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3M RP45/GRY15 Scotch RP45 VHB Tape: 1" x 15 ft, Grey
  • 3M RP45 VHB Tape is a double-sided permanent assembly tape which bonds high and medium surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance. RP45 comes on a paper release liner.
  • This newer RP family of 3M VHB tapes has an all acrylic construction which gives the tape extraordinary strength, conformability, and versatility. The composition of 3M VHB RP resists UV and weather damage, making it a great solution for outdoor applications. It bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, many plastics, composites, sealed wood, and painted surfaces.
  • 3M VHB Tape provides the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener and is ideal for use in various interior and exterior structural bonding applications. In many situations, they can replace rivets, spot welds, liquid adhesives, and other permanent fasteners. These VHB tapes are made with an acrylic foam which is viscoelastic in nature. This gives the foam energy absorbing and stress relaxing properties which provides these tapes with their unique characteristics.
  • Rough, porous or fibered materials such as wood, particleboard, cement, etc., have an open surface and require sealing to provide a unified bonding surface for 3M RP45 VHB tape. Common sealing materials would include paint, varnish or other hard surface coatings.
  • Carrier/Backing: closed-cell acrylic foam (conformable). Adhesive: multi-purpose acrylic. Release Liner: white paper. Thickness: 45 mils (carrier, adhesive). Adhesion: 320 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel). Tensile Strength: 85 pounds per inch (longitudinal). Service/Operating Temperature: up to 200F. Application Temperature: 60F to 100F. Core: 3-inch diameter.
SaleBestseller No. 3
3M VHB Tape 4611, 0.25 in width x 36 yd length, 1 roll
  • Applications: the acrylic adhesive allows instant bonding. This double-sided tape is used in applications like bonding of finishing trims and moldings in the automobile, heavy-duty vehicle, and equipment industries
  • Temperature Resistant: the permanent bonding adhesive has a high temperature resistance. Being resistant to UV light, moisture, solvents, and harsh chemicals, the adhesive tape can bond and seal even in extreme environments
  • Fast and easy-to-use: this two-sided tape guarantees a smooth surface appearance and creates a high strength bond between substrates without the need of rivets, spot welds, screws, and liquid adhesives
  • Compatibility: this firm foam tape perfectly bonds to glass and high surface energy bare metal surfaces, such as aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. The acrylic tape offers design flexibility due to its viscoelastic properties
  • Product Specifications: this high-bonding adhesive tape is 0.045 in. thick and measures 0.25 in. (width) x 108 ft. (length). Designed in dark gray, the bonding tape is layered with general-purpose adhesive on both the sides
SaleBestseller No. 4
3M VHB Tape 4910, 0.5 in width x 5 yd length (1 Roll)
  • Bonding Tape: heavy-duty tape eliminates drilling, grinding, welding, screwing, and refinishing associated with bonding and sealing materials. Clear acrylic construction of the tape makes it perfect for joining transparent materials
  • Acrylic Tape: permanent bonding tape with an exceptional strength can be used to replace rivets, screws, spot welds, and messy liquid adhesives. Continuous bonding feature distributes the stress over the entire surface for best results
  • Utility: 3M clear tape is ideal for heavy bonding applications such as bonding glass and door, creating street signs, etc. This adhesive tape covers rivet heads, weld marks, and glass cracks, leaving negligible trace and creating a smooth surface
  • Durability: the clear acrylic tape is resistant to UV light, moisture, solvents, and chemicals, ensuring perfect sealing and bonding even in extreme environments. It also resists high-range, hot and cold temperature cycling
  • Dimensions: 0.040 in. thick, 0.5 in. wide and 15 ft. long double-sided tape roll with pressure sensitive adhesive bonds almost instantly with no drying time
Bestseller No. 5
Vbh.sotvorenie world / VBKh.Sotvorenie mira
  • Nadezhdin Naum
  • Otkrytyy mir
  • Hardcover
  • Russian
Bestseller No. 6
Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone
  • Bo Burnham
  • Grand Central Publishing
  • Kindle Edition
  • English
SaleBestseller No. 7
3M VHB Tape RP62 2 in Width x 5 yd Length (1 Roll)
  • Adhesive: Multi-Purpose Acrylic
  • Adhesive Carrier: Conformable Acrylic Foam (closed cell)
  • Liner: White DK paper (red 3M VHB print)
  • Density: 45 lb./ft.3 (720 kg/m3)
  • Tape Color: Gray
Bestseller No. 8
  • Com D pro
  • MP3 Music
Bestseller No. 9
Slap, Pop & Tap for the Bass
  • Hot Licks Productions
  • VHS Tape
  • English
Bestseller No. 10
Vbh.besedy with David / VBKh.Besedy s Davidom
  • Nadezhdin Naum
  • Otkrytyy mir
  • Hardcover
  • Russian