Samey is Amy’s younger twin sister. While the two are identical in appearance (save for a beauty mark underneath Amy’s right eye), there is an overwhelming difference in their personalities. In contrast to her angry and manipulative sister, Samey is much kinder. She has an easier time getting along with people when the latter isn’t around. Amy’s cruel treatment has damaged her self-esteem greatly. She wants to stand up to her, but has a hard time actually going about it. Encouragement from Jasmine, her older sister figure, leads to Samey breaking from her shell in Twinning Isn’t Everything. When she and Amy meet again in A Blast from the Past, Samey is shown to truly have had enough abuse. She does not hesitate to fight Amy back, even calling her a bossy blonde cow” at one point. As evidenced by their uniforms Amy and Samey are both cheerleaders. “

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