Tracy Dimarco

tracy is a striking,gorgeous,faboulus girl who says what is on her mind! she also works at the gatsby as a hairdresser. 🙂 <3

Bestseller No. 1
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 2
A Flock of Lost Birds
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 3
The Glamour State: Celebrating 225 Years of Stylish Innovation by Anthony Lombardi (2013-05-03)
  • Anthony Lombardi, Olivia Blois-Sharpe, Karl Giant
  • Colorwise Printing
  • Paperback
  • English
Bestseller No. 4
Red Green - Duct Tape Forever [VHS]
  • VHS Tape
  • English
Bestseller No. 5
Here Comes Trouble
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 6
Jersey Style Invasion
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 7
The Flying Forest
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 8
Kill for Me [DVD] (English audio. English subtitles)
  • Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk has English audio and subtitles.
Bestseller No. 9
Poached Eggs
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 10
Tracy Gifts #Dimarco - Hashtag Beanie Skull Cap with Fleece Liner, Black, One Size
  • SOFTER THAN A BABIES BOTTOM - This beanie is soft. And we don't mean lightweight soft. We mean this thing is softer than any other beanie out there. It's 100% acrylic with a 100% polyester fleece lining. Did you catch that? It's got a fleece liner for ultimate warmth and softness. This is the only of its kind on the market.
  • HOW IT FEELS AND FITS - Have you ever been so cold you couldn't function? No matter what you did it seems like the wind and cold temperatures just cut through everything and froze you to the core. With this beanie, you won't have that problem. It feels soft, no itch, and has maximum protection from those cold temps. It's a one size fits all beanie (OSFA) but if you're worried, you can always check our size chart graphic and measure against a beanie you already have.
  • HOW IT IS MADE - We searched far and wide for the perfect beanie to offer as our product. We absolutely love this thing. The design shown is embroidered by professionals with quality and premium thread giving it a perfect stitched look. Each beanie is inspected thoroughly before being shipped to you to make sure it meets our rigid product standards.
  • EVERYONE LOVES A GIFT - This beanie is perfectly gift worthy if you have someone in your life that needs to add a little humor or a little wit in their life. Maybe they're not the type of person to say it but they'd rather wear their emotions. This gift worthy beanie is perfect for Christmas, Father's day, Mother's day, Birthdays, or any occasion really. It is never a bad thing to give a gift just because. Someone will love this for sure.
  • USE IT WHEREVER YOU PLEASE - First and foremost this beanie is perfect for winter sports or even just winter weather. Whether you're snowboarding, snow shoveling or you just have to be outside in low temps, this is your beanie. It isn't just a winter item though. You could wear this on brisk nights during all of the other seasons as well. We've even had folks tell us they wear them during summer to keep the sweat contained. Either way it is a versatile item.