blackheart records hoodie too....but I live in Italy and there is no way I can buy it :(

Grrr...sorry for the multiple post of the same comment. My stupid computer kept shutting off on me last night.

also if anyone's interested, they still have the older version of the blackheart records hoodie available and it's $5 cheaper:

this is the exact one nikki reed wore, and probably the one kristen has since she probably was given hers a while ago. it's the one i have and i love it. the difference in the two is the back graphic which is slightly different. and a $5 price difference.

I actually wore it last night (FINALLY starting to get cold here in CA) and the sleeves seemed to have "stretched" once they were out of the packaging etc so now they fit fine. :0)

Heeey, so, how do TOMs fit? should I get a snug pair cause they'll end up stretching? Fits true to size?

Any help would be appreciated. :)

i think they fit true to size, but they do stretch out, but not to where it is too big.

Agreed. I bought them in my typical shoe size. And even after stretching out a little bit the fit is still fine :)

Does anybody know which jacket she wears at the pic ? She worn it even when she was in sundance . I'm looking for the jacket an eternitiy , but i can't find it !

Thanks !

if your talking about the leather hoodie jacket then it's the Juicy Couture shrunken leather hooded jacket.But Idk if it's even being sold anymore.

im going to buy the Blackheart Hoodie probably by the end of this month for sure. I have been wanting it for months! oh and I found a good pic of Kristen's jeans at the photocall in mexico but since it has shadowing in the back you can't read the brand.I'll post in on here later :D

Hey does anyone have a really good picture of the blackheart record print on the back of the hoodie? i'm thinking of getting it printed out on a black hoodie.

why not just buy one? they're not that expensive....

BTW, don't expect great communication from the people at the Blackheart Records store. They charged my card and then shipped my sweater out about a week later. No tracking number or anything. You can't even "call" to ask questions. You have to email someone who will then get back to you. Just FYI.

oh good to know... i wrote them an email 2 days ago and am still waiting for an answer... so I think I have to be patient :/

No, she worn it too in the trailer of new moon , from the mtv awards. on the motorbike with jakob .

do you have a pic of it?

she wears the ae bomber jacket when she's (or at least her stunt double) on the motorbike with jacob and the other time it's the green plaid hooded jacket. but that turned out to be her own and nobody was able to identify it yet. hope that helped!

i don't know much about the movies, but i think she only wore the ae bomber during filming for eclipse. it doesn't appear in new moon.

pretty sure she is talking about the Green Flannel Plaid jacket that she wears in New Moon. cuz she wears that one when she is on the bikes with Jacob in New Moon. and no we can't find an exact spot for that one yet, sorry. to me it kinda looks like a mens jacket so it could possibly be Jacob's in the movie that she just wears for that scene, cuz it is big on her, especially in the sleeves. cuz there is another one that seh wears that is his during the movie too, the tan one in th escene that Alice comes back.

Hey, if you liked the Chloé shoes Kristen wore in the Interview photoshoot I found a cheap alternative in Asos :)

Hey I just got my Quilted Jacket Nike today ... and I LOVE it ! =)

ahh I bought yesterday the Nike Jacket on ebay, for $120 (including shipping).
I'm so happy right now 'cause I think the price is absolutely fine as I would have to pay anyway at least $100 in total if someone would have ordered it for me from the factory.
I asked the seller if she would sell the jacket for the price including shipping as she normally wanted $20 extra for shipping.
So for everyone else who wants the Jacket I would definitely recommend to offer the sellers a certain price because most of them want to get rid of their jackets now, as they are for quite a long time up on ebay. this is the picture I was talking about. so one of you ladies can work your magic and try to figure out the name of the brand.

