Mason Pearson

Our Top 10 Recommendations for Mason Pearson

Bestseller No. 1
Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush
  • This bristle and nylon hair brush is ideal for long and short, thick hair
  • Made of the highest quality materials, the Popular Mason Pearson hair brush creates luxurious, soft hair that is easier to manage
  • The Popular brush will not cause split ends or irritation to the scalp and will spread sebum evenly over the hair strands for beautiful, healthy hair
  • The large size is ideal for thick hair
Bestseller No. 2
Mason Pearson Pocket Mixture Hair Brush
  • Boar and nylon bristles, Rubber cushion pad and cellulose plastic handle
  • Length: 7in / 18cm
  • Made in United Kingdom
Bestseller No. 3
Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush
  • Used specifically for brushing before and after shampooing for all hair types
  • For medium to long coarse thick hair
  • Handmade in England
Bestseller No. 4
Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Bristle/nylon Mix Hair Brush-ruby Handle
  • Rubber cushion pad and cellulose plastic handle, Includes a nylon cleaning brush, Boar and nylon bristles
  • Length: 9in / 23cm
  • Made in United Kingdom
  • Diameter: 2.75in / 7cm
Bestseller No. 5
Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Hair Brush
  • Highest Quality Hair Brushes available
Bestseller No. 6
Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush
  • Highest Quality Hair Brush available
Bestseller No. 7
Mason Pearson Rake Comb
  • Thick, durable comb for textured, coarse or tangled hair
  • Hand-crafted with attention to detail
  • Tapered teeth with rounded tips move easily through hair
  • Won't snag or tug the hair
  • Measures 6'' x 2.5''
Bestseller No. 8
Mason Pearson Detangling Comb
  • Untangles hair for easy brushing and styling
  • Tapered teeth with rounded tips
  • Handmade in Switzerland
  • Glides easily through hair without pulling
  • Measures 8'' x 1.75''
Bestseller No. 9
Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristle Hairbrush
  • Softer boar bristle for those with thinning hair or sensitive scalp
  • Kind to use and gently massage the scalp
  • Homemade in England
Bestseller No. 10
Mason Pearson Pocket Comb
  • Provides great styling wherever you go
  • Hand-crafted, highly durable comb
  • Tapered teeth with rounded edges won't snag hair
  • Great for use by men, women and children
  • Measures 5.5'' x 1''