Shani Davis

Davis was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father, Reginald Shuck, picked his son’s name (Shani) out of a Swahili dictionary. The English translation is a mixture of light” and “weight”. Davis learned to roller skate at the age of 2. By the time he was 3 he could skate so quickly that he had to be slowed down by the rink’s skate guards. Davis’s mother worked for a local lawyer and speed skating official whose son was an elite level speed skater. At the lawyer’s suggestion his mother enrolled her son at the Robert Crown Center in nearby Evanston when he was six years old. Within two months earning the admiration of his friends and Northbrook rivals alike.Determined that her son reach his maximum potential his mother would wake Davis up in the mornings to run a mile on a nearby track to build up his endurance. In order to be closer to his skating club she and Davis moved from the neighborhood of Hyde Park to Rogers Park. “