I'm so happy!!! I just found out what brand of jeans she wore during mexico photocall....but unfortunately are currently not in stock :( uff

ooh what were they? I have been busting my butt trying to find the

Are 100% sure those are the ones? I couldn't find any pics online. :/

Ha...Kristen is smoking a splif in the car with her bro..brilliant! Fight the power Kstew!! So anyone know where a girl could find the Temperely London dress? Also, great to see Taystew..xx

ahahah!! really?! I don't see it ;) man...I love this girl! she's a little bit crazy:D and I have to say it's brother is really

where is that picture?

i highly doubt she rolls her own cigarettes. it was probably a joint both times.

maybe, if weed is legal in italy, i don;t know. haha but it's not really a big deal, as long as you're discreet, i've done it before.

i think she just rolled her own cigs. Me and my friends roll them all the time. It's easy.

anyone know what the new shirt is?


if you liked the gun t-shirt, and are looking for a cheaper alternative, and don't mind the shirt being black then i found this shirt below. the best part is its 10 bucks.


great find!

definitely. even the shading is the same.

hmm...i mean, it's hard to tell because the pic isn't great. but the shading on the dress looks just like the picture. maybe we will get better pics from that event soon.

any clue about the t-shirt i posted above that she wore today? i really like it.

exactly! i feel like i've seen the shirt before too. and i'm racking my brain trying to figure it out.

prolly you sooner than me. lol. here's another pic if it helps any:

I know exactly what the whole t-shirt looks like... like everything under the jacket...I just can't think :-\ I wish there was a photo so you knew what I meant...I could try and explain it.

me too! there's a full moon on the upper-left of the shirt. and two trees. it's not new moon merch is it? i don't know anything about what they're selling for those movies these days.

lol. we're going to feel so stupid once someone thinks of this...

here's a better look at the shirt:


yea it's too hard to tell that one blurry pic, and she has a jacket on.

still trying to figure out the shirt.

It looks like trees to me. I don't know if that helps at all...

yea it's a full moon with sillhouted trees on it and then those shapes in the background i can't see...hmm.

If any of you like KS's plaid french connection dress, but dont want to spend alot of money for it, i found a similar one at Forever 21, its absolutely beautiful, and only 22.80. I bought one myself, and its really comfortable.

Oh, and BTW: Does American Eagle still sell the American Eagle Bomber Jacket, that Kristen wears in Eclipse?
Its so pretty, and i really want one. But i dont seem to see it on the website, and the only mall that has AE, in it, is pretty far away from my house. So i dont want to go there and not find one, ya know?
I would really appreciate the help, thanks (:

I also wrote AE about it, but they havent replied yet :/

the ae bomber jacket was a fall item and it's sold out :( they ran out of them pretty quickly after it was identified but you can check ebay. there's been some on there.

Ugh, that sucks.
I did actually look on ebay, and some people are selling them for over 200 dollars, which is complete bull if you ask me.
But thank you (:

I contacted AE on the jacket as well and not only are they out of stock online but cannot search for it in stores either. Sorry.

Ugh, again. . . that sucks.
I really wanted that jacket. It IS STILL fall, i dont know why their making it seem like falls over already.
People rush everything to much these days its insane. Why not enjoy life and just let i be what it is.

All the AE's in my area (Vancouver, BC) still have lots of the AE Bomber jacket in Black Tar and they're on sale for an additional 30% off (it only comes up to like $55). I went to Bellingham over the weekend and I still saw some there too. I'd suggest checking out your local AE girls, you might get lucky! =)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thats basically all i needed to hear, i am definetely going to my AE store to see if any are left.
Thanks again jstbee!

omg sydney.I saw that dress on the website a month ago and fell in love with it. I went to the store to look for it because im going to my cousin's wedding on the 21st but had no luck.Im planning on going to a bigger one to get :D

Yeah, its great. Really really comfortable.

omg!! just got back from hollywood. Kristen is even more beautiful in person, which is really hard to believe. im sooo happy right now, that was the most awesome suprise EVER!!!!

Did you go to the Jimmy Kimmel taping? I was supposed to go but my friend (who works on the show) wasn't able to get me in last minute.

no, i went to the hot topic event at hollywood and highland, but they didnt tell us that rob, kristen, and taylor were gonna be there so i was like in shock when they introduced them hahaha it was so awesome!:D

Yeah they taped in LA for Kimmel and I guess since the studio was close by they stopped by. Lucky!!!!

lucky girl! i would have been on such a high if i wasn't expecting that and then. BOOM! Rob and Kristen walk out! not a big Taylor fan. lol

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