Maxi Trusso Style

Maxi Trusso began his adventure in the 90’s when he moved to England. He spent many years in those lands, which linked him to the world of fashion and music, participating in projects and playing with great European writers.In Italy, formed the electropop duet Roy Vedas” with an Italian and released his first album with Mercury Records. Its futuristic hit “Fragments of Life” reached the Top 10 of the Top of the Pops and is today a song of worship (the British magazine The Face elected it as one of the three best songs of the decade). In that song he invented a voice effect that millions of artists used later: the auto-tune applied to generate a mystery voice effect. For this Cher??s producer called him to collaborate on her album “Believe”.With Roy Vedas he played in Greece Denmark Sweden and became the openning act of the Rolling Stones in Turkey and the same one for Pulp Mogwai and Madness in England.In 2000 he returned to Argentina and being a curious animal as he is”