Shoshana Schoenbaum-Alter

Ted Mayo lends a book to Tara that his old therapist in New York, Shoshana Schoenbaum, wrote, and the result is Tara developing an alter who is the author. Ted Mayo comments with shock that she perfectly resembles the real Shoshana Schoenbaum. She appears as a stereotypical 1970s feminist, and speaks with a New York accent. She is the most psychologically profound alter. After the incident in which her relapses came to light, Tara told others she had found a great shrink, but actually she was seeing herself and didn’t even know it. In two scenes Tara and Shoshana converse with each other. When Max tentatively allows himself to be seen by Shoshana, Tara is portrayed as showing up to find her appointment stolen, and waits outside the closed door. Shoshana also bears a more similar resemblance to Tara than the other alters.

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