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Hi there, if someone is instersted i would love to trade the items in the following list to have others from Bella/Kristen/Elena collection:


i think it's all for now, if you are interested maybe is better for us to send me a message on CS

have a great day

Are you going to be looking to sell your items if you don't get a trade? :)

oh well i would prefer trade them but if you are intested in something just send me a message and we can talk about dear :-) there's no prob, let me know

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Woot! New profile pic!


lol sooo much better than the one thay have. who thought that was a good idea? lol

I really don't care for it much if I'm being honest...she looks so tired :(

Lol yeah there are better ones....


me no likey

I like this one


yeah.. its ok.. idk.. i've seen better photos.. she does look tired..

I can't afford any of kristens new clothes. I really hope she doesn't change her style completely... she looks nice though :)

ps i read on twitter the BD sneak peak is being released on the 20th of march. and here's a pic too!
i had'nt seen it before:

I agree! I'm hoping she starts wearing some affordable tee's again! I really miss her old clothes. But I do agree that she looks great.

I can't afford any of kristens new clothes. I really hope she doesn't change her style completely... she looks nice though :)

ps i read on twitter the BD sneak peak is being released on the 20th of march... i thought it was supposed to come out with THG? confused... and here's a pic too!
i had'nt seen it before:


Right??! I was thinking that about Rob today. You know the sneakers he's wearing are $500...... Everything he was wearing is designer. It brings new meaning to the term "hobo chic".

Hahaha yeah everythings so expensive.. grrrr...

I really doubt Rob bought those shoes xD Just sayin lol

Yeah some company was probably like " here even though your a billionaire here's some free $500 shoes"

Nah, it's all about publicity. Anytime a company gives a celebrity freebies and they actually wear it, it's free advertisement. I mean, Make Believe Clothing Co. was just a small company, Kristen wore it on Leno and BOOM! They're much bigger now with many blogs linking them to their website.

she's been at Fashion Week or what not right? so obv she's going to be rockin' the labels.

I'm not surprised they're rocking the labels with all the shows they were at, and I'm sure his shoes were freebies, but that doesn't stop me from wishing I could afford the stuff.

It's an endless cycle. I'm sure I'll probably make this comment again down the road. I've just accepted it.

Does KStew really give a ***** about Paris Fashion?

I want to see her leather jacket collection. It must be fab by now.

I don't even know, but a lot of the pictures I've seen of her at fashion shows she looks kind of bored... Maybe it's just me. Personally, I think they're rather boring.

@ Angela, Kristen always looks bored to me. But she probably doesn't care a lot, she's not really a fashion junkie.
I'd love to go to Paris fashion week. I went to the Amsterdam fashion week twice, but you definatly can't compare it.

Question...that top that was first spotted as the AA raglan then was the TNA one but now isn't the TNA one? I'm so confused? Did we discuss this already I have a weird sense of deja vu.

It is the TNA, but it got removed for some reason.

I'm selling a pair of Red Supergas Cotu Classic the same style and color Kristen wore in a US W 7.5. They've been worn a handful of times but are still in great condition. Asking 32.80 + Shipping. I will add it to my post of things I'm selling but figured I'd let you guys know first.

yo.. did you sell these? how do they fit?

they fit okay? I just wanted more supportive sneakers so I'm getting rid of some of the ones that I don't wear much. they might be a bit big on you

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i so love this dress and the whole look. i wish she would dress like this again. not a fan of her clothes nowadays.

hi new here....just gonna plop myself in the middle..hehe
hope you guys don't mind

I'm surprised no one has said welcome yet! People here are usually very fast to welcome newcomers, so I guess I'll do the honors lol Welcome!

EDIT: Oh, by the way, bad ass name ;D

aww juicey, you make mama proud ::ruffles your hair and pinches those darn cheeks::

::clears throat:: hi....therecklessnerd....would you prefer us to refer to you by a more condensed versioin of your "bad ass name?"

Oh and Welcome :) I dig the user pic

hi :) please kiss your $$ money good bye and then, proceed ;)

just wondering....what's peeking out of her jeans

not being a perv... this picks shows her undies...

I think it's just a pair of thin leggings. Maybe she wore them to stay comfy or warm during the flight :D

yeh im guessing some thermal bottoms to keep her a bit warmer. skinny jeans and cold winds arent fun. Having loose denim on you in cold weather makes a huge difference in keeping you warm but like kstew, i cant resist the skinnies.

