Sakis Rouvas Style

Anastasios Sakis” Rouvas II (Greek: ???«?ñ?Ÿ???ª?Ÿ???¨?? “?œ?ª?§?ú??” ?­?¨???ý?ª?? pronounced [??sakis ru??vas]; born 5 January 1972) often referred to mononymously as Sakis is a Greek musician television and film artist businessman and former pole vaulter who is one of the most successful and influential entertainers of all time in Greece and Cyprus. Beginning a career as a member of the national athletics team Rouvas commenced a musical career in 1991 and became one of Greece’s first pop performers; widely recognized as the genre’s main performers to this day he is credited with breaking cultural and generational barriers and aiding in the popularization of Western music genres in Greece and Cyprus. “