Tobias Eaton

Tobias Eaton/ Four is Tris’ instructor and love interest. He is two years older than Tris and originally came from Abnegation. He protects Tris from the others both physically when she is attacked and by keeping their romance private so the other initiates will not think Tris’ rank is a result of favoritism. Four” is a nickname given in his first stage of initiation by his fellow initiation class and instructors when he had only four fears to face. His real name is Tobias. He ran from Abnegation into Dauntless to escape his physically abusive father Marcus. He also has an antagonistic relationship with Eric who is corrupting the Dauntless philosophy. In one of the final chapters of the book Tris learns that Tobias is also Divergent. Tobias unlike Tris is quite tall and he has dark short hair and beautiful deep blue eyes. “