Jasmine Sagginario Style

The modern world is so often obsessed with finding the next big thing. But to be in that spotlight, many attention grabbers just follow the crowd or turn heads with cheap shock value. From grownups to the youth culture, higher ideals lose ground to lower standards.How refreshing then to meet fifteen-year-old pop singer Jasmine Sagginario. This fun twenty-first century girl is no doubt hip to the timesƒ??yeah, she’s on Facebookƒ??but she can also think and act way beyond them as indicated by the title track on her irresistibly danceable debut release, Next Me.My music is about being who God made me to be and not falling back into the world’s standards says Jasmine. It’s easy to find negative influences and do things we wouldn’t normally do. Kids struggle with it all the time. But some friends and I have a saying we try to live by: keep it holy. That’s my thing.” “