Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison (born July 14, 1981) is an Australian motorbike rider from the town of Kiama, New South Wales.Growing up in Kiama Downs he developed his passion for riding by competing in national motocross events.On December 31, 2007, (on the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel jumping the fountains at Caesars Palace), Maddison broke the world motorcycle jumping record[1], traveling 322 feet 7.5 inches (98.34 meters) on a motorbike. He repeated the event immediately afterwards, successfully landing the jump, as his fiancee Amy looked on. His second attempt, however, did not go as far as the first jump. Maddison was uninjured from both jumps.On March 29, 2008, he broke his own world record twice during the Crusty Demons Night Of World Records show in Melbourne, Australia. During his first jump he traveled 316 feet 0 inches (96.32 meters) and landed on the safety zone nearly hitting the front of the landing ramp. On his second attempt he broke the world record by traveling 342 feet 7 in