Kseniya Borodina

Ksenia Borodina was born March 8, 1983 in Moscow, an Armenian father and a Russian mother. [1] When she was one year old, her parents divorced. He spent his childhood with his grandparents, every year, visiting parents in Italy. There was a mischievous child. Once for the bad behavior of parents deprived her of the summer holidays and for three months was sent to study in an English school Multilingva.” England did not like the girl and she returned to Russia.After the end of the private person with advanced foreign language Xenia entered immediately into the second year of the Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism on “manager of tourism.”From his childhood dream to be a TV presenter. Xenia actively send their resume on TV participated in the auditions and samples but job offers followed. Disappointed she decided to go to my parents in Italy. When she had got on a plane she suddenly got a call from the TV channel TNT and was asked to lead the project “House 2” [2]. “

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