Leonor Greyl

Our Top 10 Recommendations for Leonor Greyl

Bestseller No. 1
Leonor Greyl Paris Éclat Naturel - Styling Cream for Dry and Frizzy Hair 1.7 oz.
  • A nourishing styling cream for dry, frizzy hair that instantly softens, detangles, and reconditions hair allowing for a sleek, shiny look without the grease.
  • Shea butter and jojoba oil conditions dry, lifeless hair allowing for a sleek shiny look without the grease.
  • Start with a pearl-size amount and apply to damp or dry length and ends, use more if needed. Smooth over straight hair for a classic, tailored look or use to create tousled beachy waves. Do not rinse.
Bestseller No. 2
Leonor Greyl Paris Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou - Nourishing Shampoo for Dry, Thick or Frizzy Hair, 7 oz.
  • A hydrating shampoo packed with nourishing silk proteins for dry, thick or frizzy hair that cleanses, softens and conditions.
  • Bamboo extracts provide essential oils, lipids and vitamins, leaving hair soft, shiny, nourished and manageable.
  • Emulsify product between your palms, then apply to wet hair and add small amounts of water progressively as a gentle lather builds. Rinse thoroughly.
  • To get the perfect creamy lather, really work the product into your hair while adding water.
Bestseller No. 3
Leonor Greyl Paris L'Huile de Leonor Greyl - Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil for Dry or Colored Hair, 3.2 oz
  • Hydrating and protective pre-shampoo treatment oil that nourishes dry, overprocessed hair and prolongs the life of your color without leaving hair greasy or weighted down.
  • A blend of botanical oils nourishes, detangles hair. Apply at pool/beach to protect hair from chlorine/salt water.
  • Apply to dry length & ends. Leave on 5-10 min or overnight, shampoo out. For sun protection, apply same as above.
Bestseller No. 4
Leonor Greyl Paris Shampooing Au Miel - Gentle Every Day Volumizing Shampoo, 4 oz.
  • A gentle every day volume-boosting shampoo formulated with aromatic acacia honey extracts & body-building proteins.
  • Perfect for everyday use, this shampoo restores flexibility, volume, and shine to your hair.
  • Emulsify product between your palms, then apply to wet hair. Gradually emulsify with water, then rinse.
Bestseller No. 5
Leonor Greyl Paris Bain Traitant à La Propolis - Gentle Dandruff Treatment Shampoo, 7 oz.
  • A gentle but effective dandruff treatment shampoo with natural ingredients that instantly relieves an itchy scalp, prevents dandruff and moisturizes hair.
  • The signature ingredient, bee propolis, has antiseptic properties to help prevent further scalp conditions.
  • Do 2 successive shampoos: the first to remove impurities and the second leave on for 3 minutes to treat the scalp. Emulsify product in your palms, apply to wet hair and add small amounts of water progressively as a gentle lather builds. Rinse thoroughly.
Bestseller No. 6
Leonor Greyl Paris Masque Quintessence - Deep Conditioning Mask for Dry, Damaged Hair, 7 oz.
  • Deep conditioning hair mask that moisturizes and regenerates the driest and most damaged hair.
  • The combination of mongongo oil, cupuacu oil and amaranth in this deep conditioning hair mask nourishes and moisturizes even the most damaged and brittle hair. It repairs hair damaged from bleaching, highlighting and straightening by giving it immediate and long-lasting softness, shine and styling ease.
  • Everyday Use: Apply on towel-dried length and ends, leave on 2-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Weekly Treatment: Apply on dry length and ends and leave on for 20 minutes (or more) before shampooing.
  • For best results, on dry hair, apply over L'Huile de Leonor Greyl, a pre-shampoo treatment oil.
Bestseller No. 7
Leonor Greyl Paris Crème Régénératrice - Deep Conditioner for Dry and Damaged Hair, 3.3 oz.
  • A conditioner that deeply revitalizes dry and damaged hair, offering shine, softness and manageability.
  • Seaweed extracts and plant proteins revitalize and nourish dry, damaged hair leaving it softer and shinier.
  • To use as an everyday conditioner, apply on damp length and ends. Leave it on for 2-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Bestseller No. 8
Leonor Greyl Paris Sérum de Soie Sublimateur - Styling Hair Serum, 2.5 oz.
  • Perfect for all hair types, this nourishing and protective styling serum smoothes hair, minimizes frizz and boosts flexibility and manageability.
  • Infused with silk proteins, this leave-in serum smooths your hair and minimizes frizz without weighing it down.
  • Shake well and apply a small amount (2-3 pumps or more if needed) to dry or damp hair to help detangle, protect and nourish hair. Do not rinse.
  • Slip it in your bag for a quick touch-up during the day. Mix with Éclat Naturel, a styling cream, for more hold and control on thicker hair.
Bestseller No. 9
Leonor Greyl Paris Masque Fleurs de Jasmin - Deep Conditioning Mask for Fine to Normal Hair, 7 oz.
  • Deep conditioning hair mask for fine to normal hair that leaves hair moisturized, soft, shiny and delicately scented with jasmine.
  • Rich in amino acids, proteins and natural oils, this mask nourishes and protects without weighing hair down.
  • Apply on towel-dried length and ends. For everyday use leave on 2-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly. For Weekly Treatments leave on 20 minutes (or more) before shampooing.
Bestseller No. 10
Leonor Greyl Paris Bain TS Shampooing - Balancing Shampoo for Oily Scalps and Dry Ends, 7 oz.
  • A balancing shampoo that cleanses and purifies oily scalps and nourishes dry length and ends. Limp and lifeless hair will be instantly bouncier and more manageable.
  • This shampoo purifies and cleanses oiliness at the roots, and at the same time nourishes dry ends.
  • Emulsify product between your palms, then apply to wet hair and add small amounts of water progressively as a gentle lather builds. Rinse thoroughly.