Anjulie Style

Anjulie is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Oakville, Ontario Canada, a suburb outside of Toronto. Anjulie is a self-described music addict and has been writing and composing her own music since she was a teenager and is the youngest of four children of Guyanese-Canadian parents. She wrote the song Say Goodbye to Jr. High” contributed background vocals and played percussion for the cd Unfabulous and More. Her debut album was co-written and produced by Canadian R&B legend Jon Levine of the Philosopher Kings. Anjulie met Levine while working as an intern at Metalworks Recording Studio in Mississauga Canada. Anjulie was later fired for accepting a lunch date with Levine but it ultimately led to their partnership and the beginnings of her music career. Anjulie wrote the single “Don’t Call Me Baby” by Canadian Recording Artists Kreesha Turner which reached the Top 10 on Billboards Canadian Hot 100 in 2008. She is of Canadian Indian and Guyanese origin. “