Anah?? Style

Anah?? Giovanna Puente Portillo, better known as Anah?? is a Mexican actress and singer. She was member of the pop band RBD”. She played in lots of telenovelas but her best known role was “Mia Colucci” from “Rebelde”.Now Anah?? is developing her musical solo career (which she started some years ago) promoting now her her single: “Dividida” (en: “Divided”) song wrote by her Carlos Ponce and Noel Schajris. She is working at her new album which is rumored to be released in the spring of 2012.She is with the help of Televisa driving a campaign against anorexia and bulimia. Also she was recently part of the cast of a telenovela by Televisa: “Dos Hogares” (en: “Two Homes”) where she played the main feminine character: Angelica Estrada. “