Rose Vavasour

We soon learn that Chloe (Missy) and Myles like to tease Rose (Bonnie), who is young and timid enough to feel bullied. Max, another day, climbs a tree in the yard of the Ceders house, and soon spots Rose crying not too far from him. Mrs. Grace soon emerges, comforting Rose. Max overhears (rather, Max (Ciaran Hinds) remembers overhearing) key words from their conversation: love him” and “Mr. Grace”. Assuming this to mean Rose and Mr. Grace are having an affair he tells Chloe and Myles. The ending of the book entwines the exact moment of Anna’s death with Chloe and Myles drowning in the sea itself as Max and Rose look on. Max done with his childhood memories offers a final memory of a near-death episode while he was inebriated. The Colonel does not physically save Max rather finds him knocked unconscious by a rock (from a drunken stumble). His daughter scolds him at the hospital assumingly being told he nearly killed himself and tells him to come home with her. It is revealed at t “

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