Mia Carruthers Style

Mia Carruthers is a one of the main cast members of MTV’sTaking the Stage. She is a remarkably driven singer/songwriter. Mia makes no excuses for her determination. Early in her life she has set a goal of making music for a living and to have a recording contract by the time she was eighteen years old. Constantly writing and rehearsing, Mia also takes every opportunity to perform, playing her original material in local coffee shops and anywhere she’ll be allowed onto the stage. At the School for Creative and Performing Arts, she relies on the guidance of jazz teacher Mr. Stuckey, who has become a mentor to Mia. and her family moved from West Chester Township to Cincinnati so that Mia can enroll at the S.C.P.A. as a freshman, majoring in music. Since then she has performed at coffee houses in the local area. She plays several instruments, the guitar, alto saxophone and the piano.