Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds, (born June 6, 1978 in Lakeland, Florida, U.S.), is a professional skateboarder. He has been skateboarding since the age of nine. He emerged onto the skateboarding scene in the early 1990s and won Thrasher magazine’s Skater of the Year award in 1998. He is nicknamed Drew, The Boss, Spock, and Turtle Boy. His signature trick is the frontside flip. He has performed this trick down the Wilshire fifteen set in Baker 2G the Wallenberg Set, the LOVE gap in the Emerica Video This is Skateboarding, over the Hollywood High School’s 16 stair rail and over a 17 stair set in Baker 3. He is also known to dominate skate spots with memorable tricks such as a Caballerial over the handrail in the beginning of his part in the Birdhouse video The End, and a 360 nollie down the Carlsbad Gap.