Army Archerd

Armand Andre Army” Archerd (January 13 1922 ƒ?? September 8 2009) was a columnist for Variety for over fifty years before retiring his “Just for Variety” column in September 2005. In November 2005 Archerd began blogging for Variety and was working on a memoir when he died. “

Bestseller No. 1
Forgotten Lady
  • Prime Video
  • English
Bestseller No. 2
Army Archerd Blues
  • Sam Hill featuring Kellie Wright
  • Sam Hill
  • MP3 Music
  • Released on 12/31/2008
Bestseller No. 3
Screen Stories: TV, Gossip, Movies (magazine), vol. 68, no. 12 (December 1969): Barbra Streisand in "Hello, Dolly"; Paul Newman's Sex Life; John Wayne, "Undefeated"; Peter O'Toole, "Goodbye Mr. Chips"
  • Army Archerd, Joseph LeFauci, Jacqueline Goldenberg, Felicia Linnay, Beverly Linet
  • Dell Publishing Company (Mount Morris, Illinois)
  • Single Issue Magazine
  • English
Bestseller No. 4
Off the Menu - The Last Days of Chasen's
  • From the award-winning filmmakers behind "American Splendor," comes their debut film about the beloved Chasen s restaurant, a Hollywood mainstay where everyone from Charlton Heston to Madonna was served for over fifty years. Featuring a treasure trove of interviews and appearances by some of Hollywood s greatest legends and brightest stars, this enticing film celebrates the restaurant s glory days
  • Docurama (03/30/2004)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Raymond Bilbool, Ronald Clint, Tommy Gallagher, Trisha Absher, Army Archerd
Bestseller No. 5
A New Kind of Love
  • Paramount (05/01/2012)
  • Prime Video, Unrated
  • Running time: 110 minutes
  • Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Thelma Ritter, Eva Gabor, George Tobias
  • English
Bestseller No. 6
Movie Stars: Vol. 19, No. 3 (August 1966)
  • Cindy Parker, and Uncited Others Diana Lurvey and Joan Thursh (eds.); Armand Army Archerd
  • Ideal
  • Single Issue Magazine
Bestseller No. 7
Movie Stars: Vol. 14, No. 3 (July 1961)
  • Scott Muni; Armand Army Archerd; Charles Miron; Rose Perlberg; Maurine Remenih; Beverly Linet
  • Ideal
  • Single Issue Magazine
Bestseller No. 8
Teacher's Pet
  • Paramount (04/19/2005)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 120 minutes
  • Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young, Mamie Van Doren, Nick Adams
  • English
Bestseller No. 9
Won Ton Ton the Dog that Saved Hollywood
  • Paramount (05/01/2012)
  • Prime Video, PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Running time: 91 minutes
  • Bruce Dern, Madeline Kahn, Art Carney, Phil Silvers, Teri Garr
  • English
Bestseller No. 10
Movie Stars, TV Close-Ups: Vol. 13, No. 10 (February 1961)
  • Armand Army Archerd, Victoria Cole, Frances James, Donna Paul, Tex Maddox, Nell Blythe, Dick Shepard, Ron Chamm Charles Miron
  • Ideal
  • Single Issue Magazine