Jayme Dee Style

Jayme Dee is a gorgeous young singer/songwriter hailing from California, where she is currently studying at USC. She can rip it on the guitar as well as the piano, and has an absolutely amazing voice. Following the Justin Bieber method of internet fame, she’s been posting videos of her covering songs online since 2008. Thus far she’s taken on a variety of monster tunes, of all genres, from Katy Perry’s E.T to Coldplay’s Fix You. So talented is this sexy california blonde that she actually rivals many of the original artists she covers, and that’s saying a lot, considering she’s working with chart-topping hits. She even succeeded in covering Bon Iver’s Skinny Love, a song of which I am usually rather protective, and giving it her own twist. If you’re into the likes of Regina Spektor, Adele and A Fine Frenzy, then you shall most def enjoy this L.A songstress.