Marisa Paredes

Maria Luisa Paredes Bartolom?? is a Spanish actress of international renown. Born in Madrid (Spain) on April 3, 1946.From childhood she showed great dedication to the theater. In 1960 (at fourteen years old) made his debut in cinema. The following year he debuted in the theater. He performed with the company Conchita Montes as meritorious in the work of Jos?? L??pez Rubio tonight either. The theater has accompanied her throughout her career (until recently triumphed in the theater with Hamlet with Eduard Fern?­ndez), although the number of interventions such as film and television actress (Study 1 among others) is considerable.His relationship with film director Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi born in 1975 his only daughter, actress Maria Isasi.His international recognition among the Spanish public mass came with Almod??var Pedro Almod??var, who became a girl Almod??var” with roles in films like High Heels and The Flower of My Secret. For the latter film was nominated for Best Actress Goya “