Jet Phynx Style

Parris Duncan, also known as Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American singer, songwriter and performance artist. DJ Slice of 2 Live Crew mentored him in the art of Hip Hop and fostered performance collaborations with artists Flo Rida & Gym Class Heros. This led to his debut mix tape, Rise of the Phynx” which sold over 12000 units worldwide and grabbed attention in URB Magazine’s Next 1000. Small wonder since it features songs with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. Jet Phynx mixed his dope flow and intelligent lyrics with fashion and up-tempo beats. He debuted July 6 2010 across all Best Buy stores with his freshman album “The Art”. Jet Phynx followed up with a 14-track LP “The Art Warrior” November 23 2010. Jet Phynx has performed at Toronto alternative fashion week Pridefest Milwaukee and other Scion sponsored events. “