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Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has also starred in films such as Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), In the Land of Women (2007), The Messengers (2007), Adventureland (2009) and The Runaways... Read More



Sooo... I've got like redonkadonk small hands. lol so I've been trying to decide if I want to get the gloves... BBUser- are the ones you know of female sized? There *were* some on ebay and they said they were male sized so I opted not to get them. I want to wear them to a halloween party. And meglovestwilight- what section of the walmart/target? And are they soft or hard/plastic? Thanks ladies!

noblee-I wouldn't get plastic gloves that would be super uncomfortable. They should be in their cheap like 1$ section. but the kids go rummaging through the piles so much it took me like an hour to find anything. So cute and funny how when I was there this cute little 10 year old girl was like "NO DADDY I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE!!" and he was holding up like an ariel costume from little mermaid haha made my day.

haha oh no I wasn't wanting the plastic ones... lol I was just trying to find some that were soft. Thanks though! And I was always a tomboy princess or a 'clown riding a horse' costume. lol

oh! and that totally made my weekend seeing that she knits... I picked up knitting several years ago and can't put it down. lol All of my friends were calling me grandma- but now- sweet revenge! muahahaha! jkjk ;) Just tryin to lighten up the mood on here.

I love knitting too noblee! My mom taught me how when I was like 7, and I've been obsessed with it and crocheting since then. All my friends use to make fun of me, but now it's super punk and DIY to knit and they're all eating their words and picking the hobby up! IN THEIR FACES! Except all my friends hate Kstew :( it's not "punk" ugh I hate people sometimes lol.

I hear you. People should just do what makes them happy-consequences or judgments be damned! I am jealous of you guys both knitting ..seriously :( That is so cool I made my mom pick me up from my apartment just to take me to ac moore and try to look through the knitting section-then I gave up. I can make a big scarf like tapestry that looks really bad. I could just do that and then duck tape a skull on the front hahaha

Seriously I want to learn how to knit really badly. It would probably be really relaxing and give my wallet a break from all the shopping I've been doing :)

Hmmmm, I wish I knew a book or something to recommend! Maybe check out some youtube videos? My parents are from India, so my mom learned all that stuff in school, lol, which I think is kinda crazy.
Dude, I HAVE to quit shopping so much! Ya'll aren't helping, you're making it too easy for me to find Kstew stuff!!

p.s: To those international peeps who aren't use to the phrase "ya'll", it means you guys, or vous (I don't know any foreign language other than Hindi but a smattering of French). I'm southern, I can't help it lol, sometimes I speak like a redneck.

Another southerner!! Howdy! (from Tx!) I say yall way too much. Well, meglovestwilight- I actually learned how to knit from an old neighbor, then polished the craft from looking at youtube videos and going to knitting stores. Its something to do at work to kill the time... :)

I only wish I could knit! Every time I see something knittable (not a word) on Etsy, I only wish someone could teach me. Maybe I'll take up a class and put it on my New Year's Resolution!!

hahaha i remember i was trying to knit when i was like 11. my sister made it look sooo easy, but when i tried it it ended up looking like a big jumbled up mess! lol i never tried it again after that xD

Hey ya'll! Sorry for disappearing for a couple days right in the middle of the flurry of the Nike Quilted Fleece, but it was Diwali which means mega family time for me. ANYWAY, here's how to locate a Nike Quilted Fleece:
Just call the nike hotline! 1 800 806 6453. Give them the serial number, which is 299190. When I called, it seemed like there were still several factories in the US that was selling them, they're just weirdly located. But they'll direct you straight to where you can order one, and on mine the shipping was free!

heres the backpack that was just spotted but i could only find it in green...

Hey guys, I ordered myself a Black Quilted Nike Fleece Size in Medium but it was too big for me. I put it up on eBay so that maybe someone who was looking for one International after they were sold out would have a chance to get one. I ordered a bunch for others who asked me before they were all gone but most requests were for a size large which they didn't have any more of. For the ones who did get to me in time I'm sending all your jackets out tomorrow morning so you should get them really soon~

okay, so this morning the shoe laces on my chucks finally gave way from years of (un)tying. anyway, i want to know where to find the same "cotton" shoelaces. I went on the converse site and left them a message asking the same question b/c all the laces at the store are nylon and look odd (in my opinion). has anyone else had this problem? any suggestion on some good laces?

have you tried the actual converse brand laces? i don't know what they're made of, i but i would think they'd be the same as the ones that come in the shoes.

oh i'm dumb....for some reason the way the site is set-up the accessories looked like it was john veratos (sp?) so i just ignored it and thought they weren't selling laces separately.



lol no problem. you can check ebay too. there are sellers there who sometimes sell the converse brand laces for half the price and free shipping :)


Also, if you can find a Converse store (there's a factory outlet by me) they sell the laces for $2.

really? ooh. i will have to check into that for myself as well! i'm always buying extra laces, since i have so many pairs of sneakers. thanks!

