Alice Glass Style

Glass was born in 1988 in Toronto. At the age of 14 she changed her name and ran away from home to live in a community of punks and drug addicts. She claimed this move was due to an early existential crisis. I wanted to live primitively with no money and no shelter.” A week after she turned 15 she was approached by Ethan Kath who had seen her play in her noise crustpunk band Fetus Fatale at Toronto’s now defunct Q Bar. Kath was impressed by her performance claiming at the time he thought he had found the “missing ingredient” to his music. Kath later gave her a CD with 60 instrumental tracks of which she recorded vocals for five. When they went to a recording studio to record those 5 songs the mic check was secretly recorded by the engineer who later presented the band with a CD with 6 tracks. This 6th extra track went on to become the band’s first single “Alice Practice”. “