Jeremy McGrath

Jeremy McGrath (born November 19, 1971, San Francisco, California) is a Supercross racer and has won a record of 72 250cc Main Event wins and captured 7 250cc Championships between 1993 to 2000. He is often referred to as MC” “Showtime” or “The King” meaning the King of Supercross. But supercross and motocross were not always his past times early in his life he loved riding BMX but after becoming one of the leading BMX riders in the nation he became bored with the sport and moved on to professional Motocross. His parents agreed and at the age of 15 McGrath had to support a major portion of his racing by working at the local supermarket. Even though he came to racing much later than most top motocross and supercross riders McGrath was able to translate many of the racing tricks heƒ??d learned in the rough and tumble world of BMX and bring that to motocross racing.He is also now an investor in Pole Position Raceway. “