They have oodles of colors too :)

i love the converse store by me. i bought converse shorts there too.

Does Vans have their own laces as well? 'Cause I need some for my Cracked Metal Gold Shoes :)

I believe they have them in-store too. Not 100% sure though.

Ok, I'll check it if they have some in Germany. Thanks :)

Hey ya'll, I think my friend Trent (who's a banging artist) is going to make me a silkscreen identical to the Nun's With Guns image on Kstew's hoodie. If he's able to pull it off where it looks really good and identical (which I'm sure he'll be able to. Like I said - an AMAZING artist), than I can make hoodies like hers for anyone on here who wants one!
I'll keep ya'll up to date on how that's going.

that's a great idea reena. just be careful :) that particular image (with the coloring and text) is copyrighted, so you might want to post it less publicly - like do it via private messages. i wouldn't want to see you get in trouble for it. i hope it turns out great! if it does, i may want one.

Thanks, I didn't think of copyrights and such, lol. I'll let you know how it turns out via PM, though!

Also, I guess I'll make sure it isn't exactly Identical, lol. The image of the nuns on her hoodie is a centered version of that picture (I have the rage against the machine tee shirt with the same image on it), so I guess we'll fiddle around with that and text and such to make sure it doesn't break any copyright laws. Thanks for the heads up!

no problem whatsoever. i'm all for you making them, because i want one. but i don't want you to get into trouble either. maybe use a different font? place the image slightly different? i'd be happy with a similar reproduction that isn't exact :)

usually it is okay as long as you are not selling the items for profit. So, while an image might be copyrighted or trademarked it can be used without authorization as long as you are not trying to sell it and make money. sorry, i used to work for nike and i worked on "swoosh" infringement, haha.

of course it depends on the local laws.

lol, "swoosh" infringement.

i am definitely down for a remake that he is doing. keep us posted and let us know how it turns out so we can tell ya if we want them :)

So, considering getting the FCUK jacket. How does everyone like it?

I loooooooove mine. I actually wore it today (it's pretty cold in Germany right now).

So I would say go for it :D

Yeah! Cameron I think you SHOULD get it. My aunt made a coat exactly like FCUK and it's soo comfy and warm for cold days :)

Ahhhhh mine comes in the mail in like 2 days!!! So stoked!! Except I don't think it's cold enough yet in Alabama to rock it :( whatev, I'm still going to as soon as I get it!

ahaha. rave reviews.

Does anyone know where I could get one from? Preferably not ebay or somewhere thats really expensive!

I got mine on ebay for less than the retail price, and with free shipping :) sometimes it's worth it to give ebay a shot.

I think I might go for it.

What is up with that default?

Yeah, I don't like it...

Mmm.. I don't have any problems with the photo but if she was smiling, I would love to see her smile with teeth! :)

oh no....I hate this profile photo

Hmmm. Looks like something some 40 year old dude would get in trouble for having on his computer. lol.
I actually quite liked the last one.

lol at the new default pic.

Im sorry- but i seriously hate the new profile pic. Could we possibly change it back?

yeah I'm not a fan...she looks a bit scary and anorexic like from a scary movie haha although I guess it fits the upcoming holiday of Halloween ;) i agree that it would be nice if someone could please change it (although I guess it's all a matter of opinion and taste, being impossible to please everyone)

its so not her though. its like, cowering kidnapped child in the corner Kristen.

if it weren't offensive to some people, i wish her default could be her interview magazine picture where she is giving the finger.
it fits her so perfectly :P

haha- thats very true!! But it think that picture is a photography from one of her movies- im not sure which movie it is though.

ah!! thank you- i couldn't remember the title of the movie!!

"i wish her default could be her interview magazine picture where she is giving the finger. it fits her so perfectly"

i agree voltronii. that pic is hot and completely kristen. it's also the background on my laptop.

also, "the cake eaters" really is a great film and a great performance from kristen. i was blown away.

hey guys, i'm sure that there is a past discussion about the california fleece zip hoodie (in gold) because it's an old picture, but i have some questions: is it fleece on the inside and sweatshirt material inside or vice versa? or fleece on both sides? also, i'm usually a small in athletic sweatshirts but don't know about more fitted ones, so could someone please let me know how it fits? i really liked how it fit on kristen, and i'm not quite that skinny but any help would be appreciated thanks!! -->

she is actually wearing an aviator nation hoodie in that photo, it is credited in an article somewhere and i don't think it has ever been correctly spotted, but the aa one is a good substitute and significantly cheaper, even if bought directly from aa.

did you guys know you can change the profile photo yourself? click on Edit Profile & then click on photos...and then you can set the default photo. Pretty cool!! Love this site!!!

and thanks Eric - couldn't agree more!!!

