Mista Johnson Style

Born and raised in the South Bronx, the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Mista Johnson A.K.A. FELONIOUS MONK was surrounded by a powerful urban musical influence. This influence enabled Mista Johnson to develop a vibrant ear and love for music. Johnson quickly acquired this culture and style of music. ƒ??This music,ƒ? says Johnson, ƒ?? simultaneously is a temporary escape from the many worries of the world as well as an outlet to attack issues concerning youth nationally and internationallyƒ?. Having been raised in a working two-parent household, Johnson learned at an early age that nothing in life comes easy and if in fact it does, the hard work is in maintaining it. Johnson’s father, a Rockland County Police Officer and mother, a successful Realtor instilled an impenetrable code of morals and ethics in the young Mista Johnson. This allowed him to become a grounded and levelheaded young man in a neighborhood besieged with temptations and trials.