Minxie Hayes

Minxie is a strong clairvoyant Psychic She had a vision that the Creeper got closer and closer and just as she saw him throw his shruikan in her dream” She awoke as it punctured one of the bus’s tires’. Her psychic abilities are very strong as she is not only able to see her visions in her mind but actually be in them and be seen in them by other characters in her visions. It is unknown why her psychic abilities manifested all of a sudden but one “unlikely” theory is that the Creeper somehow generates psychic abilities in his surroundings but this is highly unlikely due to the fact the the police officer from the first movie exclaims that Gezelle believes she is psychic but tells her to go home The fact that she knew about the Creeper and his activities which means she was psychic before she knew of the Creeper. “

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