You and Lulu would be great acquaintances, you're spotting things she would usually... LULU I HAVE FOUND YOUR MATCH.

what are you implying there, little monkey? ::strokes perv 'stach/beard::

Exactly ;-)

hey guys, what about this as the new pic - its her, looking fresh, in jeans and her natual(ish) hair


ps- anyone know the nail varnish! love it!

channel black satin !!!!! Finally something I know :)

dear i can't see the pic :-(

This pic was on the profile for a while :) I love it!

i love this pic :)

So i heard that the Nike Tenkay sneakers run small... Is that true???

Yes. Very small. Go a entire size up.

I personally went half a size up! So I would say, if you have a slender foot, half a size is enough. The Tenkays are really narrow!!

Not for me, I bought my normal size and they fit fine. But I have really skinny feet :/

Yeah i personally ran a half size up too~

I say an entire size only because I got my normal size and the nike symbol is like starting to become cracked from stretching. I do work out in mine though everyday at the gym so that could be a factor.

If you use it a lot, the symbol is bound to crack, but mine only has very little cracking and I got a half size up. A whole size would be way too big. If you have a narrow foot, just get your regular size.

I went up half a size and they're fine :-)

i bought my normal size and they are a bit big! i'm a true size 7, and they fit great :)

yeah I got a half size up because it was the only option but my real size would've fit fine they stretch too. I don't even think my feet are that narrow just average but idk.

Totally love the new profile picture!!

if you're in the UK there's a good alt to the blue shirt she was spotted in

What is wrong with OTR trailer? I didn't have time to watch it and now it isn't anywhere anymore...

It hasn't been released yet due to 'technical issues'.

hi girls, i'm selling the nike tenkay US size 6.5 in black and white color. let me know if you're interested! brand new in the box, never been worn.

Woops I mean US size 7! (not 6.5 sorry)

I'm interested! I hear they run really small and to go up a whole size. Is this true? 'Cause I'm normally a 6 so these should work then.

i sized down to 6.5 (i'm a true size 7), and they were tight! i ended up exchanging them for my normal size :)

Effe yeah. it looks so good!!!!!

LOVE SAM RILEY!!! has everone here seen control? one of the best movies ive seen. this movie looks like its going to be really good too!! :)

I can't wait for this movie! I loved the book so much.

Literally just pooped my pants. No not literally, but man I'm so excited!

::sniffs around georgie:: uhh...nope she literally did...shame on you

*****. *runs to bathroom*

I'm so excited right now! I wear my retro ray-bans EVERYDAY! I don't have to splurge on anything :P Plus I'm stoked to see Stew in ray-bans again, even though it's just in a movie.

OMG! Loving those sunglasses :( I cant find them :(

Well I bought mine about 2 years ago and they're solid black instead of the honey color. There's a beautiful pair on that's honey and black two tone. It's the round retro glasses, but it's still really close! They're beautiful!

I'm thinking about selling my checkered Vans. I wore them twice. They are the same color/style as Kristen...I'm just not into them like I thought I would be. They're a mens size 5 (so ladies 7)

Awe...wish they were one size smaller pinkie!

Got my PF Flyers earlier today. They are beyond amazing and freaking comfortable. Highly recommended.

I want them so bad!! Where did you get them?

I got them on Amazon for $44 because I had a $25 gift card to Amazon, but they're on sale at

I'll check'em out. Thanx.

i love them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so comfy :)

hells - check too, their prices are usually better than other places :)

I hate to start another OP debate, but I think the Pecks are wrong.

The pecks have a line were as Kristens has dots, also The pecks have straight arms and the arms in Kristens are wide have a dent and are small.


They look like they might be dots, but I got some ultra-ultra HQ's for you (click pic to make big)...they're lines on the front. The Riley's have dots, but the Greg's have lines and are more circular. Kristen's arms are straight too -- it's the brightness from the sun that's showing the interior and giving off a different effect to mess with everyone's eyes lol. It does the same thing with the lines to make them appear as dots. Crappy glares! :)

The dots on the Riley's are also very clean, sharp, somewhat spread and tiny... if Kristen's were dots -- they wouldn't be that large and blur together.


To be fair alot of OP's glasses look alike at least we can agree they are OP's :D

These freaking sunglasses..... I see the line @Court. I was one of the people that thought they were dots. Next time, I'll just tell the paparazzi to get a better angle.

Selling FCUK Jack Wizard Dress UK 10 and other stuff here (: much is the ASOS Tulip Dress....

Gonna mail you privately (:

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I love that guitar! Mines a Yamaha, but I really want a new one. It's so old now, but they're really rare to find, so I think I'll hold onto it.

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