Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater (b. Robert Kelly Slater February 11, 1972, Cocoa Beach, FL) is a successful professional surfer. Slater is an 8 time world champion and has been sponsored by Quiksilver since 1999. He competed in the X-Games in 2003 and 2004. In May 2005 in the final of the Billabong Tahiti Pro contest at Teahupoo, Slater became the first to score two perfect rides for a total 20 out of 20 ASP two-wave scoring system (the corresponding honour under the previous three-wave system belongs to Shane Beschen from 1996). In 2006 Slater tied Tom Curren for most career tour victories at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, then in September of 2007 he passed Tom Curren by winning the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles. , Kelly has appeared in tights on one episode of Girls of the Playboy Mansion to teach the girls how to surf.