You actually can't unless you are staff, or are approved to do soI get this message when I try to change it:

This profile is currently on the front page or queued for publication and cannot be changed. Please contact to change this photo.

I've read the rules, didn't think I broke the last one but now I'll keep it in mind to just keep my opinions to private PMs.

does kristen always curl her eyelashes. or are they just naturally like that? lol

Ah, a Fraggle Rock reference, how I love thee BBuser!!! lol

dude. i was a member of the fraggle rock book club. every month like clockwork, a new one came. omg...i feel old.

So I really want the American Apparel sleeveless hoodie in Evergreen that is in Adventureland. Only thing is I can only find it with sleeves in that color...anybody think it'll get horribly messed up if I just snip the sleeves by the seam?

it wouldn't look the same, because the ties on the sleeveless one are white and the ones on the regular one are evergreen...but i've cut the sleeves off hoodies before and i wear them that way quite often. i say go for it. you ca even hem the area where you cut, so it doesn't look like it was cut. i usually just wear mine frayed though, lol.

awesome, the tie color doesn't bother me so I'll have to do it! I was just worried about the seams, sounds like as long as Im careful itll..thanks for the help guys

thanks for the makeup info :]

BBUser! I was so excited when you said the Flex Fleece hoodies were on sale but they are all sizes 2XL etc. :0(

Aww boo, I have another site that I could PM you.

Yes please! :0)

Sent! Sorry I took so long, never got the notification.

angieb, If you have any extra of the nike fleece jackets. I will buy one from you. I need a size small or medium.


I put the one I got on eBay so maybe someone else would get a chance to buy it since it doesn't fit me. They won't ship them outside of the country so people outside the U.S. weren't able to get them. I'm shipping a few out for some people who contacted me (and I bought it for them) before they all got sold out too so they could get them outside the USA. Some people had jackets put on hold and I picked up the ones that were on hold to ship them out. If you find one from another warehouse or somewhere and you just can't get it shipped let me know I'd be happy to help :)

I don't suppose anyone lives near Spank Clothing in Vancouver? :) I would so owe you forever if you do~~

Whatcha need? :)

I found this article on KStewartfans livejournal, where it says if they 10,000 votes for her performance in The Cake Eaters, they'll put her in the running for a nomination in the Oscars. Go vote!!! Only 8 days left to vote!!!! Support KStew!!!
(the voting is on the right side)

wow! that is great. i loved that movie!!! i still can't wait for Welcome to Riley's to come out.

I know there are a few Yankee fans on here: If you live in NYC and are interested in a Yankee shirt that fits like Kristen's there's a store in The Bronx, across from gate 6 ( old stadium, first store on the corner of 166th Street) they carry that type of fit. My sister has one ( Cano) and the logo is exactly the same size.

omg did you see that game tonight?!?! cc is the man!

I know! He's a beast, I love him.

Uh, go Barons? You know? Birmingham, Alabama minor league baseball? Michael Jordan played for them for a was weird, he lived down the street from me.

does anyone mind if i just switch the profile picture back to the dark one in interview magazine, where she is up against the wall?
we need a current picture, not one from 2008 or from a movie, and that interview one is probably the best choice.
or someone else can do it, just please make it as current as possible!

i sent a message to jen. she normally does it after i send her one once she checks her mail. so it will be changed back to the other one soon :)

cool beans, sounds good.
but if it is still up in two days,
i'll have to object and just change it already, haha.

hahah you are too funny :)

merci beaucoup! :)
but i am this close to screaming because it was changed into an even older picture!

jen did that on purpose to get a little funny rise out of everyone :) she is changing it back to the other one. lol

ah, thank god!

for anyone is the ebay link to Nike quilted fleece jackets. there are two black ones in medium. one you can buy it now and the other is a bidding one.

i just bought one in XL! can't wait to get it!!!

ok so it won't let me post the link. so just go to ebay then search nike quilted fleece jacket...and i think 4 will show up. one blue, one grey, and 2 black.

That is insane, I checked this afternoon and there was only two up there! 250$ buy it now is kind of a lot, but its such a good jacket. I can't wait to get the other colors that I ordered :-D which means I will have to sell either a black one in small or a black one in medium (if anyone is interested)

i'm interested in the black one in medium (:

I'm interested in the black one in SMALL pleeease ! =D

just something cute i noticed. the new bookbag that Kristen is spotted with....her and Rob both have one. either that or they share it. cuz his page is just recently spotted with the same one :)

i saw that too. Very cute. :)

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