Marta Balatico

Marta Balatico (Leslie Anne Huff) is the actress who portrays Penelope in the hit tween drama MacKenzie Falls.She was partnered with Nico in the episode The Legend of Candy Face”.Serving as the main antagonist in the one-hour special “Sonny With a Secret” Marta tried to frame Sonny first starting with a hate cake saying “Sonny Munroe is a phony” which went all over the Internet. The real cheese ball was found in Tawni’s make up desk by Chad Zora Nico and Grady; they find out Marta did this because she loves Chad and wanted to destroy Sonny because she was jealous that Sonny was Chad’s girlfriend. At the homecoming she tries to be the Sicky Vicky character (Vicki Sickowitz) and Tawni caught her. Because of her actions the police arrested Marta and put her in jail. “

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